This Stunning Contax RTS Is Wearing Lizard Leather Very Well

The Contax RTS was a great camera, and this skinned version is absolutely stunning.

Did you know that the Porsche Group was hired to complete an ergonomic and styling study of the Contax RTS? According to Camerapedia, the Contax RTS was an immediate hit. It was a collaboration between Yashica and Zeiss many years ago. This was the first interchangeable lens camera that they made together of this type. It has the C/Y mount, which is host to several beautiful lenses. But these cameras aren’t seen with a lot of dressy character to them. Instead, you often just see the condition. This particular Contax RTS is looking its best for October. Better yet, it’s looking awesome for just about any time you wish.

In the listing, the seller doesn’t say much about this camera. But the Contax RTS is a favorite of many photographers. They say it’s fully operational. And for that to happen, you need to load it with a battery. This camera comes from a time when they were using electrically controlled shutters. Without it, you can’t use faster shutter speeds. That’s the only way to get to something like 1/2000th, which this camera allows. It can take ISO 100-3200 film. So you can load it up with Velvia 100 or TMax P3200 and meter it accordingly. Unfortunately, that means you can’t shoot at Velvia 50 unless you use exposure compensation, or meter manually.

35mmc rates the Contax RTS well, though not perfectly. And the images there are stunning. They state:

“It’s hard to argue against the fact that the Contax RTS also feels very nice in the hand. This era of Contax cameras just have a feel to them that appeals to me. It’s one of the things that pains me about the fact that I just don’t got on with the G-Series kit.”

If you snag this Contax RTS on eBay, I suggest pairing it with a nice leather strap. Sling it around your neck and go look for some gorgeous lenses. There are tons of them from Zeiss, Sigma, Yashica, and more. Of course, something like this should pair well with your wardrobe. It’s a statement piece for sure. In the winter, it will look wonderful, slung over your shoulder as you wear a thick jacket. Come springtime, it will complement the lighter colors well. In the summer, it won’t really matter. Just bring it with you! And in the winter, this Contax RTS will look best over muted colors. So basically, this will work well with loud and subtle wardrobes alike.

Mind you, the Contax RTS is a great camera. And this one, in particular, is just beautiful. If you buy it, your friends will lust over it. They’ll get very jealous. And in your time apart, they’ll think about you. Then they’ll plan your murder. They’ll find you, slowly make you sleep tight, and take your camera. Then they’ll sport it around. But you see, when you buy this camera in October, your ghost will haunt it. So it will always find ways to mess with your friend. They’ll get ghosting in the images. There will be these odd double exposures. And they may even smell like old White Castle burgers. And this is all 100% factual with the most sarcasm I’ve written in a long time.

But seriously, how cool is this thing?

All images from the listing by advancia52.

Chris Gampat

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