How Photographer Michelle Watt Makes Photos You’ll Love to Explore

“I think my conceptual frameworks usually come from something very personal, like working out past traumas,” says photographer Michelle Watt to the Phoblographer about how she gets her ideas. “…I’m constantly curious about how people use visuals to express what they express.” Staring into Michelle’s work is synonymous to staring into the soul of a complex human being. It has layers, skin, and its own wardrobe on top of it. And in that way, Michelle’s work is captivating and endlessly fascinating.

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Sofia Monzerratt Shows Generational Split in Beautiful Conceptual Photos

“In a way, I could say that my photographic identity would be ‘the messenger,’ always eager to capture the meaning and the soul of whatever is in front of the camera,” explains photographer Sofia Monzerratt. She’s a professional filmmaker, but also shoots as a photographer. In fact, she does something that’s pretty rare. Not only is Sofia a street photographer, but she’s also a fine-art photographer. This is a rare blend of both being a creator and a documenter. In her project, Generations, she tackles the idea of everyone trying to fit into society in a very creative way.

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Anna Laza Creates Beautiful Metaphysical Body Landscapes

“…this project is homage to my grandmother who wasn’t into art, but taught me love and being attentive to others,” says photographer Anna Laza to The Phoblographer in an interview. “She was a doctor in a small village of Romania and had a talent for feeling the body and its needs. There’re more meanings in my photography, which I let the viewers read themselves.” Anna’s work is prime conceptual photography. This is a creative project that moves beyond simply capturing a scene. It catapults itself into the surreal and develops a symbiotic relationship within a sea of emotions and feelings. 

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Photographer Brett Stanley Makes Beautiful Magic Happen Underwater

“Props like couches are weighted down to make them sink, but they can be a pain in the ass – with one mattress needing almost 100 pounds before it started to sink,” says photographer Brett Stanley to us in an interview. “Most of the time I’m gutting furniture to remove all the foam and float stuff to make it easier – but they also tend to leach loads of dirt and color into the water as well, so by the time the set is dressed the water can be pretty murky.” Brett’s work was featured on our site before with his friend Christina Ren. And where most others might sit and composite all day, Brett works to build the sets himself for his surreal photos.

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Escaping Emotional Reality Helps Rosie Hardy Create Better Self-Portraits

“Times are changing and we have to change with them,” says UK-based photographer Rosie Hardy about the changing pace and formats of how photography grow online. She’s enjoyed considerable success with her photography, having gone viral multiple times via her work on Flickr. That has translated into commercial projects with high-profile brand names and celebrities in the years that followed. The fame hasn’t changed her as a person though; she’s still grounded in reality. But her surreal images transport the viewer to an otherworldly setting, which is often a candid representation of her emotions.

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Adeolu Osibodu Finds Reflecting on His Thoughts Creates Better Images

“I feel immense gratitude and a stronger belief in making work that’s true to one’s self,” says Nigerian photographer Adeolu Osibodu. If you take a look at each of his images, you find there’s a deeper meaning behind them. That’s not by accident; he takes his time to create images from thoughts that arise during his daily life. Emotions turn into ideas that are transformed into his visually appealing and somewhat surreal portraits. And he hopes his work can eventually lead to a positive portrayal of his people and his country.

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Life’s Lessons Inspire Jovana Rikalo to Make These Photos

“I am very nervous when not taking photos,” says Serbian photographer Jovana Rikalo in regard to how much photography is ingrained in her existence. She enjoys telling visual stories with her photographs, constructed out of emotional thoughts and moments from her life. Every moment has potential for inspiration for this creative thinker who seeks ideas from just about everything possible. Drawing on a plethora of concepts to produce a single visual interpretation isn’t uncommon for Jovana, and she breaks down some of her photos in an interview with us.

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How Ivan Tsupka Shot These Striking, Ghostly Photos

All images by Ivan Tsupka. Used with permission.

“…you’re right, the market needs it rarely,” says photographer Ivan Tsupka to us in an interview. Ivan shoots fashion these days, but we’ve featured Ivan’s work before. A series you folks really loved is his Construction series. But his experimental portraits are unlike anything else. While Ivan’s work has changed due to the market, his more experimental side is what truly fascinates us. And if anything, it makes us wonder why modern fashion photography isn’t more experimental.

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Lana Eileen Conveys the Language of Water Through Stunning Images

All images by Lana Eileen. Used with permission.

My name is Lana Eileen. I am a visual artist, musician, and photographer currently based on the island of Tasmania, Australia.  My work as a photographer seeks to capture a sense of ethereality, combining reality and fantasy to create scenes laced with the heightened quality of magic realism.  I approach each photograph like an art piece.  Though I favor the grainy quality of vintage film cameras, I also use a Canon 5D MK III and Canon 600D.  I only use natural light.

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Gundula Blumi Achieves This Stunning, Surreal Look Without Photoshop

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“Sometimes it feels like something in me is taking the pictures and not really myself,” expresses photographer Gundula Blumi to us in an interview. “…I use photography to put my impressions and emotions from everyday life in order.” Gundula is based in Berlin and does several positively fantastic images. When we found them, they were unlike anything we’ve seen before. Gundula uses the analog format to get her photos, and she connects her creativity to her emotions.

