The Capture One #CaptureDedication Competition Winners Have Gorgeous Images

Imagination, creativity, and inspiration win in Capture One’s photo competition!

As part of its Dedication Campaign, Capture One recently ran a photography contest on social media, and the results are now out. Three photographers were chosen as the winners of the #CaptureDedication competition, not only for their images but also for their powerful stories of inspiration, imagination, and dedication.

Cancun-based photographer, graphic designer, and digital artist Felix Hernandez bagged the first prize for his Star Wars-inspired entry titled “Mountain Myth”. The image, which is a composite of six images, depicts a dramatic fantasy landscape featuring a lone explorer. The image won Felix a photo trip with professional photographer Paul Reiffer to California and a Capture One Pro license. He will also have access to the Phase One XF cameras during the workshop.

“I tried for over four days to get the shots at location since I was looking for a soft light and for that I needed an overcast day. The quality of light is very important to tell a story. It sets the mood. In the studio, it’s easy because your are in control of it… But on location you have to seek, wait, and be patient. Sometimes you have to keep going back to the same spot for many days until the conditions are just right for what you are looking for,” he said about making his winning image.

Second prize winner Juan Osorio captured this beautiful image based on his daughter’s dream of an adventure in space. For this winning photo, he will receive a Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16, i7 512GB, and a Capture One Pro license.

“My daughter decided one day that she didn’t want to be a princess anymore. Now, She wants to be an astronaut. Hopefully, this picture will be an encouragement and a reminder to my daughter Sophia that she can dream big and become what her heart desires,” he shared on the story behind this striking shot, which has also been featured in many publications. “I wanted to capture this image in which you can see the whole scene from different angles using the reflections on the balloons; like having several cameras.”

Lastly, third price winner Nick Kontostavlakis captured this cheerful moment during his latest trip to Rwanda with an international, non-government organization. “We found cheerful kids, playful as they would be in any place on the planet. We exchanged a few words. We started playing a game. In a moment I pressed a click. Then I left the camera beside me. One click was enough to portray my emotions of that time,” he recalled the moments that led to his winning shot. “What counts in Photography is not only the result of the image taken but the experience I gained through this procedure. In a profoundly personal way I feel an image is the language that speaks to the heart and at the same time teaches us to see things differently.”

Check out Capture One’s Dedication Campaign website for more details about the #CaptureDedication competition as well as the winning images.