Charlotte Bories Creates the Most Beautiful Underwater Portraits (NSFW)

“…it was an opportunity for me to take the time to experiment with new things, a bit different, a bit crazy,” says French photographer Charlotte Bories in an interview with The Phoblographer. “It’s notably at that time that I started to mix the techniques, adding photo-manipulation and digital painting to my underwater shots.” Charlotte is an ND Award winner and a photographer that works on underwater portraiture. She’s draws inspiration from many places. But no matter what, her photos have something you’ll fall in love with every time you stare into them.

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Aaron Yeandle’s Fascinating Portraits Allowed Him to Explore

Covid was a new and invisible terror,” the photographer Aaron Yeandle remembers. “March 2020 was a very scary time, as we were just seeing and hearing about these mass deaths all over the world.” In Guernsey, where Yeandle is based, the first lockdown ran for 88 days, starting on March 24th. During that time, the artist and his wife, like many of us, were flooded with countless pictures of people in hazmat suits, watching from their apartment as the global death count rose. Masks became a part of their daily lives. 

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Bill Wadman’s Conceptual Photography Will Make Your Jaw Drop

All images by Bill Wadman. Used with permission.

“People, people, and people,” says Bill Wadman when asked why photography means so much to him. In fairness, it’s a question we could have answered ourselves just by looking at his portfolio. Although it’s varied, offering anything from straight-shooting to creative conceptual ideas, one thing remains at the center of it all: people. With a career spanning over 14 years, we were interested to know how the journey has been, and what his feelings are about photography in the current climate.

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Yum Tang Brings Conceptual Food Photography to the Namib Desert

All photos by Yum Tang. Used with permission.

When we speak of food photography, we envision scrumptious morsels shot in cozy locations. We are also seeing more meticulously styled dishes shot in the studio for out of the box approaches. Beijing-based visual designer and food photographer Yum Tang, however, brings an even more creative idea to the the table with her series, Food is doing surreal things in the desert. If you’re a fan of totally different kinds of photography coming together to create original works, we’re sure you’ll be amazed and inspired with this series.

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Creating the Photograph: Claudia Paul’s “Red on Red”

Creating the Photograph is an original series where photographers teach how they created an image with their lighting and minimal use of post-production. The series has a heavy emphasis on teaching how to light. Want to be featured? Here’s how you can submit.

Photographer Claudia Paul is a German-born, New York-based creative with over ten years of experience shooting editorial and commercial work. Her “Red on Red” concept is something she’s been developing for some time. For a bit of background on Claudia, she works frequently with Non-Profits and utilizes the power of strong imagery to help create positive change in the world. She lends her self-described ‘always personal’ approach to whatever the project might be with the goal of capturing authentic visuals. Claudia also runs a hands-on production company called Doppelganger Motion which focuses mostly on storytelling for small businesses and NGOs across the globe. She also recently joined the board of American Photographic Artists’ New York Chapter and is excited to strengthen the photo community and offer members crucial tools for growth.

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Chris Clor Imagines Jesus and His Disciples in the Modern World

All photos by Chris Clor. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If you’re into conceptual photography, you often have to keep an open mind and a playful imagination to come up with the best ideas for a project. A perfect case in point is London-based photographer, retoucher, and CGI artist Chris Clor. Clor came up with an interesting and humorous take on the imagined scenario of Jesus Christ and some of his disciples finding themselves in the modern world.

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Elizaveta Porodina’s Expressive and Conceptual Portraits Tell Stories

All photos by Elizaveta Porodina. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Apart from straightforward headshots and stylish fashion editorials, portrait photography has also been a potent tool for imparting emotive visual narratives and ideas. This is why we’re always on the lookout for photography inspiration that digs deeper into the human psyche. The latest of our favorites is a recent series by Elizaveta Porodina. Brimming with drama and expression, it’s a perfect example of how portraiture can be a vehicle for exploring the human mind, heart, and body.

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Obscura: Beautifully Puzzling Imagery of Surrealist Simon Hjortek

All images by Simon Hjortek. Used with Creative Commons permission.

There’s more to portrait photography than just straightforward headshots or studio portraits. As we’ve seen in many previously featured conceptual portrait works, it can also be used to tell stories. It’s always interesting to see what surrealists — or at least those who have an inclination for bizarre and peculiar imagery — can create out of portraiture. Another perfect case in point is a series by Swedish fine art photographer and filmmaker Simon Hjortek, which features a strange combination of elements to produce a visual narrative that challenges the viewer’s perception and imagination.

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Seb Agnew Explores the Line Between Childhood and Adulthood

All photos by Seb Agnew. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Childhood is one of the most fascinating topics to explore through conceptual photography, as evidenced by many of the projects we featured. Joining our roster of favorite bodies of work on childhood is a thought-provoking portrait series by Hamburg-based photo artist and fine art photographer Seb Agnew, whose interest in the subject was sparked by a question: “What becomes of early dreams, hopes, and fears once we grow up?”

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Slava Semeniuta Explores Light and Darkness Through “Splitting” Portraits

All photos by Slava Semeniuta. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Russian artist and photographer Slava Semeniuta has been one of our go-to creatives when it comes to imagery dripping in vibrant and surreal colors. His latest portrait series is no exception. Titled Splitting, this body of work is a great example of creative use of lighting for emotive and clever portrait photography. If you’re looking for experimental visuals for your next portrait work, we’re sure you’ll pick up some ideas and inspiration from this series!

