Miguel Raimundo Shares His Secret to Beautiful Street Portraits

“It’s the best way to make friends,” says Portuguese street portrait photographer Miguel Raimundo when asked if he’s made any long term acquaintances while photographing strangers. Asking permission for photos goes a long way toward getting a smile in return. But there’s always the odd person who feels threatened and can even become abusive. Miguel shrugs it off with a smile and just continues on his merry way.

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The Yashica 45mm F1.7 Is a Beautiful Dream to Shoot with When Adapted

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There are lots of awful things that can be associated with the name Yashica. But this is more so the case if you’re considering a modern Yashica. Vintage Yashica, on the other hand, is as appealing as vintage Rolex. That’s to say that there’s a ton of hype, and it’s well deserved. So after Junior Photo Editor Feroz Khan interviewed Terry Godlove, I thought I’d buy one of his creations. Luckily, I scored the Yashica 45mm f1.7 lens. This is the legendary lens that was on the GSN Electro 35. Let me tell you, it’s a dream on digital.

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Sam Ziff Contrasts Silhouettes Against the Dazzling, Colorful World

All images by Sam Ziff. Used with permission.

My name is Sam Ziff. I’m a 17-year-old trying to work my way into the photography industry. I was wondering if you could take a look at some of my work for the phoblographer. So my interest in photography started when I got my first smartphone a few years ago, in about 2016. Whenever I was outside, I’d love to go off exploring and taking snaps of just about everything I saw, with no regard for composition, lighting subject, etc. Now I realize that this is just about the purest form of photography (in my opinion). 

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This Stunning Contax RTS Is Wearing Lizard Leather Very Well

The Contax RTS was a great camera, and this skinned version is absolutely stunning.

Did you know that the Porsche Group was hired to complete an ergonomic and styling study of the Contax RTS? According to Camerapedia, the Contax RTS was an immediate hit. It was a collaboration between Yashica and Zeiss many years ago. This was the first interchangeable lens camera that they made together of this type. It has the C/Y mount, which is host to several beautiful lenses. But these cameras aren’t seen with a lot of dressy character to them. Instead, you often just see the condition. This particular Contax RTS is looking its best for October. Better yet, it’s looking awesome for just about any time you wish.

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Do Modern Cameras Ruin Photography Because They Are Too Complex?

Modern cameras are capable of so much, but will there ever be a simple modern camera?

One of the simple joys in life is loading a roll of film into a camera, and going about shooting pictures with no beeps, boops, screens, complicated menus, or error messages flashing in your eyeballs. Modern cameras are fantastic and can do so much, but one photographer, Mike Johnson, posed a question that generated quite a response on his blog. Mike asked if there will ever be an easy to use, modern camera that can bring back the simple joys of shooting. Let’s talk about this after the break.

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YASHICA Adds New Black and White Film to Kickstarter Campaign

YASHICA just dropped a new 400 ISO black and white film to entice more film photographers to pledge their support before the Kickstarter campaign ends in eight days.

With the YASHICA Absolute – [Premiere] campaign now in its last days, the Hong Kong-based company has announced a new black and white film joining its roster. But the bigger question is, why the hell are they even doing this? WHY? Well, to rake in more money, of course.

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The YASHICA MF-1 Snapshot Art Camera Seems a Bad Life Choice

Not only is YASHICA making 35mm film, they’re also still bent on making, rebuilding. and reissuing film cameras this year. Unbelievable.

Just in time for the 70th anniversary of its Japanese provenance, the now Hong Kong-based YASHICA is at it again with a new film camera project. Dubbed “YASHICA Absolute”, the company is seemingly unfazed by the digiFilm Y35 fiasco and has already launched the first phase — or “episode” as they decided to call it — with a Kickstarter campaign for the MF-1 “Snapshot Art Camera” and the Yashica 400 35mm negative film to go along with it. All in the name of “The forgotten journey of a timeless art.”

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Yashica Should Have Stopped at Their Awful Camera, Not Made Film

Seems like the folks behind the marred Yashica brand haven’t learned from their epic mistake yet.

