Chris Clor Imagines Jesus and His Disciples in the Modern World

All photos by Chris Clor. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If you’re into conceptual photography, you often have to keep an open mind and a playful imagination to come up with the best ideas for a project. A perfect case in point is London-based photographer, retoucher, and CGI artist Chris Clor. Clor came up with an interesting and humorous take on the imagined scenario of Jesus Christ and some of his disciples finding themselves in the modern world.

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Napoleon the Cat Is One of the Cutest Photo Projects Ever

Napoleon the Cat

Typically when an email about a cat project hits our inbox, we sigh. But when we saw what kind of images that his human Jesus wanted to create, we were absolutely awestruck. And so begins the story of Napoleon the Cat.

Napoleon is a cat that arrived on his door step that Jesus adopted. During a time of unemployment, he started taking casual photos to keep his creativity alive. But later on he got the idea to put the cat in ridiculous and awesome situations. With that said more gear, a green screen, and lighting were invested in to create the scenes that were in Jesus’s mind. What Jesus also discovered is that his new cat had a very expressive face. So to get certain expressions, he needed to put the cat in certain situations. Napoleon is still a kitten and so he gets his naps, meals and arguably better treatment than some people. But the result is some pretty zany images.

Jesus and his assistant took the images and turned them into a calendar and post cards on high quality photo paper. But now, Napoleon and his human have taken to IndieGoGo to get funding to create more calendars. The goal? $3000.

There are obviously different levels at which you can donate–with $10 getting you a digital edition of the calendar. But even more hilarious is the $3,500 contribution in which Jesus offers to fly to your home and turn your pet into a star. However, that option will only work in Europe.

Check out the video and another photo after the jump.

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