Photographing the Saturn V Rocket in a Totally Different Way

Zac Henderson calls our attention to the beautiful details of the mighty Saturn V rocket, one of the landmarks of humanity’s space-faring endeavors. 

We’ve featured a great deal of thought-provoking works on alien worlds and space exploration, but today, the spotlight shines on something closer to home. Five decades after the historic Apollo 11 Moon landing, the Saturn V rocket remains a stunning reminder of humanity’s astronomical achievements in engineering and space flight. Photographer and videographer Zac Henderson captures its beauty in detail in his remarkable abstract series.

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Colin Anderson’s Stylish “Mission to Mars” Turns Up the Cool Factor

All images by Colin Anderson. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Now, more than ever, the fascinating realms of science fiction, particularly space travel, have become fertile grounds of inspiration for creatives outside filmmaking. A number of our previously-featured photographers and their imaginative projects certainly prove this. We’ve seen them take us to landscapes both alien and familiar, parallel universes, and intriguing characters donning space suits as they navigate around these uncharted territories. The latest addition to our roster of space-themed projects is a series by Melbourne-based Colin Anderson, who crafts a stylish imagining of the next generation of space travelers on course for Mars.

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Reuben Wu Envisions Space Exploration Through North American Landscapes

All images by Reuben Wu. Used with Creative Commons permission.

While there’s no question that photography is a way for us to see things through another person’s eyes, acclaimed Chiacgo-based Reuben Wu never fails to take it up a notch. A fine example of the otherworldly landscape photography he has become known for is Lux Noctis, a series of photographs imagining the landscapes of North America as the setting of a surreal story inspired by exploring mysterious and undiscovered worlds.

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Mako Miyamoto’s Space Adventure Takes Us “Further West”

All images by Mako Miyamoto. Used with Creative Commons permission.

With space exploration currently making bigger and bigger leaps in technology and scope, it’s not surprising more and more creative minds are filling the gaps with their imagination. It’s interesting to see how conceptual photography has been picking up the pace, often borrowing themes, aesthetics, and story lines from some iconic space-themed science fiction flicks. Portland-based Mako Miyamoto brings us yet another interesting take on mankind’s quest to find the next alien lands to colonize.

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Ken Hermann Imagines the Story of a Spaceman’s Crash Landing

All images by Ken Hermann. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

Space exploration has been one of mankind’s biggest missions, and discovering Earth-like worlds has captured the imagination of many in the last two decades. If scientists and engineers have been responding to this with provisions for space travel, artists like Copenhagen-based photographer Ken Hermann have been turning to their creativity to imagine what it would be like if cosmic travelers find a world like Earth in the not-so-distant future.

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Maximilian Motel’s The Traveller is a Beautiful Ode to Space Exploration

All images by Maximilian Motel. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

Photo manipulations and composites can be sensitive topics for some photographers, yet it’s a common method used by many to realize their creative vision. Once in a while, we also come across projects of this nature that are simply praiseworthy works of art. The Traveller, a beautifully executed photo set by Berlin-based Maximillian Motel, is one such body of work that skillfully blends photography and digital art.

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