ATOLL Gives Your Valuable Lens a Precious Collar Ring

We’ve all done this: headed out to a fascinating outdoor location for sunset and shot some stunning photos in landscape orientation, using a sizeable ultra-wide lens. Then the thought pops up, “Hey, this would make a great photo in portrait mode too.” The problem is most amateur photographers don’t carry L-brackets. Your tripod ballhead isn’t always strong enough to hold the camera and a heavy lens in a vertical position inside the drop-notch. Try tightening every knob to the max, and you’ll still notice them giving way slowly during a long exposure. Taipei-based Silence Corner came out with a solution a couple of years ago. But their latest Kickstarter campaign for the ATOLL makes it easier and smoother to switch camera orientations easily. It’s sort of like a tripod collar ring for almost any lens.

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“Atomic Ed” Photo Book Tells About an Anti-Nuclear Activist and His “Black Hole” Shop

This interesting photo book about anti-nuclear activist Ed Grothus deserves your support — and a space on your bookshelf.

Heads up, photo book collectors and military history fans! We’ve spotted an interesting project you might want to check out and support on Kickstarter. There was once a unique military surplus store at the heart of Los Alamos in Northern New Mexico filled with all kinds of technologies, relics, and objects from the Los Alamos National Laboratory. A photo book titled Atomic Ed holds some stories about the intriguing shop as revealed by the work of anti-nuclear activist Ed Grothus, the man who put it all together.

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KOBRA Flash Modifier Is Still More or Less a Gary Fong Lightsphere

If you missed the chance to grab a KOBRA Flash Modifier, the campaign has recently relaunched on Kickstarter

Unsatisfied with your flash modifiers and think your flash photography could be better? Through a Kickstarter campaign last year, the KOBRA Flash Modifier sought to be a more lightweight, flexible, and attractively designed solution to this problem. The project by Red Tusk didn’t meet its funding expectations then, but now it’s back up on Kickstarter with some improvements, including better price points. Continue reading…

Photo Essay Explores Future of Food in Climate Change

The second half of this future-oriented photo essay needs your support on Kickstarter!

Works of art that tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues also often require the most unconventional approaches. Heami Lee, Allie Wist, CC Buckley, and Rebecca Bartoshesky, four collaborators in the food media world, had the interesting idea to envision our future in a world altered by climate change through the universal language of food. The result was a photo essay titled Flooded and it was paired with an intimate dinner in 2016. It imagined how our diets will change due to coastal flooding and sea level rise. Now, they are seeking to continue with the second half of the project with the help of funding from Kickstarter.

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Photo Book Project Aims to Tell the Story of Cats, Monks, and Temples

Cats + traveling across Southeast Asia = this purrrfect Kickstarter photo book project

While backpacking through Asia, Michigan-based scientist, writer, and photographer David Wooster amassed over 3500 photos of his travels. A great number of these are of, temples, cats (mostly), and the monks who look after these furry creatures left to their care. His dream has been to share them with the world through a photo book, but now, he needs help on Kickstarter to make this project happen.

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“At Home With The Furries” Photo Book Offers a Peek Into the Furry Fandom

Tom Broadbent needs your support to turn At Home With The Furries into a photo book.

For years, London-based photographer Tom Broadbent has been documenting the British furry fandom with a ongoing series of portraits in the comfort of their homes. Now, he plans to take the next step and turn the project into a book through a Kickstarter campaign. If you’re into uncommon documentary projects showcasing unique communities, you might want to show your support for this project.

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Texas Teacher Aims to Mentor 30 Students with Kodak Box Cameras

The old Kodak Box Camera Rebirth could help the next generation of photographers

When Texas-based educator and photographer Dusty Parrish came across a Kodak box camera from the 1930s, he didn’t want to keep the experience to himself. He had the brilliant idea of bringing back the old school photography experience to kids today by mentoring 30 kids from the school he’s teaching in. But of course, acquiring 30 box cameras alone requires some funding, and that’s where he needs our help.

Dusty has set up the Box Camera Rebirth Kickstarter campaign to help fund his plan to acquire 30 Kodak Box Cameras from 1930s, as well as purchasing 120 films and developing chemicals. With his passion and expertise as an educator, he intends to bring back a piece of photography history and mentor 30 students from Boyd Elementary School in Allen, Texas. After teaching them the history and mechanics of box cameras, film exposure basics, and developing and printing the images, he also intends to culminate the experience with an exhibit.

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Compagnon is Trying to Create the Ultimate Explorer Camera Backpack

All images by compagnon. Used with permission.

There’s no question that a sturdy camera bag or backpack to protect precious gear is a must for every photographer. But not everyone gets the right one straight away, whether in terms of style, functionality, or design.  Fortunately for us, there are many independent brands that continuously churn out options for the discerning photographer. The latest to join the roster is German backpack maker compagnon with a crowdfunding campaign to manufacture “the most comfortable camera backpack.”

