CAMS Camera Plates and Sling Straps Up for a Major Redesign

CAMS Camera Plates and Sling Straps images from Carry And Mount System (CAMS)

If you’re one of the potential buyers of the Carry And Mount System (CAMS) Camera Plates and Sling Straps who have found it incompatible with your camera, you might want to check it out again. A CAMS major redesign is currently being funded on Kickstarter, with a focus on accommodating smaller camera bodies.

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Review: Simplr M1a Mirrorless Camera Strap

I genuinely, highly applaud the small business and entrepreneurial spirits of the American manufacturing world in regards to cameras; and so when the Simplr M1a Mirrorless Camera Strap I was very keen to give it a try. Jason, who creates the straps and sent me an inquiry about them, stated that he designed them for Fujifilm camera users primarily but that they can work well with all sorts of mirrorless cameras. The strap is made of military-grade materials and is designed with simplicity in mind.

While the Simplr M1a Mirrorless Camera Strap nails functionality really well, it’s pretty ugly; and I’m really wondering if it belongs on my Leica CL.

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Strap Review: 4V Design PIUMA UP KIT Sling Strap

When you think about sling straps for your camera, you’re most likely going to think about BlackRapid first; but the 4V Design PIUMA UP KIT Sling Strap is an option that honestly isn’t that expensive considering that it’s handmade Italian leather and rated to be much more durable than 4V states. Every now and again I actually have use and need for a sling strap. Of all the strap manufacturers out there, 4V is perhaps the last one that I’d suspect to make one of these straps. But believe it or not, I found the 4V Design PIUMA UP KIT Sling Strap to be not only incredible durable and useful, but surprisingly comfortable.

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Oberwerth’s 1 Second Camera Holster Could Solve Your Ease vs Protection Dilemma

The 1 Second Camera Holster from Oberwerth could be just what street photographers need.

I think that it is safe to say that all of us as photographers at some point or another have had to juggle our desire for a safe way to carry and protect our cameras while at the same time wanting fast, easy access to that gear for if the moment strikes. But it is surprisingly hard to find a good compromise of the two, either a solution is too easy and provides little to no protection, or it is too secure and it is no longer easy to access. This is exactly the problem that Oberwerth is looking to solve with their new 1 Sec. Holster Bag. Continue reading…

Review: DeadCameras Slim Strap Theme Camera Strap

Not long ago, the DeadCameras Slim Strap Theme Camera Strap popped up on the web. These camera straps are handmade in Portugal–which is much different from many of the others that you find out there instead made in London, America, or even Italy. The DeadCameras Slim Strap Theme Camera Strap also have a very unique look to them that majorly differentiates them from lots of other camera straps out there. That’s easily visible not only from the photos in this review, but also from the materials used in its production.

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The DeadCameras Slim Strap Theme Collection Exudes a Quiet Beauty

Photographers who really like standing out from the pack may like the new DeadCameras Slim Strap Theme collection. While some of the company’s other straps look like Gordy’s and a few others use sailboat rope, these are a lot slimmer and have a very pronounced shoulder pad sort of like how 4V Design does. These straps are made with Alcanena leather and can be selected in six different themes and looks. All of them are handmade in Portugal.

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The Cub and Co All City Cycling Strap is Designed for Photographers who Bike

The folks over at Cub and Co have been pretty busy creating cool stuff for city dwelling photographers, and their latest offering is the Cub and Co All City Cycling strap. The makers of the Shooter Strap and the Shooter bag are targeting their newest offering at the photographer who likes to take bike rides and carry minimal gear–and there’s a ton of those at least here in NYC. To that end, the strap is designed to work and function almost like a sling style camera bag.

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The Elementary Strap Promises to be a Stylish and Affordable Leather Camera Strap

One of the complaints of many of the leather camera straps out there has to be affordability, but the Elementary Strap is trying to be one of the solutions to that problem. Made by Bisambaer Leather Goods, the Elementary straps promises to be handmade and durably made while incorporating fashionable elements into its design.

Oh plus, they’re touting that they’ll last a lifetime.

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