This Fancy-Looking Rear Cap Has a Temperature and Humidity Meter

Are you worried about your lenses getting all fungused up? This strange but fancy-looking rear cap could be the answer for you.

The strangest and most unexpected photography accessory we’ve seen as of late is most likely this rear cap only for Micro Four Thirds lenses. While it functions normally as your good old regular rear cap it also has a fancy-looking temperature and humidity meter, most likely placed there to help you keep pesky fungus away from your precious glass.

Fungus is a sneaky and potentially expensive problem for lenses. To prevent this, photographers are advised to invest in a good and reliable dry box for storing photography equipment. The addition of a thermo-hygrometer must have come to makers of this contraption as a cheaper and simpler alternative to a pricey dry box.

The rear cap, called UNX-8595, was recently mentioned in a review on Japanese blog and picked up quickly by photography blogs like 43rumors. Priced at 1,980 Yen, or around $18, it’s going for way more than the regular lens caps for the novelty of having a dual function accessory.

Is the combined thermometer and hygrometer actually effective in helping keep the fungus at bay? The review mentions some scenarios where it can be potentially useful. For example, it can allow photographers to monitor the storage conditions for their gear, or even just the room where the camera and lens are typically placed. If the reading shows the humidity being above the ideal value, you can place the lens in a container with some dessicant when you’re not using it. It can also come in handy during travel and lets photographers know if their location is too humid and more dessicant and precautions are needed.

Do you need it? Maybe, if you need something basic to monitor and regulate the humidity of your lens storage. But if you’re already eyeing a dry box, you might be better off with that, pricey as it is. In any case, you might want to check out the translated review to satisfy your curiosity about this cool-looking rear cap.

Photos from 43rumors