The Bexar Vagabond Leather Strap Lets You Lug Your Camera in Style

The Bexar Vagabond Leather Camera Strap is a new, eye-catching, handcrafted leather strap to consider

Leather camera straps are some of the most popular accessories among photographers today because they’re both stylish and functional. They are usually offered alongside leather camera bags and pouches, but independent sellers and crafters are also consistently coming up with better designs and features. From Texas-based leather crafters Bexar Goods Co. comes a new collection of straps for photographers to indulge in. Whether it’s for your favorite film SLR or your trusty digital camera, the new Bexar Vagabond Leather Camera Strap looks like a handsome piece to pair with your gear.

If you love the classic beauty of handcrafted leather accessories, the Bexar Vagabond will definitely catch your attention. Made of premium bridle leather, it looks sturdy and not floppy at all, which some photographers may prefer over the soft leather and nylon options. Most likely, the most promising feature of this leather strap is that it can be adjusted for any camera, and anyone using it can wear it however they want. That’s something we don’t often see in leather straps. Solid copper rivets hold the leather pieces together, while O-ring attachments allow the strap to securely support your camera. With the multitude of choices out there, it can be challenging to decide on the “perfect” strap, but this looks like a nice option.

Available in four elegant colors —  Dark BrownTanMedium Brown, and Black — this strap gives you the chance to choose the most flattering for your camera, or even make sure it matches or complements the shade of your camera bags.

Interested in getting one (or one for each of your cameras)? Check out the Bexar Goods website to purchase the new Bexar Vagabond Leather Camera Strap for $125, and see their selection of other beautifully designed leather and lifestyle goodies.