Canon EOS R3 Teases Remarkable AF. But What About the Sensor?

Canon is being a tease — the company just shared their second peek on what features the upcoming EOS R3 will offer.

The upcoming Canon EOS R3 will be able to focus in the moonlight, maybe even without a tripod. That’s what the latest specs on the still-under development camera seem to suggest. Canon teased a handful of new details on the upcoming Canon EOS R3. It’s a high-end mirrorless that mixes the R5 and 1D X Mark III DSLR features. The key details coming from today’s announcement shed light on the camera’s autofocus and image stabilization system, but raise questions about who exactly is making the camera’s sensor.

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A Lens Patent Could Be the First Hint of a New Canon Fixed Lens Camera

It has been a long minute since Canon released a fixed lens camera; we’re hoping it’s a new G1 X.

Over the last few years, fixed lens cameras have become one of the hottest camera segments once again. Spurred on by cameras like the Fujifilm X100F, X100V, and even cameras like the Leica Q2, sales have been excellent. Canon produces excellent fixed lens cameras. However, as the title suggests, it has been a while (three years) since their last one. However, that might be about to change. A patent for a zoom lens that will pair up with a fixed lens camera has just been filed by Canon. This is incredibly exciting to us. What could it be, though? Let’s talk about this after the break.

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A New Canon EOS Rebel R That’s Cheaper Than the RP Could Hit In 2021

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After a slow start to life in the Mirrorless world, Canon is now almost at full steam. Along with launches of some spectacular lenses, we have seen the brilliant Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6 hit the streets. There’s even speculation that we might see a high-resolution (90+ Megapixel) Canon body early next year. Hot on the trails of that news comes word of a potential return to the Rebel series of cameras. A new Canon EOS Rebel R that’s cheaper than the current EOS RP (it’s just $999) might just kickstart the faltering camera market. Let’s talk about this after the break.

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Canon’s EOS R5S Needs to Be Something Very Special

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Canon used to be the king of high megapixel cameras. Team Canon wowed photographers the world over when they released both the Canon EOS 5DS and the 5DSR. These 50.4 Megapixel cameras were way ahead of their time. The amount of detail they could capture was unmatched. Still, Sony has since taken the Full-Frame crown when it comes to high megapixel sensors. The 61.2 Megapixel sensor in the Sony a7r IV is currently the pound-for-pound Full-Frame resolution king. However, this may change in the not too distant future. New reports of a high-resolution camera, the Canon EOS R5S, have surfaced. Find out all the juicy details about it, and see what we think it needs to feature to be successful after the break.

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Canon EOS R7: Do We Need a New RF Mount APS-C Camera?

canon aps-c cameras

If noise about a new Canon EOS R7 turns out to be real, the days of Canon EF-M cameras might be limited.

Over the last two years, we have seen Canon grow their presence in the Mirrorless space. Full-Frame RF Mount cameras have come on in leaps and bounds, and many have re-joined the Canon fold. One area that Canon really needs to work on, though, is streamlining its offerings. Currently, Canon’s Mirrorless cameras are spread across two different mounts; EF-M and RF. This is incredibly confusing to consumers, especially as EF-M cameras offer no clear upgrade path to the newer RF mount. So, it comes as no surprise that there’s some noise about a potential Canon EOS R7. To me, this model number suggests it could be a Mirrorless replacement for the aging Canon 7D series, and honestly, this is what it needs to be. Let’s talk about this after the break.

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Is the Canon EOS R5s a Camera for Real Photographers?

Just make sure you market the Canon EOS R5s for photography and not video, Canon.

2020 has been a year of ups and downs for Canon and their fans. We have been graced with two fine cameras, the EOS R6 and the EOS R5. Unfortunately, Canon’s marketing efforts harmed the excellent EOS R5. Canon pushed the EOS R5 as a camera for hybrid creators (with a massive emphasis on video rather than photography), and it backfired. Still, news about a 90 Megapixel Canon EOS R5s behemoth has surfaced, and if true, this could be the camera Canon photographers start having naughty dreams about. Let’s talk about this after the break.

