Inside the Photographer’s Mind: Ira Block

National Geographic Photographer and Sony Artisan Ira Block was our guest recently.

It was a pleasure speaking with Ira Block – a photographer who says he’s mastered both the creative side and documentary side of his craft at the moment due to his wanting to continually push himself forward and always create different images. Ira joined us in front of a live studio audience at the Adorama Event Space to discuss his background, how and why he creates, and to share a few key stories about his travels over the years. Ira also showcased lots of his new work in his book Cuba Loves Baseball: a Photographic Journey.

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Inside the Photographer’s Mind: Brooke DiDonato’s Surreal Photography

Photographer Brooke DiDonato talked to us about how she scored gigs with the likes of Huawei and more

Photographer Brooke DiDonato was the guest of our latest episode of Inside the Photographer’s Mind, now located on Adorama’s Facebook page. Her work mostly focuses on the surreal and she finds ways to make people really think about the images they’re seeing. When you look at Brooke’s photos, you tend to notice a sense of the whimsical in them. Even better, Brooke does these images without a lot of Photoshop. It’s a testament to her work as she originally started in photojournalism and then decided that she wanted to get into the more commercial and surreal side in order to be more expressive.

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Inside the Photographer’s Mind Episode 2: Charlie Naebeck

Photographer Charlie Naebeck was on the latest episode of Inside the Photographer’s Mind

For our second episode of Inside the Photographer’s Mind, we interviewed Charlie Naebeck. Charlie is a photographer here in NYC, and also a teacher. What’s special about Charlie is the fact that he started out in street photography, then got into portraiture, and then got into conceptual work. How? Well, according to Charlie it had a whole lot to do with how he started in photography, evolved, and how he decided to collaborate with other people, especially dancers.

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Inside the Photographer’s Mind: Vivienne Gucwa

Lead photo by Vivienne Gucwa.

Yesterday we filed the pilot episode of our new Inside the Photographer’s Mind web show with Adorama TV. Inside the Photographer’s Mind takes the ideas we’ve presented in our interviews, and brings them even further into an in-person interview. Our tagline is “The Psychology of Photography” and so it only makes sense to get deeper into the psyche of how and why photographers create.

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