Rose Anvil + India Earl Camera Harness Claims it Won’t Pinch Your Shirt

If you’re having trouble with your current camera harness, you might want to switch to the new offerings from the Rose Anvil + India Earl collaboration.

Whether you’re yet to have your first camera harness or are in dire need of a new one, here’s something you might want to consider. The creators behind the handmade goods brand Rose Anvil collaborated with wedding photographer India Earl to create three camera harnesses designed with comfort, innovation, and variety in mind.


According to the Kickstarter campaign for the collaboration, it all began with India Earl asking Rose Anvil’s Weston Kay to make a custom camera harness for her. After trying several brands, styles, and straps, she needed something to solve the problems she was having with camera harnesses. Kay likewise didn’t find any innovations in the current camera harnesses, so the collaboration came into the picture.

The Rose Anvil + India Earl Camera Harness addresses three main problems that Earl found with existing camera harnesses: Hair, shirt, and skin pinching, discomfort (especially when doing long shoots), and cameras swinging around and hitting each other.

To solve these problems, the collaboration made use of three innovative features. First, they put tethers without moving parts instead of sliders that could catch shirts or pinch the skin. Second, they designed it with a back bridge that puts the pressure on the upper back and brings the posture up for comfortable all-day shooting. Lastly, they included hip anchors to secure those precious cameras as you move around so they don’t swing and hit each other while also keeping the weight balanced on the waist.

The Rose Anvil + India Earl Camera Harness comes in three versions: the fully modular, 20-in-1 Drifter Harness, the slimmer and ergonomic Bandit Harness, and the Lone Harness and Lone Bandit designed for a single camera.

In case you’re curious about the leather, the Rose Anvil + India Earl Camera Harness is made from vegetable tanned leathers from Wickett & Craig. You can choose from Dark Brown, Brown, and Tan.

The Rose Anvil + India Earl Camera Harness has been fully funded but you can still grab yours (or for someone, in time for Christmas) as there’s some 10 days to go before the Kickstarter campaign ends. Pledge $225 for the Bandit Harness, $295 for the Bandit Harness, $165 for the Lone Drifter Harness, and $120 for the Lone Bandit Harness.


Images from the Rose Anvil + India Earl Camera Harness campaign on Kickstarter