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Canon’s New Workhorse Camera: The Canon EOS R6 Review

The Canon EOS R6 attempts to reclaim the workhorse camera throne from Sony, and it has more than a fighting chance of winning.

The Canon EOS R6 has been living in the shadow of its bigger brother, the EOS R5, ever since the two cameras were announced earlier this year. Aimed at working professionals, the Canon EOS R6 seems to be slightly underweight compared to its main rivals. Still, this camera, which is powered by the same 20.1MP sensor and DIGIC X processor found in the 1DX III, has a lot of fight in it. Does the EOS R6 have enough about it to make the Sony a7 III, the Nikon Z6, and the Panasonic S1 throw in the towel? Find out in our full review.

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EOS R6: Handheld 6 Second Exposures Are Easy After RF Lens Updates

New firmware updates for some RF lenses will help you get more from the IBIS in the EOS R6.

There’s a lot of new tech in Canon’s latest Mirrorless cameras, and one of the most requested new features, the IBIS system, is being put through the wringer so that we can find out just how good it is. Like many others, we are doing IBIS tests with our EOS R6 review unit, and so far, we have seen some pretty good results. But, new firmware updates for some RF lenses promise to make the IBIS system even better. Instead of just breaking the news to you with a short news post, we decided to go one step further and put the IBIS system and some of the lenses with new firmware, which enables dual lens and body stabilization, to the test. Join us after the break to see sample images captured by utilizing the new IBIS system and the lens firmware updates.

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The R6 Could Be a Sleeper Camera: Canon EOS R6 First Impressions

A quick look at the new Canon EOS R6, the company’s latest entry-level Full Frame Mirrorless camera

There has been a lot of hype around two new Canon cameras, and as expected, the EOS R5 has stolen the spotlight, but many want to know more about its baby brother, the Canon EOS R6. The Full Frame Canon EOS R6 with its 20.1MP sensor, new IBIS and autofocus systems, and 4K recording options is aiming to take on the Sony a7 III, the Nikon Z6, and the Panasonic S1. On paper, the Canon EOS R6 will give them all a run for their money. I recently received our review unit from Canon and have started testing the camera, but before we wrap up our full review, we wanted to share our first impressions. Grab a chair, your favorite beverage, get comfy, check out what we have to say and look at plenty of our first sample images after the break.

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Canon Closes the Telephoto Lens Gap with Several New RF Mount Lenses

The library of Canon RF mount Lenses is becoming more robust, especially in the telephoto section.

Along with the announcement of the highly anticipated Canon EOS R5 and the EOS R6, Canon also announced a slew of new lenses today as well. Joining the ranks of Canon RF mount lenses will be three new telephoto prime lenses and a telephoto zoom lens that will delight birders and wildlife photographers. With these new lenses, Canon has significantly closed the gap between themselves and Sony in this segment. After the break will take a quick look at the new Canon RF mount lenses and how the RF mount now stacks up against offerings from Sony.

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Here’s Why You’re Not Going to Want the Canon EOS R6

When comparing the Canon EOS R6 to its main rivals, there’s nothing that makes it stand out, especially not for $2,499.

Over the last couple of months, the amount of noise about the new Canon EOS R5 has been almost deafening, but when it comes to the Canon EOS R6, the noise hasn’t been quite as loud, and now we know why. The Canon EOS R6, which was announced today alongside its bigger brother, the EOS R5, and a bevy of new lenses, is an odd one. The spiritual successor to Canon’s 6D DSLR line comes in with a whopping price tag of $2,499 and specs that aren’t exactly awe-inspiring (a 20mp sensor for instance). Let’s talk about it and break the specs down a little more after the break.

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How the Canon EOS R5 Compares to the Sony a7r IV and Sony a9 II

The new kid on the block, the Canon EOS R5, will aim to take on two of Sony’s titans, but does it have enough about it?

Finally, after months of speculation, the Canon EOS R5 has officially been announced. While Canon had let all of us know about some of the key features of their new Mirrorless flagship, there were still some unknowns, but now, we can see that Canon has been aiming to kill two competing cameras with one stone. With an all-new 45MP sensor, killer video features, and a price that sticks it right in-between the Sony a9 II and the a7r IV, the Canon EOS R5 is going to be one heck of a camera. Take a closer look at it after the break.

