10 Incredible Tech Gift Ideas for the Mom Photographer

Ready to earn some major brownie points on Mother’s Day?

It is easy to forget the technical aspects involved in photography, be that the computer you are editing with, to the monitor you are displaying it on, and the hard drives that you are storing it all on. The point is, it’s easy to instantly jump to new cameras or lenses when it’s time to start thinking about gift ideas for the photographers in our lives. But often times, new tech could be a much more needed (and affordable in some ways) gift than a lens they may or may not need, or a camera they will have to learn.

Since Mother’s Day is coming up many of you are likely wondering what you should consider buying for the moms in your life. It’s ok, not everyone can plan for things weeks or months ahead of time. So, if you are in need of some last minute gift ideas, but want your gift to actually be useful, then maybe one of these tech gifts could be the one for you.

Tech gift ideas for your mom photographer

  • [amazon_textlink asin=’B0084FNAB4′ text=’ASUS PA248Q 24″ ProArt Monitor’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’0550cfa1-383e-11e8-884e-c7f127883507′] – Under $300
  • [amazon_textlink asin=’B0055MBQOW’ text=’X-Rite i1Display Pro’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’51cc4797-383e-11e8-b1c7-f1b524d27dba’] – Under $250
  • [amazon_textlink asin=’B01MRSRQLA’ text=’TerraMaster D2-310 External Storage RAID Enclosure’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’d5ce60dd-383e-11e8-86e0-2fba9d3cb409′] – Under $160
  • [amazon_textlink asin=’B01F5LVTO4′ text=’WD 2TB My Passport Wireless Pro’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’3fa78b92-383f-11e8-b77c-6952d37bbe8f’] – Under $150
  • [amazon_textlink asin=’B071YZJ1G1′ text=’Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’09bb1cfc-3840-11e8-803d-03935983e211′] – Under $100
  • [amazon_textlink asin=’B00PLENZX4′ text=’Lexar Professional 64GB 150MB/s SDXC UHS-II/U3 Card’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’92fb86c9-3840-11e8-8709-1fc7ff1cdcc7′] – Under $60
  • [amazon_textlink asin=’B073H552FK’ text=’Samsung T5 Portable SSD (250GB)’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’df2d7296-3840-11e8-8cde-ab43066273bd’] – Under $125
  • [amazon_textlink asin=’B074G4X7CL’ text=’Cable Matters Aluminum Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’563036e5-3841-11e8-857d-29b0f82d819c’] – Under $200
  • [amazon_textlink asin=’B01MQSR3SM’ text=’SanDisk Extreme PRO UHS-II SD Card Reader’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’c23430af-3841-11e8-92f9-7b7f3e9c3939′] – Under $30
  • [amazon_textlink asin=’B01CQOV3YO’ text=’DOSS Touch Wireless Bluetooth V4.0 Portable Speaker’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’5f1c7f49-3842-11e8-bf9a-47f2f503dbfc’] – Under $30

So there you have it, 10 excellent tech gift ideas for those of you who are shopping for a useful Mother’s Day gift for the Momtographers in your life. We have a good spread there too, everything from fun shoot accessories like a wireless bluetooth speaker to productivity gifts like the UHS-II Card Reader which will help her get her images imported much faster.

The point is, each of these gift ideas can impact the mothers in your life and their photography in ways that maybe you, nor she can really comprehend. Maybe you wold be saving her time, or improving the quality/accuracy of her color, or making the process of shooting or editing more fun through music.

So if a new camera or lens isn’t what you are wanting to do, consider one of these; or stay tuned for one of our other Mother’s Day gift inspiration guides.

Anthony Thurston

Anthony is a Portland, Oregon based Boudoir Photographer specializing in a dark, moody style that promotes female body positivity, empowerment, and sexuality. Besides The Phoblographer, he also reviews gear and produces his own educational content on his website.