Despite the catastrophic mess that was the Yashica digiFilm Y35, it seems the company now at the helm of the brand have turned to its film roots instead. Everyone was hoping that it was just another (bad) April Fools’ joke. But since they kept posting teasers a few days after and have kept them all over the company’s website, Facebook, and Instagram, we’re all forced to take that they’re really seriously at work. Needless to say, most photographers aren’t happy about it.

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5 of Our Favorite Film Rangefinder Cameras (One for Everyone)

If you’re really looking for a solid film rangefinder camera, you should know that you don’t need to spend a whole lot.

When I went on my journey to grow as a photographer, some of the best tools that I had were film rangefinder cameras. I’m still very much of the belief that any and every photographer should shoot film and use cameras that don’t have metering built in to become better. They’ll move slower, they’ll have a lot more intent with their images, and they’ll create something much more unique to them. So we went into our reviews index to find some of our favorites film rangefinder cameras. And here they are!

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These Angry Videos Most Likely Speak for Everyone Who Backed the Yashica Y35

If you backed the Yashica Y35 digiFilm camera and already received your unit, this angry review (and its follow-up) most likely sums up the things you hate about it.

Previously, we reported about Yashica Y35 backers finally starting to receive their cameras after some delays. However, those who have gotten their hands on it and tested it out were very unhappy about it. A lot say that the build quality isn’t good at all, and it’s overall more of a toy than a camera. The comments section of the Kickstarter campaign is also still getting angry feedback and reports of issues from backers. As unboxing videos and reviews have started pouring in, we believe this particular video (and its follow-up) is among the angriest, and most likely speaks for every backer’s disappointment over this camera.

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Unhappy Backers Report Multiple Issues in the Yashica digiFilm Y35

Backers have started to receive their Yashica digiFilm units, but they’re not happy about it.

If you’re one of the backers who helped bring the Yashica digiFilm Y35 to life, you’re most likely very unhappy about it. Either you still haven’t received your unit or you’ve just discovered that it’s actually a crappy camera with lots of issues. The Kickstarter campaign’s comments section is exploding with all the angry feedback from backers, and the skeptics are most likely relieved that they had no part in this fiasco.

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UPDATE: Did Yashica Just Tell Kickstarter Backers That They’ll Need to Pay More to Get Their Cameras?

Photographers are very, very angry with Yashica right now.

The story of Yashica is one of an underdog riding on the sympathies of many people. But they probably just made one of the biggest mistakes in Kickstarter history. The company told backers earlier this year that their cameras and the production was being delayed. The reason: they wanted to make a better product. Fair enough, I guess. So instead of May 2018 we were supposed to receive our cameras at the end of July, which is now. I say “we” because I personally am a backer, and to that end, I’m the source of this news. Today, we received the weirdest and perhaps most perplexing update ever.

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Yashica Demonstrates New digiFilm Styles in July Kickstarter Update

Yashica is coming back thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, and they are now demonstrating what their digiFilm can do.

You may recall last year when Yashica burst back onto the scene with some vague teases regarding a return to the camera market. After several weeks it was revealed, through the launch of a Kickstarter campaign, that Yashica was coming back to the camera market in an interesting way. Instead of launching just another digital camera, and rather than launching some sort of advanced modern film camera, the company revealed their plan to base their new camera on something they were calling digiFilm. Continue reading…

The Yashica digiFilm Y35 Camera Gets Final Design Tweaks

YASHICA is finally done applying tweaks to the design of the controversial digiFilm Y35 Camera

After going through several key updates, YASHICA has announced in their latest Kickstarter backer update that the design of the digiFilm Y35 Camera has been finalized. While the tweaks are minor, they are all done to enhance the feel of the controversial, film-inspired camera and make it more faithful to the original.

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The Yashica digiFilm Camera Gets Delay in Part Due to Optics Refinement

The Yashica digiFilm Camera everyone gawked at is delayed

I’m sure that no one can forget about the great photography bait and switch of 2017: the Yashica digiFilm Camera. It teased something analog film photographers drooled for and became really excited about. But when announced, it left analog photographers really angry and digital photographers cackling with laughter. To add a bit more salt to the wound, news has come that the camera is getting a delay. While some may be willing to quickly blame this on a Chinese company and how so many cheap products just seem to fall apart, that isn’t really the case. In the company’s latest Kickstarter Update, quite the opposite is the case. The Yashica digiFilm Camera is getting even more refinement.

