Colin Anderson’s Stylish “Mission to Mars” Turns Up the Cool Factor

All images by Colin Anderson. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Now, more than ever, the fascinating realms of science fiction, particularly space travel, have become fertile grounds of inspiration for creatives outside filmmaking. A number of our previously-featured photographers and their imaginative projects certainly prove this. We’ve seen them take us to landscapes both alien and familiar, parallel universes, and intriguing characters donning space suits as they navigate around these uncharted territories. The latest addition to our roster of space-themed projects is a series by Melbourne-based Colin Anderson, who crafts a stylish imagining of the next generation of space travelers on course for Mars.

In the not-so-distant future, mankind may finally be on the way to the Red Planet, and there will be a lot of buzz about it. The travelers of this manned mission will be thrust into the limelight, and everyone will want to stay updated about their bold conquest. Colin’s Mission to Mars imagines this point in our history as a space-faring species through a rather fashion-centric approach, complete with glamour and lifestyle shots of the astronauts in stylish space gear.

With a look and mood inspired by both modern and retro elements, Colin’s vision of a Mission to Mars is as creative and eye-catching as sci-fi-inspired photography projects can get. Space fashion evidently takes a big chunk of his visual style here, doing away with the chunky, unflattering space suits we’re more familiar with. Even the backgrounds and the settings are gorgeous — it’s interesting to see an unassuming (and rather questionable-looking, if I have to be honest) spaceship housing elegant control panels. But, I digress.

Mission to Mars is nevertheless a beautiful take on the journey from start to finish, and a great display of Colin’s narrative-driven conceptual composites. I’m sure I’m not the only one hoping he’s already working on the next part of this mission. I’m really curious about how he will tackle possible topics like terraforming and building a colony on the Red Planet.

Don’t forget to check out Colin Anderson’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of his amazing conceptual works.