Photo Essay Explores Future of Food in Climate Change

The second half of this future-oriented photo essay needs your support on Kickstarter!

Works of art that tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues also often require the most unconventional approaches. Heami Lee, Allie Wist, CC Buckley, and Rebecca Bartoshesky, four collaborators in the food media world, had the interesting idea to envision our future in a world altered by climate change through the universal language of food. The result was a photo essay titled Flooded and it was paired with an intimate dinner in 2016. It imagined how our diets will change due to coastal flooding and sea level rise. Now, they are seeking to continue with the second half of the project with the help of funding from Kickstarter.

If Flooded explored the ingredients, techniques, and dishes that tell the story of what we could be eating when coastal flooding happens, the second part is planned to tell the story from the other side of the climate change spectrum. The collaborators originally envisioned the series having two parts — one focused on flooding, and one focused on drought.

“We have a whole new list of climate change ingredients to feature, including breadfruit, cactus, insects, and cocktails, as well as exciting plans for all the props and lighting, based off of locations around the world experiencing climate change-induced drought. We want to share the images with you, and keep the project going,” says the Kickstarter campaign.

With a successfully funded campaign, the collaborators could start shooting for Drought by late 2018. The plan is to do location photography in the American Southwest and parts of Bolivia.

Given the result and success of the first photo essay, it would be interesting at least to see how the collaborators will pull off the drought version. If this project is something you’d like to help make happen, check out the Kickstarter campaign to find out more and show your support.