Easy on the Eyes. Harber London Tan Camera Strap Review

I analyze the usefulness of a camera strap based on four attributes: comfort, functionality, quality, and appeal. A good camera strap must sit comfortably on my neck for hours with an attached camera. It’s got to give me at least a handful of years before it starts to show signs of wear and tear. And while I don’t expect it to be a head-turner, I do like to have friends asking me where I got my strap from. Harber London isn’t a camera accessories company but a family-run business that produces handmade leather goods. They’ve been around since 2013, but the Harber London Camera Strap appears to be their foray into making something camera-related. They’ve created a fine strap in sync with the finishing quality of their other products.

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The Century21 of Camera Straps: Woolnut Leather Camera Strap Review

For photographers wanting to add a splash of style when carrying their cameras, the Woolnut Leather Camera Strap is a handsome option.

Made from a combination of full-grain, vegetable-tanned Scandinavian leather, natural German wool felt, and metal accents, the Woolnut Leather Camera Strap is a definite upgrade over bundled branded camera straps. When it comes to straps, some photographers treat them as a style statement, while others are perfectly content using the branded one that came bundled with their camera. Some photographers tend to prefer lower profile alternatives like wrist straps or carrying clips. Having used the Woolnut Leather Camera Strap for the better part of the last few months with several cameras and lenses, it certainly falls under the style statement category. It’s nicely padded, and even when carrying heavier cameras and lenses, this padding keeps the Woolnut Leather Camera Strap comfortable.

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Review: Vi Vante Bengal Unleashed Lambskin Leather Camera Wrist Strap

The Vi Vante Bengal Unleashed Lambskin Leather Camera Wrist Strap is a stylish option that’s soft to the touch and incredibly practical.

For fashion-forward photographers in search of a new wrist strap for their cameras, Vi Vante’s Bengal Unleashed wrist strap may be just what they’re looking for. Made of ultra-soft lambskin leather, the Vi Vante Bengal Unleashed camera wrist strap is one of the most comfortable wrist straps I’ve tried to date. Whether you’re looking to upgrade from the ho-hum camera strap included with your camera, or prefer the lower profile nature of wrist straps over traditional neck straps, the Vi Vante Bengal Unleashed Lambskin Leather Camera Wrist Strap is worth considering.

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TAP and DYE Adds Nero Slim to the Legacy Camera Strap Line

TAP and DYE has recently announced their latest Fall season releases, including a new Legacy camera strap.

If you’re thinking of getting a new leather strap for your Mirrorless or compact camera, the folks of TAP and DYE have a gorgeous new offering for you to check out. They’ve just added the Nero Slim to their Legacy camera strap line, which is perfect for smaller cameras (and film cameras as well) with its 1/2″ width. We love the Legacy line and we’re excited about this stylish new release!

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The Holdfast Gear Money Maker Solo Is for You Single Camera Shooters

If you’ve loved the look of Holdfast straps in the past, but didn’t need a dual camera setup, then the new Holdfast Gear Money Maker Solo is the strap for you.

Holdfast Gear and their Money Maker line of premium leather camera straps have long been favorites of trendy wedding photographers. Their high-quality construction and premium materials look great and give photographers the ability to carry their dual camera setups in style but without compromises. The original Money Maker could be configured in a dual camera or single camera setup, but the strap was optimized for dual camera configuration. Single camera shooters who wanted a stylish yet functional strap optimized for solo camera use were out of luck, until now. Continue reading…

The Fotcase Harness Strap Pledges to Be Comfortable and Stylish

The new Fotcase promises style and comfort when lugging cameras for both the adventurous amateur and the pro on the go

Harness style camera straps have become staple accessories for photographers wanting comfort while carrying hefty cameras. The latest of these is the sleek Fotcase strap, which has just launched on Kickstarter. This strap is equipped with a special X-bracing on the back to ensure comfort, and a safety cord to attach to your camera for extra security.

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The Bexar Vagabond Leather Strap Lets You Lug Your Camera in Style

The Bexar Vagabond Leather Camera Strap is a new, eye-catching, handcrafted leather strap to consider

Leather camera straps are some of the most popular accessories among photographers today because they’re both stylish and functional. They are usually offered alongside leather camera bags and pouches, but independent sellers and crafters are also consistently coming up with better designs and features. From Texas-based leather crafters Bexar Goods Co. comes a new collection of straps for photographers to indulge in. Whether it’s for your favorite film SLR or your trusty digital camera, the new Bexar Vagabond Leather Camera Strap looks like a handsome piece to pair with your gear.

