KOBRA Flash Modifier Is Still More or Less a Gary Fong Lightsphere

If you missed the chance to grab a KOBRA Flash Modifier, the campaign has recently relaunched on Kickstarter

Unsatisfied with your flash modifiers and think your flash photography could be better? Through a Kickstarter campaign last year, the KOBRA Flash Modifier sought to be a more lightweight, flexible, and attractively designed solution to this problem. The project by Red Tusk didn’t meet its funding expectations then, but now it’s back up on Kickstarter with some improvements, including better price points.

As we reported last year, this new flash modifier is essentially an on-camera cobra head-shaped light modifier that promises to produce soft, diffused light through your flash unit. What it claims to do differently compared to other flash modifiers is bounce the light forward through the clear silicone using a patent-pending built-in reflector. This allows the photographer to “paint with the light, not spray.”

If you’re new to the KOBRA Flash Modifier, allow us to give you a rundown of its details. This accessory molded from high-grade, flexible, light diffusing, clear silicone that isn’t affected by high or low temperatures. It’s paired with the KOBRA Band, which is also made with high-grade, flexible, and temperature resistant black silicone. This attachment is improved with added air vents for better air flow around the flash head. It also fits most flash heads and doesn’t require hook-and-loop or magnet attachments. Together, the KOBRA Flash Modifier and Band weigh only 4.3 oz. The KOBRA Flash Modifier is flexible enough bounce back to its original shape even after it’s folded and stored in the camera bag.

Another plus point for this flash modifier is it can be used with color gels. With a minimum pledge of $58, you can get the KOBRA Full System with the Modifier, Band, and Color Gels (6 colors). This ‘Best Value’ deal is 30% off the full retail price.

Check out the Kickstarter campaign to find out more about the KOBRA Flash Modifier and show your support for this project.