Good News: The Canon EOS R5 Doesn’t Seem Needlessly Crippled

The cripple machine appears to have stopped as the Canon EOS R5 is going to be fully loaded with goodies!

There has been a ton of news recently about the upcoming Mirrorless Canon EOS R5. While we have all been super excited about the development announcements so far, we have all been sitting back waiting to hear that there would be some major comprises somewhere in the camera and its feature set. However, a new development announcement suggests that the cripple machine, which held back some Canon cameras in the past, has come to a halt. Join us after the break to learn about all of the incredible things the Canon EOS R5 will be able to do.

The development announcement from Canon, which hit in the early morning hours of March 13th, 2020, has put to rest speculation that the Canon EOS R5 wouldn’t have true 8K video recording without some kind of heavy crop or crippling. The new R5 will indeed use the whole sensor to capture 8K video, and it will use Canon’s superb Dual-Pixel autofocus system, which will be available to use in all 8K video modes. Now that’s seriously impressive!

Canon EOS R5

Not only will the Canon EOS R5 be able to capture 8K video, but it will also feature a new advanced AF system that will be capable of animal detection. The new advanced AF technology will help users steadily track animals such as dogs, cats, and birds by detecting the body, face, or eye of the subject, helping to ensure fast and accurate capture of quick-moving objects. Couple this with the specs that we already know about like 20 frames per second burst rates, and the fact that the EOS R5 will have IBIS, and you can begin to see that this camera means serious business. Sony’s A9 II and a7r IV had better watch their backs.

Has Canon finally realized that to compete in the ultra-competitive camera market they simply cannot omit key features or cripple their cameras anymore? It certainly seems like it, and this is something that we are incredibly pleased about. Over the past five years or so, it has appeared that Canon was holding back features that would have taken their cameras over the top, especially when it comes to video features. The decisions were probably made so that they could protect their dedicated video camera lineup, but with the Canon EOS R5, this all seems to be changing, and this is nothing but great news for us as photographers, videographers and consumers.

There is still so much more to learn about the Canon EOS R5, but it appears that Canon will be letting slip new features along the way to the official launch announcement so that we can be kept on our toes. There is still no official word on pricing or a potential release date, but the EOS R5 should be making waves sometime this summer. We will keep you updated with more development announcements as we get them.

Brett Day

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