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Dean Bradshaw Celebrates Weekend Warriors in “Golden Years” Portraits

All photos by Dean Bradshaw. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The last time we put the spotlight on the work of Los Angeles-based photographer and director Dean Bradshaw he opened our eyes to the interesting and imaginative world of the real-life superhero subculture. In this clever project, however, he wanted to bring our attention to the playful concept of weekend warriors past their prime who still lead active lifestyles. Fine art photographers looking to add humor to their conceptual work will do well to learn from this body of work!

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Lubo Sergeev Reimagines the Hajduks in a Conceptual Portrait Series

All images by Lubo Sergeev. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Conceptual photography comes with many sub-genres, with conceptual portraits among the most popular — and certainly one of our favorites. Today, we look at a beautiful project that should easily impress and give ideas to aspiring and practicing conceptual portraitists. Bulgarian photographer and digital artist Lubo Sergeev may specialize in advertising photography, commercial image production, and high-end photo manipulation, but he also has a number of projects that are inspired by and rooted in history and art.

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Sebastian Magnani Imagines the Less Heroic Daily Life of Batman

All images by Sebastian Magnani. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We’re all familiar with Batman as a bat-inspired figure of justice that sets to work at night. But surely, we’ve all wondered at some point, what if he doesn’t shed off his superhero identity to become Bruce Wayne and goes on with his days as the Caped Crusader? To our rescue comes Zurich-based photographer and conceptual artist Sebastian Magnani with his awesome series aptly called Daily Batman.

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Keren Stanley: Of Surreal Photography and Alternate Worlds

All images by Keren Stanley. Used with permission.

Here in The Phoblographer, we put the spotlight on a lot of impressive conceptual portraits, especially those with a touch of the otherworldly. The latest of these are by Keren Stanley, a self-taught  fine art and conceptual photographer who builds alternate worlds rooted in reality. Today, let’s join her explorations of beauty and pain, addictions, and the transient nature of identity through surreal photography.

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Thomas Oscar Miles Creates Stunning Worlds Out of Beauty and Darkness

All images and text by Thomas Oscar Miles. Used with permission.

I am Thomas Oscar Miles, a Fine Art / Fairytale Photographer based in the West Midlands, UK. I juxtapose beauty and darkness, showing how they can work with and against each other in a world filled with magic and wonder. I began by taking self-portraits in local woodlands, but began to grow the confidence to shoot with models, a make-up artist, and designers to help bring my stories to life in ways I couldn’t do alone.

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Mark Turtoo Creates Haunting Visual Stories of Loneliness and the Human Psyche

All images and text by Mark Turtoo. Used with permission.

I’m a visual artist, a photographer, and storyteller infusing life into the stories that populate my head. Constantly exploring new ways to create and always trying to implement new techniques and experiments in what I do, I have been mixing cinema with my images for a very long time now, to the point where it can be considered an essential part of my style. Continue reading…

“Carbonated Ocean” Photos Raise Awareness for Climate Change’s Lesser Known Evil Twin

Striking conceptual photography is once again a major component of Christine Ren’s latest conservation campaign, called Carbonated Ocean

Last time we were in touch with performer, filmmaker, and underwater “artivist” Christine Ren, we had an insightful discussion about her (then) project about ghost fishing titled Silent Killers. Now, she’s back with a new website and another evocative project centered on marine conservation. This time, she zeroes in on climate change’s lesser known evil twin, ocean acidification.

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Karen Jerzyk Crafts Surreal Visual Tales of “Faceless” People

All images by Karen Jerzyk. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Conceptual photography is certainly one of the most intriguing and challenging photography genres to get into and pull off. Still, that doesn’t stop some of the most creative minds from conjuring the most otherworldly imagery and translating them into narratives. Among our favorites are the works of Boston-based fine arts photographer Karen Jerzyk, the most recent of which is her Faceless series.

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Joseph Ford Teams Up with Fellow Creatives for Clever “Knitted Camouflage”

All images by Joseph Ford. Used with permission.

The most stunning creative projects, whether commercial or personal, are often made out of partnerships or collaborations between artists and bright minds. Case in point is today’s featured collection of clever portraits by London-based advertising photographer Joseph Ford. If you’re stuck in a rut and looking to be inspired for your next personal photography project, you definitely should check these out!

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Nicki Upstairs Takes Us Around a Surreal, Unseen Thessaloniki

All images by Nicki Upstairs and used with permission

Photography serves many purposes for every individual, with each photographer having different stories to tell through their images. Like many who chose to pick up a camera, Thessaloniki-based photographer Nicki Upstairs has found that it’s a way for her to communicate thoughts, feelings, and concepts impossible to express in any other way. Her latest project, for example, makes use of surreal elements to tell the unknown stories inspired by locations around her hometown.

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“Character Conceptual” Studies Imaginary People in Everyday Situations

Character Conceptual images by Kremer Johnson Photography. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Need some inspiration for portrait photography or visual storytelling? If we were to sum up what makes the duo behind Kremson Johnson Photography worth following, it’s their knack for creating characters with unique stories to tell. A lot of their projects show this, but for those who are just discovering their works, we think their set called Character Conceptual makes a great primer.

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