Chris Clor Imagines Jesus and His Disciples in the Modern World

All photos by Chris Clor. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If you’re into conceptual photography, you often have to keep an open mind and a playful imagination to come up with the best ideas for a project. A perfect case in point is London-based photographer, retoucher, and CGI artist Chris Clor. Clor came up with an interesting and humorous take on the imagined scenario of Jesus Christ and some of his disciples finding themselves in the modern world.

What would Jesus do? This is likely one of the ideas that ran in his mind when Clor was putting together the concept for this series. He described it as Jesus and his disciples being thrust into the modern era, doing some of the most human things to do: eating fast food (definitely alluding to the Last Supper), watching movies, shopping, and even going on road trips. (Although, don’t we all wish we can get on the road riding a cool, top-down car?) There are also some modern, highly-stylized portraits included in the series, which have this filtered look that Jesus and his disciples would post on Instagram. Why, now that we’re talking about the modern age, it’s highly likely they’ll be on the platform, of course. Might as well complete the idea of the concept!

This humorous take on conceptual photography is something we don’t always see, and thus offers a fresh and fearless approach to the genre. Tackling religion in conceptual art and photography is delving into tricky territory, and it’s easy for some to find offense in the tiniest detail. However, Disciples is also an invitation to re-imagine our perspectives on religion, and how we connect with anything that discusses it. In the case of Disciples, as Catholic dogma tells us that Jesus lived, served, and died to be one with humanity, the scenes depicted in the series are as human as it gets, given the context of the present time.

Visit Chris Clor’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of his work.