Joseph Ford Teams Up with Fellow Creatives for Clever “Knitted Camouflage”

All images by Joseph Ford. Used with permission.

The most stunning creative projects, whether commercial or personal, are often made out of partnerships or collaborations between artists and bright minds. Case in point is today’s featured collection of clever portraits by London-based advertising photographer Joseph Ford. If you’re stuck in a rut and looking to be inspired for your next personal photography project, you definitely should check these out!

Even for his commercial photo shoots and editorial images for major clients and magazines, Joseph has one mantra for his what he does: “storytelling with a side order of off-beat creativity.”  So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that his personal projects are brimming with bright approaches and perspectives. Knitted Camouflage from earlier this year is definitely one of these, made possible through his collaboration with two equally talented creatives.

For this series of portraits, Joseph had knitter Nina Dodd create custom hand-knit sweaters that enabled models to blend into urban backgrounds. “All the clothes are real,” Joseph stresses, in case there’s any shred of doubt from viewers. He also worked with Swiss-born graffiti artist Thoma Vuille, also known as Monsieur Chat. He did not only paint a bright M Chat mural on the wall of a dilapidated hangar but also sported a “camouflage” sweater to blend with his graffiti.

Joseph blogged about the collaboration with Monsieur Chat and filmed a timelapse video of the graffiti artist at work with the M Chat mural:

As we can imagine, such an ingenious project involves a number of challenges. Everything requires careful planning, from the locations to the patterns to reproduce on the knitted sweaters. The camouflage effect is also dependent on the scale of the patterns or designs and how they’re knitted. The models’ poses is another consideration into crafting the designs that the knitter would follow.

Do check out Joseph Ford’s website and Behance portfolio and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see the rest of his photography projects.