A New Canon EOS Rebel R That’s Cheaper Than the RP Could Hit In 2021

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After a slow start to life in the Mirrorless world, Canon is now almost at full steam. Along with launches of some spectacular lenses, we have seen the brilliant Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6 hit the streets. There’s even speculation that we might see a high-resolution (90+ Megapixel) Canon body early next year. Hot on the trails of that news comes word of a potential return to the Rebel series of cameras. A new Canon EOS Rebel R that’s cheaper than the current EOS RP (it’s just $999) might just kickstart the faltering camera market. Let’s talk about this after the break.

A post that recently went live on Mirrorless Rumors talks about Canon’s potential camera roadmap in 2021. On the road map is the high-resolution EOS R5S that we talked about here. There’s also some noise being made about a Mirrorless version of the 1DX III, which makes sense seeing as the Olympics will be held in 2021. However, the possible appearance of a new Canon EOS Rebel R has me more excited than anything.

The Rebel series of cameras has always been about affordability. Still, despite their low price, Rebel cameras were always able to deliver a nice experience that the masses could afford. Any cameras that are priced low enough to entice new people to the art are A-Okay with me. This is apparently what we’ll be getting with the new Canon EOS Rebel R. Cameras like this have been sorely lacking, and the drop off in them has harmed the camera market. So, let’s look at what we think would make a Mirrorless Canon EOS Rebel R successful.

What We Want To See In The Mirrorless Canon EOS Rebel R

Canon EOS Rebel R

Let’s just talk about Canon’s EF-M line of cameras for a minute. Outside of Japan, M series cameras have never really caught on. It’s a shame because they are capable cameras. The problem is that marketing around them has been quite terrible. However, I have a feeling that in Europe and the States, if Canon had called them Rebel cameras, they would have been snapped up by a lot more people. This is simply because consumers knew what they were getting with the Rebel brand. I think it’s time for Canon to retire the M series of cameras, and they should be replaced with new RF Mount Rebel cameras. This just makes sense.

The Sensor and Image Processor

Canon EOS Rebel R

As mentioned above, some of the M series of cameras from Canon are quite good. The EOS M6 II is a great camera with a fantastic 32.5 Megapixel APS-C sensor. This is sensor should be repurposed and should be the heart of a new Canon EOS R Rebel. Yes, the new low-cost Rebel should be APS-C. These sensors are more than capable of producing images that will blow away the consumers and enthusiasts these entry-level cameras will be geared towards.

Not having to develop a new APS-C sensor will also help keep costs down. Using the processor found in the M6 II will also allow this entry-level Canon EOS Rebel R to have a fantastic autofocus system. Combined, the sensor and processor produced some of the best JPEGS we’ve seen out of any recent camera. In fact, every single image in our review was a JPEG. That’s how impressed we were with the image quality. This is what photographers who use Rebel cameras will care about. To me, it’s a no-brainer for Canon to go this route.

The Lens Mount

Canon EOS Rebel R

The new Canon EOS Rebel R should adopt the RF mount. Yes, Canon focused on premium Full-Frame lenses for a while. Now, though, there are some solid, affordable options out there, and more will follow. You can now get the excellent and affordable 24-105mm f4-7.1 STM. The RF 35mm f1.8, an RF 50mm f1.8, an 85mm f2, and an RF 24-240mm f4-6.3 IS USM lens. All of these lens options would pair perfectly with an entry-level Canon EOS Rebel R camera.

Yes, these lenses are all designed to be used with Full-Frame cameras. That won’t stop them from working on an APS-C body, though. It will also mean that should a consumer decide to upgrade to a Full-Frame Canon in the future, they won’t have to purchase new lenses. Still, let’s hope Canon doesn’t create confusion again by releasing RF-S APS-C specific lenses. Keep it simple, Canon.

Canon EOS Rebel R Camera Body and Other Features

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Another no brainer here would be to discontinue the bare bones EOS RP and use that camera body to house the new Canon EOS Rebel R. The Rebel will be the cheapest RF mount camera in the lineup. The EOS R could then become the entry-level Full Frame option at roughly $1,399 to compete with the Nikon Z5. Reusing the RP body will again cut down on development costs. In fact, all they’d have to change is the model branding sticker on the front. Just keep the same EVF and LCD. They’re more than good enough.

Canon, give the camera a higher capacity battery and a joystick for ease of use. A quick share button so that users can get their images from their cameras to their phones instantly will help too. Price it at $749 to compete with the quite excellent Sony a6100, and the Canon EOS Rebel R will sell like crazy. It will be nice to see Rebel branded cameras front and center again in camera shops and big-box stores.

What Do You Want To See In the Canon EOS Rebel R?

camera deals

We always value your opinion here at The Phoblographer. It’s the reason why we always want you to tell us what you want to see too. What do you want Canon to do with a new Mirrorless Rebel camera? Lets us know in the comment section below.

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