Sebastian Magnani Imagines the Less Heroic Daily Life of Batman

All images by Sebastian Magnani. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We’re all familiar with Batman as a bat-inspired figure of justice that sets to work at night. But surely, we’ve all wondered at some point, what if he doesn’t shed off his superhero identity to become Bruce Wayne and goes on with his days as the Caped Crusader? To our rescue comes Zurich-based photographer and conceptual artist Sebastian Magnani with his awesome series aptly called Daily Batman.

“Trapped in his everyday commitment to justice, Batman also needs time between that, even if it’s only for a short time. Just to have the feeling of a normal life next to his work, which takes him completely – just be human,” Magnani wrote on his project description. Indeed, many scenes he imagines are as normal and as human and Batman can get: reading the morning paper, chilling with a cigar or a drink, working out, and doing his daily surveillance atop a pile of crates, among other things.

What’s most interesting here is his interpretation of Batman as leading normal life as a human, but not as Bruce Wayne. By doing away with the alter-ego and presenting Batman as himself in everyday situations, our featured photographer here has effectively brought a subtle yet brilliant humor to a character you’d least expect.

The next striking element is the vibrant color palette of the set, achieved with the help of Krakow and London-based post-production studio House of Retouching. It’s an interesting choice of colors, which create a mood that is both nostalgic and modern. Most of all, it’s a big departure from the color scheme and mood typical of Batman.

In a nutshell, Daily Batman definitely has a spot in our favorite conceptual photography sets.

Do check out Sebastian Magnani’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of his work.