ATOLL Gives Your Valuable Lens a Precious Collar Ring

We’ve all done this: headed out to a fascinating outdoor location for sunset and shot some stunning photos in landscape orientation, using a sizeable ultra-wide lens. Then the thought pops up, “Hey, this would make a great photo in portrait mode too.” The problem is most amateur photographers don’t carry L-brackets. Your tripod ballhead isn’t always strong enough to hold the camera and a heavy lens in a vertical position inside the drop-notch. Try tightening every knob to the max, and you’ll still notice them giving way slowly during a long exposure. Taipei-based Silence Corner came out with a solution a couple of years ago. But their latest Kickstarter campaign for the ATOLL makes it easier and smoother to switch camera orientations easily. It’s sort of like a tripod collar ring for almost any lens.

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The NONS SL42 Camera: Everything You Wanted to Know

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“The process of shooting film is fascinating”, says Dingsheng WU, Business Development Manager of the NONS SL42 camera line. Having successfully launched their first SL42 camera with Instax film support last year, NONS is back with an updated camera in 2 different colors in 2021. They now support EF mount lenses, which can further be adapted with a plethora of other lens mounts using manual adapters. Backers can get ready to use M42, Nikon F, Contax/Yashica​ C/Y lens and more. Plus, they’ve almost eliminated the heavy vignetting issue that was a mainstay of the 1st release. Our Editor in Chief Chris Gampat bought one of these cameras. He’ll be writing about his experiences with it in a future post.

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A Photography Project Has Captured Iconic NASA Items Like Never Before

photography project

This Kickstarter photography project will delight fans of space and NASA.

Space and space exploration are big topics at the best of times, but with the recent passing of the 50th anniversary of mankind taking our first steps on the moon, the love affair the general public has with all things space has reached new heights. We recently came across a new photography project on Kickstarter that should delight photographers and fans of space travel in general. This unique photography book will help you see NASA’s past and present dreams of the future in detail like you’ve never seen before. Join us after the break to learn more about this stellar photography project. Continue reading…

The WANDRD VEER 18L for Photographers Packing Light Hits Kickstarter

camera bag

The VEER 18L is a camera bag with a unique packable design that’s aimed at travelers.

Kickstarter is a fantastic place for companies to showcase their products to prospective clients, and WANDRD have used the platform to successfully raise funding for their camera bags in the past. Today, WANDRD began their Kickstarter campaign for the WANDRD Veer 18L–a new, unique camera bag for the photographer packing light. What makes this camera bag so unique is that it’s a packable bag that can fold into itself for easy storage and travel, it also has a few more tricks up its sleeves too. Find out more about this camera bag, and its unique features after the break. Continue reading…

The SwitchPod Handheld Tripod Can Switch Things up in Mere Seconds

Handheld tripods

If you’re a fan of handheld tripods then the SwitchPod should make you very happy.

There are a few brands of handheld tripods on the market and all of them are quite popular with vloggers and photographers alike. For a while, the Gorillapod has been the go-to due to the convenient sizes it comes in, but transitioning from handheld mode to tripod mode isn’t always the most elegant process. The SwitchPod aims to change all of that with a handheld tripod that can switch from vlogging mode to tripod mode in mere seconds.

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“Camera Kids” Aims to Teach Photography to Vulnerable Children Across the Globe

Be instrumental in empowering children around the world through photography by supporting the “Camera Kids” project on Kickstarter.

It’s one thing to teach children to take better pictures with whatever camera they have, and another to empower vulnerable children with it. This is exactly the mission of Through the Eyes of Children (TTEC), a non-profit organization founded in 2000. They soon began conducting the “Camera Kids” photography workshops for children orphaned by the 1994 Rwandan Genocide Against the Tutsi. Now, the organization wants to take their workshops to other vulnerable children around the world, and they need your support to make the next generation of Camera Kids happen.

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PinBox: A 6×6 Pinhole Camera That You Can Build and Re-Create

Want to learn how to design and build your own pinhole camera? The PinBox is a medium format DIY pinhole camera that teaches you just that. 

