The SwitchPod Handheld Tripod Can Switch Things up in Mere Seconds

Handheld tripods
If you’re a fan of handheld tripods then the SwitchPod should make you very happy.

There are a few brands of handheld tripods on the market and all of them are quite popular with vloggers and photographers alike. For a while, the Gorillapod has been the go-to due to the convenient sizes it comes in, but transitioning from handheld mode to tripod mode isn’t always the most elegant process. The SwitchPod aims to change all of that with a handheld tripod that can switch from vlogging mode to tripod mode in mere seconds.

While at a conference the founders of SwitchPod couldn’t help but notice how many vloggers were using handheld tripods that were clumsy and chunky, and they realized there had to be a better way. Over the course of 14 months and after many designs and prototypes they came up with what is now the SwitchPod – a small, aluminum, handheld tripod that can quickly and easily transition to a small surface tripod with flick of your fingers. The legs are held in place with magnets strong enough to keep the SwitchPod together until you want to deploy the legs.

The SwitchPod can attach directly to any camera thanks to the built in mounting screw, or you can attach your own ball head to the unit itself. The small aluminum tripod can hold up to 100lbs of gear, so you’ll have no worries putting your camera and largest lens on it, and there are two more threads on the legs of the SwitchPod that can hold a monitor and microphone, or any mountable accessories.

There is no doubt the SwitchPod will become quite popular with vloggers, but this miniature tripod can easily be used by photographers too. Whether it’s product photography, landscape photography, or anything else for that matter, it should work quite well. The best part is that it’s small enough to fit inside of your camera bag, and it weighs just 0.69lbs!

The SwitchPod has already beaten it’s Kickstarter goal of $100,000 by a massive margin. The current donations sit at $222,093 at the time of writing this. The first shipments of the SwitchPod should roll out to backers by August 2019. You can get one of your very own with a pledge of $79. When they retail later this year they will be $99. Head on over to the SwitchPod Kickstarter page for more details.