Dear Photographers: You’re Doing Cheap Gigs Wrong

This post isn’t dedicated to the higher end tier of photographers at all, nor is it dedicated to those reaching for lower fruit; instead it’s for the photographers in the middle tier of things. You know, the ones who scoff at Craigslist gigs and cheap gigs below what they’re worth but don’t necessarily have the chops to work with really big brands. These are the photographers who won’t do “cheap weddings.” That’s not at all a defense of cheap weddings where they try to skimp out on a photographer of some sort. Nor is it a defense of cheap portrait gigs, cheap event gigs, etc. Instead it’s insight into how to adapt to the changing world of photography.

And more or less, it’s a secret. Are you ready?

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This Photographer is Looking For Others to Do Their Jobs for Free

How many of you do your jobs as photographers for free?

If you’ve ever been told you should be doing a job for free, then this is an absolutely special ad just for you. When you’re starting out, or even later on in your career, it’s not uncommon that someone may ask you to do a photography job for free. It’s also fairly common that folks will do it for free and will most of the time do nowhere near as good of a job as you would. And so this special ad recently shared on Writing on Writing’s Facebook wall will relate to photographers oh so much.

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Deaf-Blind Photographer Ian Treherne Shares His Inspiring Story

Screenshot image from the video by Wex Photo Video

Despite his deteriorating eyesight and hearing impairment, Ian Treherne from Rochford, Essex hasn’t let his condition stop him from being a photographer. In one of their episodes for More Than An Image, Wex Photographic shares the inspiring story of Ian, and how he interacts with the world though photography with his debilitating condition.

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Malibu: My Experience at an Instagram Influencer Party

All photos and words by Nathan Hostetter for the Phoblographer. Be sure to check out Nathan’s website and his Instagram.

Artists of all kinds go through periods of creative drought (you’re lying if you say you don’t), and lately, I have found myself in a bit of a dry-spell as well. While looking for a weekend distraction, a close friend of mine invited me to a “social media influencer party.” He said it just like that. I’m not naïve, I know what social influencers are, but I was not aware they held events, or threw parties. This was easily the “most LA” event I had ever been invited to. “Do I have to dress up?” “How fancy is it?” “Should I bring a jacket?” I really had no idea what to expect. I reluctantly accepted his invitation and we began the 40-minute journey from my place in Sherman Oaks, to the palace of followers and social influence on the cliffs of Malibu.

As we pulled up, the house appeared much smaller than I expected, until I saw the inside. The front door was wide open with no one manning it; anyone could’ve walked into the party and probably never be questioned. Once inside, what was once a quaint little beach house, opened up to reveal a 3-story mansion, each floor with massive ocean views. I must admit, it took me a second to acclimate myself. My friend, who had been there once before, gave me a quick tour of the two main floors. There seemed to be photo shoots going on in every corner of the house. Since I was still taking it all in, I didn’t think too much of this at first, but more on that later.

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The Definitive Step by Step Guide on How to Be a Photographer (A Real Photographer)

Every photographer needs to start somewhere. And one of the biggest things that people don’t understand is the answer to the question “What makes someone a photographer?” Technically, everyone is a photographer these days. But not everyone is a professional photographer. So with that in mind, consider that a professional photographer is one that makes at least 50% of their taxable income as a photographer and from selling images or selling their photographic services.

Now here’s how you do that.

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This Beautiful Minimalist Space in Japan is a Photographer’s Dream Home Studio

All images by Yoshihiro Asada and Norihito Yamauchi via Arch Daily

It’s been said all the time that there’s always something for everyone, and we believe we’ve found the perfect house for photographers. It’s designed to maximize natural light, has plenty of space for a home studio, and has a lot of picture-perfect corners. There’s just one catch: You’d have to fly to Japan to book a viewing at least. Which doesn’t sound so bad, actually, as Japan is known for being a paradise for photographers.

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Why a Manual Focus Lens Will Make You a Better Photographer

There’s a lot of articles out there about the pros and cons of using manual focus lenses for your photography, with everyone trying to explain what the benefits are to shooting in manual, and the theory that taking pictures with a manual lens heightens creativity. Great photographers for National Geographic, Time, Magnum, and many others are using not only manual focus lenses, but also film cameras. Cameras of 35mm, 6×6, or even large format cameras (for the most patient photographers) are still playing a major qualitative role among professionals in the era of Instagram and iPhone photography.

In the 1998 film Pecker, we see a young and talented photographer taking satirical pictures of his family, friends, and city. He steals film so he can take as many photos as he wants and is manually focusing his cheap ‘60s Canonet in no time. There’s a funny scene in the movie where Pecker receives a new, autofocus camera as a gift, but he contemptuously puts it aside.

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“No Cameras Allowed” to Showcase Unseen Rock Concert Photographs from the 80’s

Images from “No Cameras Allowed” Kickstarter Page

Concert goers and rock photography fans: here’s something right up your alley, especially if you’ve sneaked in some gear in one too many “no camera” concerts and emerged unscathed, with images intact to tell the tale. Writer, filmmaker, and author Julian David Stone seeks to publish a coffee table book of never-before-seen photos from his “career as an outlaw rock and roll photographer” in the 1980’s. He’s looking into getting it crowd-funded, if that’s a project you’re keen to support.

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