Domke Honors US Military Veterans with Limited Edition Camo Camera Bags

Domke encourages us to honor and show support for the US Military veterans with their limited edition camouflage camera bags.

Whether you’re still looking for the perfect camera bag to upgrade to, or just want to add another eye-catching yet functional piece to your collection, Domke’s new releases let you grab one while also paying tribute to the US Military veterans. The limited edition collection comes in the popular F2 and F-5XB models, with each sporting its own distinct camouflage design.

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Joseph Ford Teams Up with Fellow Creatives for Clever “Knitted Camouflage”

All images by Joseph Ford. Used with permission.

The most stunning creative projects, whether commercial or personal, are often made out of partnerships or collaborations between artists and bright minds. Case in point is today’s featured collection of clever portraits by London-based advertising photographer Joseph Ford. If you’re stuck in a rut and looking to be inspired for your next personal photography project, you definitely should check these out!

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