Tye Martinez: A True Artist with Cyberpunk Renaissance Horror (NSFW)

All images by Tye Martinez. Used with permission.

“I think true creative art is rare,” says Washington based photographer, Tye Martinez (aka Tye Died.) “But when an artist gets exceptional at creating their own unique style, that is when they truly contribute to the artistic world.” For The Phoblographer, Tye is undoubtedly someone who has taken their style and ran with it. His moody, dark, and sometimes twisted concepts are, in their own way, stunning. Every idea has meaning, and each detail is an essential cog in his creative wheel. Online, he is somewhat of a mysterious character. He says very little, however, whatever he does say delivers significant impact – that’s why we were so intrigued by his work. Eager to know more about the person behind these marvelous creations, we reached out to Tye; he gave us one of the most insightful and engaging interviews to date.

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Colin Anderson’s Stylish “Mission to Mars” Turns Up the Cool Factor

All images by Colin Anderson. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Now, more than ever, the fascinating realms of science fiction, particularly space travel, have become fertile grounds of inspiration for creatives outside filmmaking. A number of our previously-featured photographers and their imaginative projects certainly prove this. We’ve seen them take us to landscapes both alien and familiar, parallel universes, and intriguing characters donning space suits as they navigate around these uncharted territories. The latest addition to our roster of space-themed projects is a series by Melbourne-based Colin Anderson, who crafts a stylish imagining of the next generation of space travelers on course for Mars.

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Photo Essay Explores Future of Food in Climate Change

The second half of this future-oriented photo essay needs your support on Kickstarter!

Works of art that tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues also often require the most unconventional approaches. Heami Lee, Allie Wist, CC Buckley, and Rebecca Bartoshesky, four collaborators in the food media world, had the interesting idea to envision our future in a world altered by climate change through the universal language of food. The result was a photo essay titled Flooded and it was paired with an intimate dinner in 2016. It imagined how our diets will change due to coastal flooding and sea level rise. Now, they are seeking to continue with the second half of the project with the help of funding from Kickstarter.

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Joseph Ford Teams Up with Fellow Creatives for Clever “Knitted Camouflage”

All images by Joseph Ford. Used with permission.

The most stunning creative projects, whether commercial or personal, are often made out of partnerships or collaborations between artists and bright minds. Case in point is today’s featured collection of clever portraits by London-based advertising photographer Joseph Ford. If you’re stuck in a rut and looking to be inspired for your next personal photography project, you definitely should check these out!

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Nicki Upstairs Takes Us Around a Surreal, Unseen Thessaloniki

All images by Nicki Upstairs and used with permission

Photography serves many purposes for every individual, with each photographer having different stories to tell through their images. Like many who chose to pick up a camera, Thessaloniki-based photographer Nicki Upstairs has found that it’s a way for her to communicate thoughts, feelings, and concepts impossible to express in any other way. Her latest project, for example, makes use of surreal elements to tell the unknown stories inspired by locations around her hometown.

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François Ollivier Photographs Glitchy Installations to Represent “Memory Lapses”

All images by François Ollivier. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Memories of all kinds, sentiments, and intensities often make great subjects and inspirations for creative projects. But, what about those details our memory fails to faithfully recreate and remind us of? How do we convey them? This is the idea — and the challenge — behind the beautiful and aptly titled Memory Lapses by Montreal-based photographer François Ollivier.

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