ATOLL Gives Your Valuable Lens a Precious Collar Ring

We’ve all done this: headed out to a fascinating outdoor location for sunset and shot some stunning photos in landscape orientation, using a sizeable ultra-wide lens. Then the thought pops up, “Hey, this would make a great photo in portrait mode too.” The problem is most amateur photographers don’t carry L-brackets. Your tripod ballhead isn’t always strong enough to hold the camera and a heavy lens in a vertical position inside the drop-notch. Try tightening every knob to the max, and you’ll still notice them giving way slowly during a long exposure. Taipei-based Silence Corner came out with a solution a couple of years ago. But their latest Kickstarter campaign for the ATOLL makes it easier and smoother to switch camera orientations easily. It’s sort of like a tripod collar ring for almost any lens.

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Epic, Magic Filter Actually Changes Size: New H&Y Revoring Swift Review

What if one filter could fit all your lenses? What if circular and rectangular filters worked together? What if filters just snapped on with a magnet? That’s the idea behind the H&Y Revoring Swift, a modular filter system that integrates circular and rectangular filters as well as a hood and lens cap. To top it off, the base adapts to different thread sizes, so it’s possible to use one filter on multiple lenses.

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Can the New Thingify Pinhole Pro Max Modernize the Pinhole?

Pinhole photography is as old as photography itself. But the latest invention coming from Ontario-based incubator Thingify aims to bring modern features to a classic lens. The Thingify Pinhole Pro Max is the first pinhole lens that combines both a variable aperture and a variable zoom into a single optic. The Pinhole Pro Max began funding on Kickstarter today, March 29th, continuing the launch trend of the Pinhole Pro and Pinhole Pro X, which raised nearly $800,000 combined on Kickstarter. The new pinhole lens has already tripled its funding goal in the first few hours of the campaign.

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Printing Photos in His Hawaii Darkroom Brings Much Love to Mike Caputo

“I like having only 36 photos to go through,” says Mike Caputo when asked why he prefers analogue to digital for his photography work. He enjoys being in complete control of his creative process, from shooting all the way to developing. From the looks of it, he doesn’t seem like he’s giving up photography any time soon. A resident of Hawaii for over two decades, Mike successfully crowdfunded a darkroom in his local town some years ago, and it’s his go-to place for hanging out these days.

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Can the New Rotolight HSS RGBWW Flashes Replace Studio Strobes?

LED lights can be very fun, but we’re still not quite convinced that they can outdo flashes and strobes. However, Rotolight is currently funding something incredibly intriguing on Kickstarter. The new Rotolight NEO 3 and Rotolight AEOS 2 are brand new LED lighting products. They’re making the pitch to both photographers and filmmakers. But what’s really making our eyes sparkle is the promise of a high-speed sync light. This has been one of the many shortcomings for LEDs over the years. But did Rotolight finally get it right?

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The NONS SL42 Camera: Everything You Wanted to Know

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“The process of shooting film is fascinating”, says Dingsheng WU, Business Development Manager of the NONS SL42 camera line. Having successfully launched their first SL42 camera with Instax film support last year, NONS is back with an updated camera in 2 different colors in 2021. They now support EF mount lenses, which can further be adapted with a plethora of other lens mounts using manual adapters. Backers can get ready to use M42, Nikon F, Contax/Yashica​ C/Y lens and more. Plus, they’ve almost eliminated the heavy vignetting issue that was a mainstay of the 1st release. Our Editor in Chief Chris Gampat bought one of these cameras. He’ll be writing about his experiences with it in a future post.

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New Wandrd ROAM is a Compact Sling That Cleverly Cradles a Laptop

The WANDRD ROAM sling is the first one that’s accommodating to a laptop, but why don’t they just make a messenger bag?

Gear bag brand Wandrd is back on Kickstarter with a new bag — and this time, it’s not a backpack. The Wandrd ROAM Sling is a quick-access camera bag that can be worn over either shoulder, the back or front, or even as a fanny pack. But, it’s also a rare sling in that it offers the option to carry a 16-inch laptop and a tripod. This is one of its biggest innovations. The bag just launched on Kickstarter today, May 26.

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Get Hyped for the Exciting Return of 3D Analog Photography!

The Minuta Stereo is bringing 3D back to analog film photography!

Oh, man! Does anyone remember that Nishika 3D film camera? Well, there’s something new and exciting coming to Kickstarter. It’s called the Minuta Stereo camera. It’s a pinhole camera designed to do the kooky 3D photos that we’ve come to know and love. It would mean that you’re going to slow down, and that’s something majorly lacking from photography today.

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An Incredibly Important Photo Book Is Up For Grabs On Kickstarter

Remember the Love commemorates the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center

We’ve shared a fair few Kickstarter campaigns here on The Phoblographer in the past, but none are quite as important as this one. Can you believe that this year will mark 20 years since the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centers in New York City? For just a few more days, you have the chance to help bring to life a photo book that will help you get past the tragedy of that day. It will have you remembering the love instead. Join us after the break to find out all of the deets about this special photo book.

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This One Way Mirrored Filter Will Help Portrait Photographers

This mirrored filter is innovative and will help solve some common problems.

We absolutely love new products that add a new twist on things. We love it even more when somebody takes a product that seemingly can’t be improved upon much more, and they find a way to make their offering stand out from the crowd. This is exactly what the folks at Exelence Brilliance Indesign have done. Their new Kickstarter campaign is for a new, one way mirrored filter that also acts as a polarizer. They have created this to help portrait photographers and videographers get the shots they need and want with ease. This product will surely solve some problems: we just hope it won’t create another. Join us after the break to find out more.

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Wrong Time or Bad Photos? Why These Photo Books Are Failing

Are you looking for photographic documentation of what the world has become due to COVID-19?

