It Keeps Getting Better. HoldFast Gear Skinny Money Maker Review

When I think of HoldFast Gear, I think of ultra-accessibility, comfort, and long-lasting and stylish gear. The company is beloved by wedding photographers and event photographers in the industry, and rightfully so. The HoldFast Gear Skinny Money Maker is a skinnier iteration of their original best-selling dual camera harness. Any fears of the thinner straps digging into my shoulders subsided after testing it out for several weeks. The leather is supple and molds around the contours of the shoulder. The harness has that added layer of convenience with which HoldFast Gear has become synonymous. Additionally, it’s incredibly comfortable for the most demanding of photoshoots.

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Rose Anvil + India Earl Camera Harness Claims it Won’t Pinch Your Shirt

If you’re having trouble with your current camera harness, you might want to switch to the new offerings from the Rose Anvil + India Earl collaboration.

Whether you’re yet to have your first camera harness or are in dire need of a new one, here’s something you might want to consider. The creators behind the handmade goods brand Rose Anvil collaborated with wedding photographer India Earl to create three camera harnesses designed with comfort, innovation, and variety in mind.

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The Fotcase Harness Strap Pledges to Be Comfortable and Stylish

The new Fotcase promises style and comfort when lugging cameras for both the adventurous amateur and the pro on the go

Harness style camera straps have become staple accessories for photographers wanting comfort while carrying hefty cameras. The latest of these is the sleek Fotcase strap, which has just launched on Kickstarter. This strap is equipped with a special X-bracing on the back to ensure comfort, and a safety cord to attach to your camera for extra security.

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Hands On: HoldFast Gear MoneyMaker Camera Harness

The world of camera straps is vast, but can be boring and uninspired. It isn’t often that a strap system stands out, but it seems we’ve found one that does.  When Chris reviewed the HoldFast CameraLeash last month, the quality of the materials and the unique understated styling caught my eye. Now, HoldFast Gear has created something new: it’s called the MoneyMaker, and It’s pretty exciting.

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