The Yashica digiFilm Y35 Camera Gets Final Design Tweaks

YASHICA is finally done applying tweaks to the design of the controversial digiFilm Y35 Camera

After going through several key updates, YASHICA has announced in their latest Kickstarter backer update that the design of the digiFilm Y35 Camera has been finalized. While the tweaks are minor, they are all done to enhance the feel of the controversial, film-inspired camera and make it more faithful to the original.

Among these finalized touches include a more detailed and layered viewfinder and sensor windows, a Yashica branded lens cap, and debossed details for the camera name and the kickoff date for the Kickstarter campaign. A lens filter mount and a LED display to alert battery status (an obvious nod to the battery check button of the Yashica Electro) have also been added. Underneath the camera, we now see that there will be a compartment for a Micro USB port for downloading the images from the Y35, and an SD card to store the images. The update also said that the PCB has been adjusted to fit the camera body perfectly. Details that were maintained include the original jagged design of the lens and the On/Off switch.

See the images below.

For those who are just catching up, the YASHICA digiFilm Y35 Camera has been delayed after the Hong Kong-based company decided to listen to the backers’ feedback and improve the camera with some of their suggestions. With this came stretch goals for a larger sensor (but still not the 1″, APS-C, or four-thirds sensor backers asked), and an f2 lens. Further updates were later announced for fixing components such as the mechanical winder gear and box, as well as enhancing the lens with a five-piece optic to achieve “the image TV Distortion <= 2.5%.” All these tweaks have pushed the camera’s release to July 2018.

The YASHICA digiFilm Y35 Camera may not be the most ground-breaking digital camera ever to come out from the pioneering depths of Kickstarter. In fact, it will probably be remembered by many as the infamous “bait and switch”, “film” camera. But at the very least, it would be interesting to see how the final product will achieve its goal of film-inspired digital photography — from the shooting experience down to the look of the images.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign to learn more about the YASHICA digiFilm Y35 Camera updates.