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How Photographer Steven Gindler Makes Jaws Drop With No Photoshop

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“I grew up in the 90s being exposed to Japanese anime thanks to Toonami, and this sparked my first creative interest; illustrations,” says photographer Steven Gindler to us in an interview. “My family is full of strict conservative immigrants who are all computer programmers, and I was set to follow suit. All left-brained people, with myself as the black sheep.” Steven’s tale is one that many of us find ourselves in. And though he’s the black sheep, his creativity has flourished. His ideas and the orchestration are ones that we rarely see. Yet, we’re drawn to them and his incredibly deep story.

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Clayton Arnall: A Conceptual Photographer Who Makes in-Camera Magic

All images by Clayton Arnall. Used with permission. Check out his Instagram and website.

“…as time’s gone on, I’ve become more comfortable putting people into the positions I want to see,” photographer Clayton Arnall relates to us. “I tend to do most things in-camera, yes.” Clayton is a Kelowna, BC-based creative who shoots video and stills. Much of how he creates comes from his cinematic background and an ability to be in-tune with the moods of others around him. This makes him a photographer who is mostly about getting it right in camera despite admitting to using Lightroom and Photoshop a lot. But more importantly, Clayton says his work is about the people he works with and his own unique, creative vision. Oh, and he finds Instagram difficult.

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Milad Safabakhsh: Tracing Human Presence on Earth with “Erde” Series

All images by Milad Safabakhsh. Used with permission.

Humans have populated the Earth so heavily that it’s easy to find traces of human activity in virtually every corner of the world. Sometimes these manifestations are harmless, but many times they bring serious repercussions for the planet. For Iranian fine art photographer Milad Safabakhsh, one way to interpret this is to look for traces of human presence in their simplest or most subtle forms. With this in mind, he embarked on a journey to put together Erde, an ongoing, long-term body of work that highlights the effects and presence of humans on Earth. The series was derived from the etymology of the word “Earth”, which came from both English and German words, ‘eor(th)e/ertha’ and ‘erde’, respectively, which translate to “ground.”

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Mark Turtoo Creates Haunting Visual Stories of Loneliness and the Human Psyche

All images and text by Mark Turtoo. Used with permission.

I’m a visual artist, a photographer, and storyteller infusing life into the stories that populate my head. Constantly exploring new ways to create and always trying to implement new techniques and experiments in what I do, I have been mixing cinema with my images for a very long time now, to the point where it can be considered an essential part of my style. Continue reading…

Colin Anderson’s Stylish “Mission to Mars” Turns Up the Cool Factor

All images by Colin Anderson. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Now, more than ever, the fascinating realms of science fiction, particularly space travel, have become fertile grounds of inspiration for creatives outside filmmaking. A number of our previously-featured photographers and their imaginative projects certainly prove this. We’ve seen them take us to landscapes both alien and familiar, parallel universes, and intriguing characters donning space suits as they navigate around these uncharted territories. The latest addition to our roster of space-themed projects is a series by Melbourne-based Colin Anderson, who crafts a stylish imagining of the next generation of space travelers on course for Mars.

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Karen Jerzyk Crafts Surreal Visual Tales of “Faceless” People

All images by Karen Jerzyk. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Conceptual photography is certainly one of the most intriguing and challenging photography genres to get into and pull off. Still, that doesn’t stop some of the most creative minds from conjuring the most otherworldly imagery and translating them into narratives. Among our favorites are the works of Boston-based fine arts photographer Karen Jerzyk, the most recent of which is her Faceless series.

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Chris Clor Gives a Cinematic Look to His Harley Davidson Concept Work

All images by Chris Clor. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Conceptual photography is certainly one of the most challenging genres to get into. Not only do projects of this kind need to be eye-catching, but they also have a strong visual story or idea to portray. Among the works we’ve found outstanding of late is something by Chris Clor, a London-based photographer, retoucher, and CGI artist, who combines digital art and photography to create impressive conceptual projects and campaigns.

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Alexander Berdin-Lazursky’s Futuristic Fashion Shines in “Lamb of Future”

All images by Alexander Berdin-Lazursky. Used with Creative Commons permission.

With fantasy and futuristic elements among this year’s predicted creative trends, we have a lot of possibilities to look forward to in the photography world. New York-based Alexander Berdin-Lazursky is one of the photographers to watch out for if you’re interested in these trends, or simply want to see extraordinary concepts in fashion photography. His latest set of portraits, curiously titled Lamb of Future, is a fine example of how surreal his visions can be.

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Mika Suutari Imagines a Lonely Life for a Plague Doctor

All images by Mika Suutari. Used with the Creative Commons permission.

One of the strengths of conceptual photography is its appeal to the imagination through story-based imagery. In this day and age where everything has already been done, a concept doesn’t need to be something perplexing or completely unfamiliar. The most moving concept can also come from a distant past, as today’s featured photographs by Finland-based Mika Suutari demonstrate.

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