Pinhole cameras are essentially easy to make, especially when you’re making them for 35mm film. But if you want to have an idea about how it’s done for 120 film, Hamm Camera Company offers to let you in on the basics with a new camera called the PinBox. Hot off the heels of the NuBox 1 Interchangeable Lens Box Camera, Robert Hamm has just launched the Kickstarter campaign for this DIY pinhole camera. The company’s goal is for the 6×6 medium format DIY camera to be a learning tool for anyone who wants to gain the basics of pinhole camera design and apply it to make their own. This is in support of the crafty photographers who like to DIY their cameras, encouraging them to go beyond the usual handmade pinhole cameras.

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The Yashica digiFilm Y35 Camera Gets Final Design Tweaks

YASHICA is finally done applying tweaks to the design of the controversial digiFilm Y35 Camera

After going through several key updates, YASHICA has announced in their latest Kickstarter backer update that the design of the digiFilm Y35 Camera has been finalized. While the tweaks are minor, they are all done to enhance the feel of the controversial, film-inspired camera and make it more faithful to the original.

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Photo Essay Explores Future of Food in Climate Change

The second half of this future-oriented photo essay needs your support on Kickstarter!

Works of art that tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues also often require the most unconventional approaches. Heami Lee, Allie Wist, CC Buckley, and Rebecca Bartoshesky, four collaborators in the food media world, had the interesting idea to envision our future in a world altered by climate change through the universal language of food. The result was a photo essay titled Flooded and it was paired with an intimate dinner in 2016. It imagined how our diets will change due to coastal flooding and sea level rise. Now, they are seeking to continue with the second half of the project with the help of funding from Kickstarter.

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“At Home With The Furries” Photo Book Offers a Peek Into the Furry Fandom

Tom Broadbent needs your support to turn At Home With The Furries into a photo book.

For years, London-based photographer Tom Broadbent has been documenting the British furry fandom with a ongoing series of portraits in the comfort of their homes. Now, he plans to take the next step and turn the project into a book through a Kickstarter campaign. If you’re into uncommon documentary projects showcasing unique communities, you might want to show your support for this project.

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I’m Back 35mm Digital Back Launches Final Design on Kickstarter

After several years and dozens of prototypes, the I’m Back 35mm Digital Back launches its final design.

Five months after their last Kickstarter campaign, the makers of I’m Back 35mm Digital Back are running another campaign to fund its final version. Apart from a leaner design, an elegant bayonet docking system, and dedicated back covers for some of the most popular brands and models, looks like the other features are still the same. For those who have been following the campaigns, this update may be worth checking out.

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The Sitka Leather Messenger Bag is an Everyday Carryall for Your Cameras and More

Here’s yet another elegant and versatile option to consider for your next camera bag purchase.

With the selection of camera bags out there getting more diverse, it’s great to see more beautiful and functional leather options in the market. If these are your camera bags of choice, you might want to consider getting a Sitka Leather Messenger Bag, which doubles as an everyday carryall for your work stuff. The Sitka Leather Messenger Bag looks like a promising choice for photographers, with its carefully considered and elegant design in full-grain buffalo leather in antique brown or dark walnut. Kodiak Leather, the makers of this everyday messenger bag, combined all the feedback they received from their previous leather bag campaigns to create this improved bag.

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The New Ihagee Elbaflex Now Comes in Two Models and Two Mounts

Ihagee announces adding a “Base” model and choice for an M42 lens mount for the new Elbaflex

With 10 days left and a little less than halfway of its funding to go, the new Ihagee has a couple more tricks up its sleeve to entice film photographers into backing their new Elbaflex 35mm analog camera on Kickstarter. Now, backers have the option to choose between two models and two lens mounts.

With the outpour of requests from passionate film photographers, Dresden-based Ihagee have announced they added a basic version of the Elbaflex for a $299 pledge. Called the Elbaflex Base, it will have the same mechanical and technical specifications as the more premium Elbaflex Prime — which you can get at a Super Early Bird pledge of $529 —  but with less aesthetic and ergonomic refinements. The wooden grip is a standard issue for the Prime, but can be added on to the Base. The budget version will also have a leatherette covering in one color, as opposed to real leather covering in four colors made available for the premium version.

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CAMS Camera Plates and Sling Straps Up for a Major Redesign

CAMS Camera Plates and Sling Straps images from Carry And Mount System (CAMS)

If you’re one of the potential buyers of the Carry And Mount System (CAMS) Camera Plates and Sling Straps who have found it incompatible with your camera, you might want to check it out again. A CAMS major redesign is currently being funded on Kickstarter, with a focus on accommodating smaller camera bodies.

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