How Adrienne Catanese Does Double Exposures With No Photoshop

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My name is Adrienne Catanese, and I am a female emerging fine art photographer living and working in Long Island, NY. My current work is mostly conceptual still life created in my “studio” (read: tiny kitchen), but I also love shooting on-location portrait sessions, street photography, etc. 
I am primarily a digital photographer; my gear is minimal: one Canon 5D Mark III body, one Canon 24-105 f4 lens (L series, came with the MarkIII), a cheap Amazon tripod, cheap Amazon speedlights, cheap Amazon triggers. I have a Canon T6 Rebel and a nifty-fifty that I carry for back-up when shooting weddings / paid jobs. 

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Photographer Kent Corley Looks for Meaning in Pandemic Life

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My name is Kent Corley. I’m a fairly grizzled, middle-aged photographer that first found a passion for still photography in the last days before the digital revolution started. Before I knew what street photography was or what the possibilities of the medium were, I was wandering streets at home (North Carolina) and abroad taking candids of people and situations that meant something to me. I can still recall the first three images I ever made that hinted at the idea that I was finally finding a medium that could help me express something I couldn’t otherwise. To finally feel like I might be reasonably good at something and have an interesting perspective was huge.

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I Sold Every Film Point and Shoot Camera I Have, But Kept This One

If you’re looking for a solid film point and shoot camera, you should look no further than the Fujifilm Natura S.

I don’t think it’s possible for Fujifilm to have created a better camera. The Fujifilm Natura S embodies everything with keeping photography fun. And to keep it extra fun, you should get the pink version. As the perfect party camera, there is a lot to love about it. And even if Fujifilm created a digital version of this camera, I still don’t believe it would be anywhere as fun as the Fujifilm Natura S. But if Fujifilm were to bring back any film camera from the dead, the Fujifilm Natura S would be the best one, even over all their more serious cameras. Why? Well, why the hell not?

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Mattias Johansson Composes Beautiful Black and White Photography

All words and photos by Mattias Johansson. Used with permission.

My name is Mattias Johansson and I live in Sweden, in one of the parts that is described as a problem area. Even though there are some problems in my neighborhood, I have chosen to look at it through another perspective. I have focused on photographing the place and not the problem, so to speak. I have discovered that there are some very interesting environments in the area. I think it’s important to show a different perspective and to raise questions about matters that are important. I hope that someone reading The Phoblographer can be inspired to take photos of their home areas and work with a project that enlightens them about a question that is important for them. Photography can be a powerful tool to put a spotlight on a phenomenon.

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Jonathan May Reveals the Transient Lives of Australia’s Caravan Park Dwellers

All photos by Jonathan May. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The concept of home can be different for every person and even groups of people, which is why it’s always fascinating to see how photographers interpret it. Previously, we’ve seen Magnum photographers take on the challenge with Fujifilm and compile their visual stories in a photo book aptly titled HOME. Today, Sydney-based photographer Jonathan May brings us another fascinating perspective through his series titled Transient.

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Photographing Inside Cuba’s Legendary Boxing Gym

All photos by Jason Bax and John Towner. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Cuba is home to many stunning scenes, intriguing locations, and fascinating people, and photographers across the globe have made it their mission to tell their story. The latest on our list of favorite documentary photography works set in the country explores one of its most iconic boxing gyms, as captured by San Francisco-based photographers Jason Bax and John Towner. In their series simply titled The Gym, the Bax and Towner duo take us to the Rafael Trejo Boxing Gym in Havana, which they tell us is world-famous for having trained Cuba’s best boxers in the past 50 years. To the unfamiliar, it’s most likely hard to see this beat-up outdoor gym as the training ground of champions, but our photographers here made it their task to give us a glimpse of the spirited boxers who still hone their skills in the legendary site.

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Martijn Doolaard Photographs Extreme Cycling in Kyrgyzstan’s Winter

All photos by Martijn Doolaard. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Bitten by the travel bug and now craving for an adventure of a lifetime? That’s exactly what our featured travel photography project will inspire in you today. If you have a great love for the outdoors and are keen on embarking on your own journey of self-discovery, you’ll want to have some stunning photos to serve as a keepsake of your trip. You might also want to get some ideas from designer, photographer, and filmmaker Martijn Doolaard, who spent a year cycling from his hometown in Amsterdam all the way to Singapore. Now, let’s take a few pages off his travel diary to get a glimpse of the harsh terrain he had to traverse as he cycled through Kyrgyzstan.

