CAMS Camera Plates and Sling Straps Up for a Major Redesign

CAMS Camera Plates and Sling Straps images from Carry And Mount System (CAMS)

If you’re one of the potential buyers of the Carry And Mount System (CAMS) Camera Plates and Sling Straps who have found it incompatible with your camera, you might want to check it out again. A CAMS major redesign is currently being funded on Kickstarter, with a focus on accommodating smaller camera bodies.

Not all of us are lugging around a bulky camera setup, so this move comes as a welcome upgrade. The makers of CAMS are introducing a pair of smaller camera plates and some new straps to go with them on their Kickstarter campaign. So, if you’re shooting with a mirrorless camera or a compact DSLR and have found the original version doesn’t fit your gear, they’ve listened to your feedback and compiled them to redesign the system into a more compact and efficient carrying and mounting attachment.

The noticeably smaller version of both the Standard and Mini CAMS Camera Plates still include the time-saving features of the original: Arca-Swiss style quick release clamp compatibility, 1/4″-20 hole for monopods and other accessories, and locking quick-disconnect fastener for sling strap attachment. The redesign comes with a number of major and useful additional features: a hex key stowage for plate removal in the field, an SD card storage for convenient backup, a center indicator on the Arca-Swiss-style dovetail for precise tripod shooting, a hand strap attachment loop.  access to the battery door without removing the plate. The sleeker, 12mm-tin package also allows for easy access to the battery compartment for most cameras without removing the plate.

The Kickstarter project also includes two new straps: the CAMS Minima Strap, a military-grade webbing based strap that can be easily adjusted and folded into a pocket-sized bundle; and the CAMS Pelle Strap, a stylish, full-grain leather sling that comes in two sizes and a simple belt-style adjustment.

Does this upgrade sound like the accessory you need? Head to the new Kickstarter campaign for the CAMS Camera Plates and Sling Straps to know more and back the project before December 12th.