Miguel Valencia’s Street Photography Takes on the Gritty Side of San Diego

All images and words by Miguel Valencia. Used with permission.

My name is Miguel Valencia and I am documentary/street photographer with an obsession for capturing the epidemics in gangs, drugs, prostitution, and the homeless within the margins of South and South East San Diego, where these lifestyles influence dread and consume many communities here. My vision is to bring awareness, inspire and tell the stories about people really living those lifestyles, and for many of them to be heard because not too many of these persons in my captures will be alive or incarcerated. I don’t use anything fancy partly because of costs. However, I shoot with a Nikon D5300 and upgraded to an 18-200mm lens, and a strapped backpack for my camera.

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Jason Halayko Shoots with Passion for Action

All images and words by Jason Halayko. Used with permission.

My name is Jason Halayko, and I am a Canadian-born photographer who is now based in Tokyo, Japan. I have been doing photography for around 20 years (since many hours of time in the high school darkroom) and have been doing it as a full professional for the last 3 years. The main types of photography that do would be action sports, portraits, street photography, event photography, etc. I personally really love shooting action photography and working with the crazy athletes that take their sports to the extreme edge and even beyond at many times. This is what I am best known for as a photographer, and especially for my work with Red Bull here in Japan over the last 10 years.

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Matt Lief Anderson’s Affinity for Travel and Landscape Photography

All images and words by Matt Lief Anderson. Used with permission.

I’m Matt Lief Anderson, a music photographer based in Austin, Texas. I work mostly for Pitchfork and Vice and travel the world shooting bands on tour and music festivals. I like to shoot landscapes and travel photos when I’m not on assignment. I don’t see myself tied to any specific photographic genre and mostly take inspiration from films. I love shooting portraits of musicians in studio and on location and I feel very lucky to make my living that way, but I also have a need to retreat to nature as much as possible. I have a deep connection with travel stemming from my time living and working as a teacher in Asia and Europe for several years as well as my day job of music photography which sends me to some incredible corners of the world.

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Matthew Hall Finds Beautiful Abstracts in Everyday Objects

Images and words by Matthew Hall. Used with permission.

When I was young my grandfather subscribed me to National Geographic. I remember the vivid images and stories of foreign places and thinking how lucky these people were to be working in such a field. I also thought how easy it would be to have a job as one of those photographers, traveling the world with nothing more necessary than the ability to push a button. It was years later that I began looking at the artistic side of photography, beginning with Edward Weston. Staring at his photos of peppers my initial thought was ‘so what, it’s a pepper’. Then, I began to see the sculptural quality of the image, and the transformative power of photography was opened up to me.

I continued to explore the works of numerous photographers — Josef Sudek, Henri Cartier Bresson, Ralph Gibson, Ernst Haas, Aaron Siskind, and too many others to list, but always I was most drawn to those who emphasized the transformation of the world into something else.

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Maria Sahai’s Landscape and Nature Photography is an Ode to the Arctic

All images and text by Maria Sahai. Used with permission.

I’m Maria Sahai, and I was born in a remote Russian Far East on the shores of Sea of Okhotsk, raised in the steppes of Southern Kazakhstan, and worked and lived all over the world since then. My family, working in the Soviet military, traveled around the former Soviet Union, including less known areas where polar bears roam freely, the aurora borealis can be seen for months, and the indigenous chukchas live in seal skin-covered yarangas.

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Kuo-Chiao Lin: Moving from Street Photography into Portraiture

All images and text by Kuo-Chiao Lin. Used with Permission.

I’m Kuo-Chiao Lin, a Taipei native, a New Yorker at heart, and a vagabond wandering back and forth over New York City, Tokyo, Montreal, and Taipei. I’m an official Fujifilm X-Photographer who, to all genres of photography and visual stories, applies street photography as a method, a way to accept randomness/chaos and react to what’s happening around. I shoot exclusively with the Fujifilm X Series for it strikes a balance between functionality, image quality, and ergonomic simplicity. I believe in minimal equipment (X-Pro2 paired with the ultimate F2 compact WR lens: XF23/35mm) and lighting setup (natural light or Nissin i60A only).

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Sebastian Jacobitz Captures the Faces of Berlin’s Famed Shopping Street

Images and words by Sebastian Jacobitz. Used with permission.

I am Sebastian Jacobitz, a street photographer from Berlin and member of the collective Berlin1020. Since 2015, street photography has been a passion of mine and I love wandering through the city, capturing the beautiful moments of this city. For my usual stroll, I use the Fuji X100F or the Ricoh GR II and an off-camera flash. With this setup, I get really close to people to provoke their emotions and get the viewer close to the scene.

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How Tammy Ruggles Overcomes Limited Vision through Photography

All images by Tammy Ruggles. Used with permission.

My name is Tammy Ruggles and I’m a legally blind photographer. To practice photography, I use a point-and-shoot camera set on auto, a 47-inch monitor, my former art education, and my remaining vision. I’m more of a fine art photographer than a commercial photographer. I’ve been an artist since the age of 12, mainly sketching. I studied art in high school and college, so art heavily influences my taste and style when it comes to photography.

As for my equipment, I use a Sony Rx100 set on auto, and prefer my photos be black and white, since I have a visual impairment known as Retinitis pigmentosa (RP), where high contrast is seen more easily by my eyes.

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