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Go For Broke: Telling the Story of Japanese-American WWII Veterans

All images by Shane Sato via Go For Broke on Kickstarter

While war and conflict remain some of today’s most commonly documented and explored topics, there are still a lot of stories that remain untold. Through his fascinating photo book project on Kickstarter, Los Angeles-based photographer Shane Sato wants to tell a wartime story that is probably still unfamiliar to many.

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The FJORD 36 Action Pack Project Is Going After the F-stop Mountain Series Packs

All images by NYA-EVO  for FJORD 36 Action Pack via Kickstarter

Still looking for the perfect backpack to meet your carrying requirements and keep your gear protected against the harshest conditions? Hong Kong-based NYA-EVO has recently set up a Kickstarter project for the production of its all-around adventure backpack, which they believe will rival the Mountain series packs from F-stop.

As photographers get increasingly more adventurous and scale all kinds of terrains and weather conditions for their projects, having a sturdy, comfortable, and functional carrying case for their gear has also become a necessity. With this in mind, the creators of NYA-EVO began working on their own take on the “best all-round adventure backpack on the market that allows you to carry precious camera gear safely in any unforgiving conditions.” After a year of designing, making prototypes, testing, and redesigning, they have finally unveiled the NYA-EVO FJORD 36 Action Pack on Kickstarter.

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One Black One White Photo Book Documents the Art of Shanxi Noodle Making

All images courtesy of the Kickstarter

Through a hearty mix of food photography and documentary photography, Kristie Chow of art and media website One Belly is set to publish One Black One White – Shanxi Noodle School in China, a photo book on noodle making in Shanxi province of North China. Whether you’re a documentary photographer with an interest for unique stories, or a foodie who wants to explore food photography, this project should be inspiring for you. Kristie’s Kickstarter campaign for the 16-paged photo book was successfully funded with 20 days to go. Through this book, backers will learn about the artistry of noodle making in Shanxi, which was part of her month-long journey across four provinces in China to learn their distinct regional noodles.

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STRANGER: Street Photography Shot in the London Tube Made Into a Photo Book

Screenshots and photos taken from the Kickstarter project

For today’s Kickstarter campaign that you might want to support, we have a project whose premise was born out of today’s most explored topics in photography: smartphone photography and “tubeography.” London-based street photographer and multimedia artist Dan Rodriguez aims to put the two together into a photo book called STRANGER.

According to Dan, the book will house his black and white photos of London Tube commuters, strictly taken with a smartphone. The goal of this intrepid project is to “explore the role of the smartphone as a tool to find beauty in an era of surveillance capitalism.” It’s not surprising Dan has taken on this project, as train commuters are among the most popular street photography subjects around the world. Likewise, the convenience and continued improvements of smartphone cameras have allowed everyone to take stealthy street photographs virtually anywhere.

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New Kickstarter Project Inspires Photographers to Follow in Dorothea Lange’s Footsteps

All images by Kenneth Wajda via Kickstarter

In the spirit of documentary photography from the era of Dorothea Lange, photographer and photojournalist Kenneth Wajda aims to create a photo book of documentary images that will introduce America to the Americans. The inspiration behind it is the initiative of Roy Stryker: the economist, government official, and photographer who commissioned Lange, among others, as part of the documentary photography movement of the Farm Security Administration (FSA).

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This Kickstarter Promises Backers the Puurrrrfect Instax Photo of a Hoodcat

Image by Adam Myatt via 2018 Hoodcats Calendar on Kickstarter

Heads up, cat lovers. Next year is still a few months away but this calendar is all you need to welcome 2018 with a meow. Featuring cat photos snapped by Adam Myatt, also known as The Cat Man of West Oakland, the 2018 Hoodcats Calendar promises to be “filled with Oakland’s finest felines.”

Adam is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the 2018 edition of his Hoodcats Calendar, one of the side projects sparked by his paw-some advocacies for cats. After taking about a year’s worth of photos of West Oakland’s feral cat population for a photo series called Hoodcats, Adam found a litter of kittens which led to a number of life-changing events. The biggest of them was co-founding the Cat Town Cafe & Adoption center, the first cat cafe and open colony adoption center in the US. He’s also now the guardian of an adorable ginger tabby named Stubbs, who has become the star of his Instagram account.

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The Cyanotype Project 2.0 Aims to Teach You How to Make 10-Foot Cyanotype Prints

Image by Joseph J. McAllister from Cyanotype Project v2.0 on Kickstarter

Been itching to learn how to make cyanotype images? Sure, YouTube holds plenty of learning resources for you. We even shared a tutorial that can help you learn the ropes of this traditional process right in the comfort of your own home. But what if you want to go up one level and make big prints?

Photographer Joseph J. McAllister, who specializes in alternative photography processes such as wet plate collodion and cyanotypes, has you covered. Through a Cyanotype Project v2.0 which he aims to get funded through Kickstarter, Joseph plans to run an extensive masterclass on how to print large scale photographic images through the cyanotype process. And by large scale, he means 10-foot prints, which he believes is the perfect size for gallery displays.

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