Alas, This “Stone” Could Have Been So Cool for Nature Photos

Ever wanted to get close to wildlife for some epic shots? This accessory was designed to camouflage your GoPro and turn it into a “stone” camera.

Just when you think you’ve seen and used your fair share of unique and quirky camera accessories, something comes up and proves you wrong. Case in point is the Camof Stone, a camera case designed to let your GoPro camera blend in with the surroundings over and underwater as an inconspicuous stone. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like it will hit the market.

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This Fancy-Looking Rear Cap Has a Temperature and Humidity Meter

Are you worried about your lenses getting all fungused up? This strange but fancy-looking rear cap could be the answer for you.

The strangest and most unexpected photography accessory we’ve seen as of late is most likely this rear cap only for Micro Four Thirds lenses. While it functions normally as your good old regular rear cap it also has a fancy-looking temperature and humidity meter, most likely placed there to help you keep pesky fungus away from your precious glass.

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Langly Has a Bunch of Cool Camera Straps to Choose From

Still on the hunt for the camera strap that fits your needs and style? One of these goodies from Langly might just be the one you’re looking for.

We understand that the perfect camera strap may take a while and some searching to come by, so we bring more options for you to choose from. Today, we have some goodies from Langly, makers of camera bags, apparel, straps, and other accessories. Check out their stylish leather straps, sturdy lightweight slings, and handy wrist straps to see if one of them will catch your fancy.

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Rose Anvil + India Earl Camera Harness Claims it Won’t Pinch Your Shirt

If you’re having trouble with your current camera harness, you might want to switch to the new offerings from the Rose Anvil + India Earl collaboration.

Whether you’re yet to have your first camera harness or are in dire need of a new one, here’s something you might want to consider. The creators behind the handmade goods brand Rose Anvil collaborated with wedding photographer India Earl to create three camera harnesses designed with comfort, innovation, and variety in mind.

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The Bexar Vagabond Leather Strap Lets You Lug Your Camera in Style

The Bexar Vagabond Leather Camera Strap is a new, eye-catching, handcrafted leather strap to consider

Leather camera straps are some of the most popular accessories among photographers today because they’re both stylish and functional. They are usually offered alongside leather camera bags and pouches, but independent sellers and crafters are also consistently coming up with better designs and features. From Texas-based leather crafters Bexar Goods Co. comes a new collection of straps for photographers to indulge in. Whether it’s for your favorite film SLR or your trusty digital camera, the new Bexar Vagabond Leather Camera Strap looks like a handsome piece to pair with your gear.

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The Old NPC ProBack Let You Shoot Polaroid Peel-Apart Films with a Nikon SLR

The NPC ProBack was a pretty nifty idea, if not a waste of film

Once in awhile, you come across a photography contraption whose purpose or use eludes you. Some of the ones that occasionally still pop up on eBay and photography forums is the NPC Polaroid ProBack, a camera back that was designed to take Polaroid peel-apart instant films for checking exposure, lighting, and composition on the spot. Back in the days, Polaroid films had a different purpose in photography than what most of us today use (and love) them for. They were very helpful for photographers who needed precise exposures for demanding projects. For those who wanted or needed to do this without an actual Polaroid camera (or wanted to get a preview of their camera setup), there was the bulky and unwieldy Speed Magny for those used Nikon F cameras. The cool factor of this was that the back essentially turned the 35 mm Nikon F camera into an instant or large format camera.

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CAMS Camera Plates and Sling Straps Up for a Major Redesign

CAMS Camera Plates and Sling Straps images from Carry And Mount System (CAMS)

If you’re one of the potential buyers of the Carry And Mount System (CAMS) Camera Plates and Sling Straps who have found it incompatible with your camera, you might want to check it out again. A CAMS major redesign is currently being funded on Kickstarter, with a focus on accommodating smaller camera bodies.

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Review: Hoodman Custom Finder Kit for DSLR Video Capture


When it comes to shooting video with an HDSLR, I am dependent on using the camera’s LCD screen rather than the optical viewfinder. The LiveView mode results in my having to use the 3.2-inch screen. This screen provides some great advantages when capturing motion, but one of its key challenges is getting a clear view when shooting under bright lighting conditions.

The glare not only makes it difficult for me to compose a shot, but also to view the displayed information regarding exposure, white balance or more. Getting a clear view of the screen while recording or playback becomes essential and this is where Hoodman promises a solution with their Custom Finder Kit for DSLR capture.

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Review: Lance Photo Straps with Quick Release


For the last several years, there has been an explosion of lens strap designs that try to be more than something to hang a camera from. Instead, these specialty sling straps, dual straps and multi-purpose straps offer a “high tech” alternative to the traditional strap that might have come with a new camera.

Though I don’t deny the advantages of such systems, I have a hard time with a camera strap that requires a learning curve. Photography can be complicated enough and when you add a camera strap that demands its own user’s manual, I really wonder if something as simple as a strap has suffered from over engineering.

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