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The Elementary Strap Promises to be a Stylish and Affordable Leather Camera Strap

One of the complaints of many of the leather camera straps out there has to be affordability, but the Elementary Strap is trying to be one of the solutions to that problem. Made by Bisambaer Leather Goods, the Elementary straps promises to be handmade and durably made while incorporating fashionable elements into its design.

Oh plus, they’re touting that they’ll last a lifetime.

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How to Maintain Your Leather Camera Strap

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Care of your Leather Camera Strap (1 of 10)ISO 4001-200 sec at f - 2.8

If you look up lots of the most popular leather camera straps online, chances are very high that we’re going to show up in the search results. We’ve got loads of reviews on leather straps and folks ask us every day about these straps. In fact, it’s gotten to the point where we’ve rounded up many of our favorites. But once you’ve got a strap, how do you take care of it?

We’ve got a quick tutorial for you right here.

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Tap and Dye’s Legacy Horween Chromexcel Leather Camera Wrist Straps Now Come in Dark Olive and Brown

Kevin Lee The Phoblographer Legacy Horween Chromexcel Olive and Brown Strap 1

Tap and Dye has added a couple of new pieces to its Legacy leather strap collection today. Sadly it’s not a new strap but rather new dark olive and brown colors for its already great Horween Chromexcel leather camera wrist straps. The leather has been hand rubbed with an aged finish and stitched tightly together with white string to give it a classical and rustic look.

Justin, the founder and owner of Tap and Dye, tells us that their black straps are currently sold out due to a very long back order on the black leather Horween Chromexcel leather. However, the new dark olive and brown straps are readily available now.

We’ve had our own Horween Chromexcel leather strap in black for a few weeks now and we can vouch it’s Tap and Dye’s softest strap yet. It comes with a nice fat pad of leather and while some users might not like this bulkiness, it helps distribute the weight of a camera well.

You can get your own Legacy Horween Chromexcel leather camera wrist strap directly from Tap and Dye for $85. Check out some more product images after the break.

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Review: Cecilia 2.5cm Leather Neck Strap

Kevin-Lee The Phoblographer Cecilia Leather Neck Strap Product Images (6 of 13)

The Cecilia Gallery might be the most international camera strap maker we’ve come to know recently. While the company is based here in New York, it makes straps using the best materials from around the world including alpaca wool from Peru, leather made of Argentinian cowhides, and nylon from mills here in the United States. All of these combined together create the Bohemian straps that you see here.

Cecilia Gallery has been making stylish, patterned camera straps for DSLRs for a while and now the company is moving into the mirrorless space with a new set of thinner neck straps. Cecilia’s latest creations are certainly less ornate than their bigger, patterned brethren and this might be the perfect solution photographers looking for a simple strap that’s made with some real quality leather.

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Doppietta-Tokyo Brings Exotic Leather Camera Straps with Football and Horse Riding Gear Pedigree

Doppietta-Tokyo Horween Leather Camera Strap 3

Finding the right, handsome camera strap can be just as hard as picking the right camera but thankfully the world has no shortage of options. Today we’re going to take a look at a couple of exotic leather straps by way of Japan at Doppietta-Tokyo.

First up is a camera strap is made of horse leather from the famous American cordovan tanner Horween—who may be best known for being the exclusive supplier of leather for NFL footballs as well as the NBA’s basketballs. If Horween’s leather can be sent hurdling across 100 yards you can bet these straps are durable enough for lugging around your precious camera.

What’s more, Horween strap comes with a gorgeous belt hole adjustment system that anyone tired of the standard straps will appreciate. The strap itself measures 105cm to 135cm and reaches a maximum width of 45 mm at its fattest segment.

Alternatively, photographers looking for a bit more style and rivets should check out Doppietta-Tokyo’s Etrusco leather strap. The hide these straps are made of come from a belt and horse riding gear maker in Italy named Conceria Walpier. The strap comes with a 40mm wide shoulder pad and measures 120 cm long that can be extended up to an additional 6 cm long.

The Horween strap is available in beige and choco for $299 while the one made with Etrusco leather can be had for $320. Check out more images of these gorgeous camera accessories after the break.

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