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The Yashica Y35 DigiFilm Camera Is Most Likely Getting a Bigger Sensor

The Yashica Y35 is being finely tuned to make it a better camera

I wasn’t so sure it would actually happen, but it indeed really is: the Yashica Y35 digifilm camera will most likely get a bigger sensor. In a Kickstarter update, Yashica announced that they figured out a way to give the camera a bigger sensor and a better lens. These are some of the things backers wanted. Indeed, Yashica is answering the call, but perhaps not in the way everyone wanted.

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Yashica Electro 35: The Yashica Camera You Should Buy Today

The Yashica Electro 35 is something more like what many photographers were hoping for

One good thing that the heat of the Yashica digiFILM brouhaha has brought would probably be a renewed love or interest for the Yashica cameras of the previous decades. One such camera is the Yashica Electro 35, a rangefinder line that that is still sought after and loved by beginners and long-time film photographers today.

The Yashica Electro 35 GSN (chrome) and GTN (black) models have been particularly popular with the analog resurgence, but they were the last models introduced by Yashica in 1973. All the Electro 35 cameras came with a coupled and fixed f1.7 45mm lens. The Electro 35 GSN was particularly thrust into the limelight when it made an appearance as Peter Parker’s camera in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012).

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The Yashica Y35 Officially Gets An Upgrade to an F2 Lens

They did it! The Yashica Y35 is getting an upgrade

Good news for backers of the Yashica Y35 camera–it’s getting a lens upgrade. The new lens is something that the company announced would be possible after hitting a specific stretch goal and on top of that they’re adding in what they’re calling a 4G lens. We’re not exactly sure what that means and the comments on the update shows equal amounts of confusion as well.

At this point, if you were complaining about the camera, there really is less reasons to do so now–especially at the stupid low price point.

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The Yashica Y35 Digital Camera Could Come With a Metal Body and a Larger Sensor

The Yashica Y35 has been receiving a whole lot of traction and updates as of late, with the team behind the project being very responsive to comments and to backers. But recently, they’ve taken a short break due to some further developments. After announcing their stretch goal of getting the camera’s lens to f2, they also announced in a recent Kickstarter update that the camera may have a metal body and that they’re exploring the possibility of a larger camera sensor. These are some of the things a lot of photographers have been complaining about, and I honestly feel that if the camera had an APS-C or full frame sensor but still used the DigiFilm format then less people would be complaining on the internet about a product they haven’t yet tried.

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If the Yashica Y35 DigiFilm Camera Gets HK$ 9M, The Lens Will Be Upgraded to F2

Well, the Yashica Y35 DigiFilm Camera is improving for sure!

In a recent Kickstarter update announced by Yashica, their Yashica Y35 digiFilm camera is getting an upgrade as per what’s being mandated by their stretch goal. According to the update, the cameras are being updated from f2.8 lenses to f2 equivalents; and this will only happen if they reach HK$ 9,000,000. They’re honestly not far off from that goal as it is. For photographers who shoot in lower lit situations, this is fantastic news. It also just makes sense as the sensor is about the size of a traditional digital point and shoot camera’s yet the lens is superseded by optics made for phones in some ways. But now that the lens is being upgraded to f2, there’s a lot more going for it.

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Sad News: The New Yashica DigiFilm Camera is a Major Let Down

All images taken from the New Yashica DigiFilm Camera Kickstarter

Here we were thinking that the announcement of the new Yashica camera would be a life changing and super amazing competitor of some sort to something like the Fujifilm X100F; but instead it has to be one of the biggest letdowns of this year. Before I start off, it isn’t the Yashica 35 GSN Electro. The Yashica Kickstarter recently launched and the new camera is, well, cool in some ways and completely heartbreaking in other ways. Let’s start with the cool: it’s called the Yashica DigiFilm camera and uses an interesting interchangeable digital film system where you have to buy different types of films to get different types of looks. Some of them are ISO 200 color, some are black and white ISO 400, and then there is 1600 which Yashica is saying is the grainiest option. So far that sounds really cool and puts very fun limitations on the shooter, which makes photography truly fun again–there’s even a winding lever!

But then your heart breaks.

Correction: The campaign was updated to say a 14MP sensor.

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