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Mijoo Kim Documents Korean Fisherwomen’s Centuries Old Traditions

All photos by Mijoo Kim. Used with Creative Commons permission.

How people all over the world make a living everyday remains one of the most fascinating topics that documentary photography explores and puts on the spotlight. The latest on our list of favorite documentary projects is The Mother of the Sea. Here, New York-based Korean photographer Mijoo Kim introduces us to the haenyo of the Korean province of Jeju and their unique, centuries-old tradition of freediving to make a living. If you’re looking for more outstanding works in the genre to get inspired with and learn from, we highly recommend checking out this series.

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Steve Roe’s Stunning Kyoto Photo Diary Will Fill You with Wanderlust

Been dreaming of a lovely photo walk around the charming streets of Kyoto? Pack your bags, because this beautiful photo diary will surely get you booking a flight soon.

Japan is on every photographer’s dream destinations for many good reasons and the distinct look and feel of its cities is just one. If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug and have your eyes specifically on Japan, today’s featured photo diary by Steve Roe will give you plenty of reasons to put Kyoto on your bucket list!

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Milad Safabakhsh: Tracing Human Presence on Earth with “Erde” Series

All images by Milad Safabakhsh. Used with permission.

Humans have populated the Earth so heavily that it’s easy to find traces of human activity in virtually every corner of the world. Sometimes these manifestations are harmless, but many times they bring serious repercussions for the planet. For Iranian fine art photographer Milad Safabakhsh, one way to interpret this is to look for traces of human presence in their simplest or most subtle forms. With this in mind, he embarked on a journey to put together Erde, an ongoing, long-term body of work that highlights the effects and presence of humans on Earth. The series was derived from the etymology of the word “Earth”, which came from both English and German words, ‘eor(th)e/ertha’ and ‘erde’, respectively, which translate to “ground.”

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Laura Palladino on Using the Nikon DF to Clear Her Mind

All images and text by Laura Palladino. Used with permission

I’m Laura Palladino, a freelance photographer currently residing in a small beach town near Los Angeles. I was born and raised in New Jersey by parents who got me involved in everything from sports, to dance to art. Luckily, art stuck and eventually the drawing and painting transformed into photography. Ever since, I have been shooting film and digital imagery at school, for personal projects, for corporate clients, and for small businesses. I use a Nikon DF with a Sigma Art 24-105 lens when I shoot digitally. When I shoot film, my go-to is my old Minolta or Polaroid Land Camera. Digitally, I shoot in RAW, then edit in Lightroom and/or Photoshop. With film, I develop in a traditional black and white darkroom using Fiber paper.

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Johnny Miller Presents a Bird’s Eye View of Social Inequality Across the Globe

All images by Johnny Miller. Used with permission.

Social inequality around the world comes in many forms, with some harder to ignore than others. For documentary photographer and filmmaker Johnny Miller, his first taste of this happened when he moved to Cape Town in South Africa six years ago — as soon as he landed in the city, to be precise. With tin shacks surrounding the airport itself, we can just imagine why he simply couldn’t help but notice the glaring disparity. The impact of this was enough to compel him to take to the skies with his drone and capture it from above to show us the big picture. With it, his Unequal Scenes project was born.

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Dominique Seefeldt Seeks Raw Styles and Emotions in Portraiture (NSFW)

All images and text by Dominique Seefeldt. Used with permission.

My name is Dominique Seefeldt, and I’m a 28-year-old photographer from Duesseldorf, Germany and I almost exclusively do people-photography. I’ve been shooting for almost ten years now and long time only lived it as a hobby going through various stages and genres, from still-life over automotive until I found my passion in people-photography. I switched from Canon to Fuji a while ago and now exclusively shoot with my Fujifilm X-Pro 2. I use 23/35/56mm lenses, with my current favorite being the Mitakon 35mm 0.95 II. For outdoor shots I almost always use available light only. Just indoor some flashes may make an appearance!

