Tomorrow: Inside the Photographer’s Mind with Ira Block

DON’T FORGET: Sony Artisan and National Geographic Photographer Ira Block is our next big guest

Hey folks, just a reminder about tomorrow’s Inside the Photographer’s Mind event!

Photographer Ira Block has over 300,000 followers on Instagram–and part of it is obviously due to his fantastic work as a photographer over the years. A native New Yorker, one of his first big assignments took him to one of the coldest places in the world and put him among people with whom he didn’t even speak the same language. But there’s so much more to how Ira has evolved as a photographer and some of his personal experiences that he’d love to share with you. We’ll also be talking about his new book: Cuba Loves Baseball. Ira will be our next guest on Inside the Photographer’s Mind – part of our collaborative series with Adorama TV. You can catch us on April 18th at 5PM EST live on Facebook, or you can join us at the Adorama Event Space here in NYC.

A boy playing baseball near El Presidio Modelo Prison on La Isla de la Juventud, Cuba. This is where Castro and some of his men were held prisoner most from 1953 to 1955.

Ira Block is an internationally renowned photographer, teacher and lecturer who has produced over 30 stories for National Geographic Magazine. He has led National Geographic Photo Workshops, Expeditions and private workshops to Mongolia, Bhutan, Cuba and Tibet where students learn about culture and photographic vision. His documentary photography work is balanced by a stable of commercial clients for whom he shoots portraits and corporate branding.

Ira can best be described as a cultural documentary photographer. He uses his cameras and lights to document people around the world, recording changes in traditions and practices. The changes are most often gradual, which is why he returns to a location time after time after time, helping us see these changes and appreciate them through his eyes—and through social media.

Over 300,000 people currently follow him on Instagram. For Ira, this has become the new media for documentary photography.

He has had exhibitions around the world. As a Sony Artisan of Imagery, Ira is often called upon to comment and give critical feedback on the Sony products he uses to create his work. His latest book, Cuba Loves Baseball: A Photographic Journey, documents the culture of Cuba through its love for baseball and sports.

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