I’ve previously written about the importance of street photography during these unprecedented times. Having visual documentation of how communities, governments, and countries have responded to the pandemic will serve us well in our search for understanding and education. How the content is delivered is varied. It could be through websites, newspapers, and even photo books, to name just a few examples. But timing is everything. Some photographers are already trying to sell photo books covering the topic, and it begs the question: is it too soon?

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Galaxy: The Kickstarter That Stole Nearly $70,000 From Photographers

We’re sorry to say it, but we’re never going to get our money back from Galaxy Papers.

There was a time years ago when photographers could easily support the Galaxy Paper system. After all, both our names and Petapixel’s were on them for helping to drive the most funding to their Kickstarter project. But as the years went by, they became more and more silent as they took our money and ran. For analog photographers, one cannot express how much despair and sadness there is from this. They say that wounds heal, but scars don’t. And for lots of photographers, the hole that Galaxy left for us can drive us mad. I had all but forgotten about them and the reps I had tried over and over again to get in communication with. But nothing worked out–and it wasn’t until someone commented on their fully funded Kickstarter back in 2016 that the scars really started to become noticeable again.

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The NONS SL42 is the First Instant/Instax M42 Mount SLR Camera


The Nons SL42 takes Instax cameras to a whole new level, and it’s bargain-priced too.

We all know and love Instax cameras. The ability to be able to capture and print candid moments with our friends is quite honestly, priceless. Instax cameras are great, but have you ever wished for an affordable interchangeable lens Instax camera that could use some classic vintage lenses? If so, you need to check out this Kickstarter campaign for the NONS SL42, the world’s first M42 mount interchangeable lens camera that uses Instax film. Click past the break for all of the details.

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Film Carrier 120: Scan Medium Format Negatives With Digital Cameras

Finally, medium format shooters can use digital cameras to scan their negatives with the Film Carrier 120.

Film photographers looking for a quick way to digitize their negatives are in for a treat. Say hello to the Film Carrier 120, a Kickstarter holder by Negative Supply that allows easy scanning of medium format negatives. The Philadelphia-based company also introduced the Film Carrier MK1 for 35mm negatives last year and has been developing the Film Carrier 120 alongside it.

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Magic Plate: A Quick Solution for Switching to Portrait Orientation

Been struggling to switch between portrait and landscape orientation? The Magic Plate is a quick release tripod plate that promises to be a lightweight solution.

Ever missed a shot because of struggling to switch from portrait to landscape orientation? Having difficulty adjusting and tilting your tripod’s ball head? Are L-brackets no longer an option for you because of their size and weight? If you answered yes to one or all of these, the Magic Plate could be your lightest and easiest solution.

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Alas, This “Stone” Could Have Been So Cool for Nature Photos

Ever wanted to get close to wildlife for some epic shots? This accessory was designed to camouflage your GoPro and turn it into a “stone” camera.

Just when you think you’ve seen and used your fair share of unique and quirky camera accessories, something comes up and proves you wrong. Case in point is the Camof Stone, a camera case designed to let your GoPro camera blend in with the surroundings over and underwater as an inconspicuous stone. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like it will hit the market.

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Fragment 8 Is a Digital Revival of the Iconic Super 8 Camera

If the film Super 8 cameras aren’t available or feasible for you, a digital version dubbed Fragment 8 could be an option.

Over five decades since Kodak introduced the Super 8 and the Super 8mm format, the motion picture camera remains a fascinating tool for today’s creatives. It’s understandable that the younger generation just discovering the format may find the film camera (the new Kodak Super 8, especially) intimidating and too much of a commitment. Whatever the reason, a Super 8-inspired camera dubbed Fragment 8 is gearing up to be a simpler digital option, especially for those interested in filming simple slices of life with a touch of nostalgia.

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Platyball Is Today’s Most Innovative Tripod Head Accessory

Platyball is a new tripod head accessory that promises to make things a lot easier and change the way we shoot.

Tripod head designs have been mostly the same with only some minor improvements here and there. But, a new contraption gears up to change the way we see and work with tripods. Meet the Platyball, the latest from the company that brought us the Platypod flat tripod base. If you’re looking into a tripod head upgrade, this could be right up your alley.

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“Flora” Is an Upcoming Zine for Double Exposure Fans

If you’re into double exposure snaps and want some creative inspiration, you might want to support this zine project on floral doubles.

Double exposures may not be a recent invention in the photography world, but the last decade saw more and more photographers experimenting with it. We’ve seen this creative technique become popular for portraits juxtaposed with buildings, seascapes, foliage, and flowers. If you’re particularly interested in floral double exposures, we found a zine project you might want to support on Kickstarter.

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The CAMERADACTYL Brancopan Uses 35mm Film to Shoot Panoramas

If you like going the DIY route and make your own cameras and accessories, Brancopan, the latest CAMERADACTYL contraption, will let you 3D print your own.

After years of making and selling the CAMERADACTYL cameras, Ethan Moses recently decided to let everyone in on the fun of building their own. Brancopan, the latest of these quirky cameras, is a 35mm panoramic camera that takes Mamiya Press lenses and you can 3D print yourself. If you’re looking for a new project that you can do over the weekend or a little longer, Moses suggests taking a shot at his new design and grabbing it through Kickstarter.

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This Photo Zine Chronicles the Life of a Nomadic Shepherd

If zines are your thing, this photo zine project about nomadic sheep farming across Italy could be an interesting addition to your collection.

It’s been a while since our last zine feature, so we thought about sharing our most recent zine find. Moments in Time, which is currently being funded on Kickstarter, will come in several volumes as reportage about nomadic sheep farming across Italy. If you’re looking for the next zine project to add to your collection, this could be something right up your alley.

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