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Hugo Passarello Luna Captures World War I Reenactments with a Vest Pocket Kodak

All images by Hugo Pasarello Luna. Used with permission.

A century after the end of World War I, Paris-based Argentinian photojournalist Hugo Passarello Luna was intrigued by a thought: how exactly does everyone remember the global conflict? To attempt to answer this question he embarked on a project called Nostalgie de la Boue (Nostalgia for Mud) which explores how the French reenactors safeguard its memory.

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Andreas Kamoutsis Explores Alternate Visions Inspired by Self-Discovery

All images and text by Andreas Kamoutsis. Used with permission.

My primary photographic goal is to capture strong visual elements such as mystery, feelings, harmony, and simplicity. This unique art also exists as an artistic expression of myself, a great field of continuous self-discovery, and a path for personal creative fulfillment through the ever-changing vision of this world.

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Mark Turtoo Creates Haunting Visual Stories of Loneliness and the Human Psyche

All images and text by Mark Turtoo. Used with permission.

I’m a visual artist, a photographer, and storyteller infusing life into the stories that populate my head. Constantly exploring new ways to create and always trying to implement new techniques and experiments in what I do, I have been mixing cinema with my images for a very long time now, to the point where it can be considered an essential part of my style. Continue reading…

“Low Battery” Paints a Poignant Picture of How Glued We Are to Our Devices

“Low Battery” sheds light on how our generation suffers from the paradox of being the most connected, yet also the loneliest

As we get smarter mobile phones, faster Internet speeds, and more people to communicate with across the globe, we can’t help but exclaim, “What a time to be alive!” But, for every exciting promise of an even better future comes the gloomy reality we face today. We live in a time where everyone can easily connect with anyone, anywhere, and anytime, yet we are lonelier than ever. Spanish photographer Oscar Penelo translates this reality in an intimate portrait project titled Low Battery.

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Joris Hermans Travels in Search of Experiences to Photograph

All images and words by Joris Hermans. Used with permission.

I’m Joris Hermans, a documentary and portrait photographer based in Belgium. I started studying photography in Antwerp more than ten years ago and graduated in 2009. Ever since, I’ve been combining personal and freelance work while trying to travel as much as I could. I’ve won several awards among which a Nikon Press Photo Award in my country last year.

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Paulo Monteiro Reveals the Rituals and Soul of Azores on Kodak Tri-X

All images by Paulo Monteiro. Used with permission.

Wherever people settled and built towns and cities, they also crafted their collective spirit on myths, stories, and rituals. We can say that many street and documentary photographers have made it their mission to uncover these elements through their work. One of them is self-taught photographer Paulo Monteiro, who has been documenting his town, the autonomous region of Azores in Portugal.

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Wong Wei-Him Shares His Connection with Hong Kong’s Iconic Harbor

All images and words by Wong Wei-Him. Used with permission.

My name is Wong Wei-Him, and I’m a street photographer and architect based Hong Kong, and founder of In-between design office.

I used to take photos as inspiration for my design projects, and I always carry my camera wherever I go, looking for beautiful architecture, spaces and details. It wasn’t until I came across the magnificent works of Magnum photographer Elliott Erwitt and Japanese street photographer Shin Noguchi — so peculiar the way they look at culture and humanity — that I decided to make street photography a second passion of my life.

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Sam Parkes Shows the Poetic Side to Cuba’s Everyday Scenes

All images and text by Sam Parkes. Used with permission.

My name is Sam Parkes and I would describe my photography as poetic storytelling. By that I do not mean fiction or in any way set up, I don’t add things in the edit or take away. I try to create an individual photograph that tells a coherent and compelling story. I travel, I take to the streets, to the forests, to the temple, to the market place and I walk and watch and wait. My photography covers a broad spectrum; it deals with the complexities of human life, our daily activities and cross cultural exploration. But I do not limit myself to being labeled a ‘human photographer’. I am just as likely to photograph landscape, wildlife, architecture, whatever I feel is worth recording. Neither do I exclusively work in black and white or color, but whatever best tells the story and creates a photograph you want to look at more than once.

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