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Opinion: The 6 Ways Canon Can Win the Mirrorless Race

Canon will have to really up their game if they want to overtake Sony and win the Mirrorless race.

Come with me on a journey to 2012. Things were going fantastically well for Canon. They were riding high thanks to the success of the Canon 5D II, the 5D III had just hit the streets, and it too was a roaring success. Canon had the camera market under their thumb, and they looked untouchable. Nikon was doing well, but even their cameras, as strong as they were, just couldn’t keep up. Canon reigned over the camera world until Sony lit the base of their throne on fire in 2014 with the release of the Sony a7. After this release, the rest, as they say, is history. Thanks to constant innovation, Sony surged ahead in the camera market, leaving Canon in its wake. So, here we are six years later, and Canon is now starting to mount their assault, but what will it take to get ahead in the Mirrorless race? Let’s talk about this after the break.

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Good News: The Canon EOS R5 Doesn’t Seem Needlessly Crippled

The cripple machine appears to have stopped as the Canon EOS R5 is going to be fully loaded with goodies!

There has been a ton of news recently about the upcoming Mirrorless Canon EOS R5. While we have all been super excited about the development announcements so far, we have all been sitting back waiting to hear that there would be some major comprises somewhere in the camera and its feature set. However, a new development announcement suggests that the cripple machine, which held back some Canon cameras in the past, has come to a halt. Join us after the break to learn about all of the incredible things the Canon EOS R5 will be able to do.

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Op ED: The Canon EOS R5 Will Be What the 5D Series Was to DSLRs

The Canon EOS R5 is shaping up to be one of the greatest cameras Canon has released in a very long time.

The Canon EOS R5 is one of, if not the, most highly anticipated camera of 2020. We’ve been wowed with the specs Canon has disclosed so far, and drooled over the EOS R5 images Canon released. As a fan of photography, it is hard not to get excited about Canon’s new pro-body camera. Now, more images of Canon’s next big thing have hit the web, and it makes us even more excited for the camera that could shake up the Mirrorless camera market. Could the EOS R5 do for Mirrorless cameras what the 5D series done for DSLRs? Let’s talk about this after the break.

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The Canon EOS R5 Is Real: Dual Card Slots, IBIS, and 20fps

Hold on to your seat because the reported specs of the Canon EOS R5 are quite special.

Can you hear that? That’s the sound of Sony, Nikon, and every other camera manufacturer shaking in their shutters. We have been hearing about a potential new Canon Mirrorless camera for a while now, and tonight, we share that the Canon EOS R5 is, in fact, real, thanks to a development announcement. We also confirm that it is packing some serious specs. Join us after the break to find out all the juicy details.

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Why the High Res Canon EOS R Needs to Be the Stuff of Legends

Canon EOS R

If Canon wants to win back the trust of their faithful, the next Canon EOS R camera needs to be something special.

We all know Canon needs to produce something special when it comes to their next Mirrorless camera; they are falling so far behind the competition. The Canon EOS R was already outdated when it launched in October of 2018. The Canon EOS R was using a four-year-old sensor, it only had one card slot, and its video features were severely crippled. It’s a good camera, but not a great one. For Canon to get back to their glory days, they need to show the world what they are capable of. And if recent speculation about the specs of their Next EOS R camera is correct, they may have something special on their hands. Find out more about what might be in store for Canon fans after the break. Continue reading…

Sigma’s Potential RF Mount Lenses Deserve Better Canon Cameras

Canon needs to up their camera game. Otherwise, there will be tons of quality RF mount lenses with cameras that can’t make the most of them.

It seems to have taken a while for Sigma to say they will be supporting Canon in their Mirrorless adventure. Usually, Sigma is the first to announce their intent when a new system hits the market, but perhaps they have been waiting to see just how serious Canon is about the new platform. Canon has signaled their intent by releasing some of the most beautiful lenses around, but their camera game sucks. Perhaps Sigma knows something we don’t as they apparently have a roadmap for RF mount lenses in 2020. Let’s talk about this after the break. Continue reading…