3 Wonderful Flash Modifiers Every Photographer Should Have One

The flash modifier can be intimidating to some photographers. First, there’s the idea of having to work with a flash. Then there’s the idea of shaping the light. Crazy, right? But in all honesty, it’s not. The truth about all this is that it requires you to know and understand your own creative vision. What do you want in the photo? How do you want the final image to look? And most importantly, what can these flash modifiers do for you? We dove into our reviews index to find some of our favorites.

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This Epic Flash Dances in the Rain: Canon Speedlite EL-1 Review

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Hot shoe flashes offer the flexibility of both on and off-camera use. But, hot-shoe flashes tend to have more limited power and settings than strobes. Canon’s new flagship flash, however, is powerful enough to use with a 200mm zoom lens. Despite the power, the Canon Speedlite EL-1 can add just a touch of light with the ability to go all the way down to 1/8192 power. And, with weather-sealing, versatile power isn’t the only way Canon is trying to set itself apart.

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On The Powerful Profoto Pro 11 and Its Laughable Price Tag

Should you buy a Profoto Pro 11, or should you buy a car that can carry your other lighting gear?

Profoto has been making pretty great flashes and strobes for a long time now. Their reputation for making high build quality lighting gear with great output precedes them. However, this means Profoto lights are significantly more expensive than similar lights from the likes of Westcott, Flashpoint, and Godox. The new flagship Profoto Pro 11 takes the companies pricing to new heights. This light pack is crazy powerful, but you’ll want to sit down before we reveal the specs and price after the break.

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The Phoblographer’s Guide to Second Curtain Flash Basics

When used properly, Second Curtain Flash can be a powerful creative tool that creates aesthetically unique and visually engaging images.

Here at The Phoblographer, we’re huge proponents of mastering lighting and flash photography. Even if you’re a natural light shooter, mastery of lighting in all forms is fundamental to becoming a well-rounded photographer. Anyone familiar with flash photography knows how versatile a tool it can be. Aside from illuminating our subjects, flash can also be an effective tool that freezes fast-moving subjects. But, what about images that look like long exposures even though the subject appears perfectly blur-free? Those must be composites, right? Well, not always. While this effect is certainly achievable in post-production, you can actually recreate these results in-camera. Why spend all that time sitting at your computer when you can accomplish the same results in-camera practically? That’s where Second Curtain Flash comes in.

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How To Choose the Right ISO Settings When Shooting With Flash

It’s no secret that we’re big champions of using lighting here at The Phoblographer. Obviously, natural light can produce excellent results. However, there’s no denying that the use of flashes provides significantly more control. It also allows us to create reliable results repeatedly. While lighting may seem daunting to photographers new to the world of on/off-camera flashes, the key to success lies in understanding the fundamentals. We’ve previously covered the use of flashes in general. Today, we’ll be focusing specifically on ISO settings in relation to shooting with flashes.

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Deal Alert: The Godox V1 Roundhead Flash with Gels is Just $199!

If you want a fantastic flash that won’t break the bank, you should snap up the Godox V1 flash at this crazy low price while you can.

We have said time and time again that one of the best things that you can do as a photographer is to learn how to use flash; however, many photographers are put off by the entry price of flashes. For a limited time, you can set aside your fear of having to break the bank as the excellent Godox Roundhead V1 flash can be yours for just $199 for Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus/Panasonic, Pentax, and Sony cameras. That price also includes a set of color gels from Leftwing that will help you be even more creative. Jump past the break for all of the details.

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Flash Photography: Learn a New Skill and Master It with Affordable Gear

If you want to up your flash photography game consider adding some of these fantastic products to your collection.

Utter the words flash photography to any new (or even some quite seasoned photographers), and the look of fear will wash over their faces before they run and hide. Many photographers think flash photography is either far to difficult to master, or much too expensive to break into. We are here to tell you that those statements are fake news. Modern flashes and monolights are incredibly affordable, and with just a little practice and learning, you will find there is nothing to fear about flash photography. After the break, we will share some excellent learning guides and some of our favorite lights and modifiers.

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Profoto’s A1 Sees a Price Drop Which Makes It a Little More Competitive

For a limited time, the Profoto A1 is a more in line with the price of other speedlights, but there are more affordable options.

The Profoto A1, a roundhead Speedlight, burst on to the scene a few years ago with an eye-watering price of $995. Since then, many manufacturers have released versions of roundhead speedlights, which cost far less, and prices of flashes and lighting have generally come down dramatically since then as well. The Profoto A1, which is a solid speedlight, seems like it has been on perma-sale for $795, but it has now dropped to $595, which still far exceeds the price of many other options out there. Let’s talk about this after the break.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: The Most Confusing Part of Flash Photography

If you’re planning to do a lot of flash photography, you’ll learn some important stuff from today’s photography cheat sheet.

Flash photography isn’t as simple as just illuminating your subject with flash, especially if you’re using a professional flashgun or strobe lights. To be able to use flash effectively, among the things you must know is how to work with the Guide Number of your flash. This technical detail will help you determine the right values for manual exposures in flash photography. Today’s featured photography cheat sheet will serve as a quick guide you can use for your next practice, whether in the studio or on location.

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7 Reasons Why Photographers Still Need a Speedlight Today

If you’re still missing a speedlight in your camera bag, this quick video gives a rundown of reasons why you should go ahead and grab one soonest.

Adequate lighting is crucial to achieving properly exposed shots, and sometimes, you’ll need the help of additional light sources if the scene isn’t bright enough. The speedlight or “flash gun” makes a portable and useful option for this. It can be fired either on the hotshoe of your camera or wirelessly on a cold shoe. If you’re wondering why a speedlight deserves a space in your camera bag given the increasingly improving low-light capabilities of cameras today, this quick video has seven reasons for you.

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Rogue Drops Improved FlashBender v3 for Your Flash Photography Needs

The new FlashBender v3 products are now out for those looking to upgrade to more portable and efficient flash accessories.

Whether your flash accessories are due for an upgrade or you’re already looking to finally invest in them, the latest iterations of the FlashBender products could be of interest. Now on their third version, these kits and tools come with improved features that should fit your indoor and outdoor flash photography needs.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Inverse Square Law of Light for Dummies

If the Inverse Square Law and how it pertains to light are all new to you, we have a photography cheat sheet that explains how it works and affects your photography.

At some point in your photography journey, the topic of Inverse Square Law will pop up and probably perplex you. While it sounds very technical and intimidating, it actually pays to know how it affects the way your subjects or scenes are lit. We have just the tips and visual guide for you in today’s photography cheat sheet.

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Street Photography: Remembering The Work of Elisa Tomaselli

In this piece, we remember the street photography of Elisa Tomaselli.

In early 2020, the street photography community lost one of its own. Elisa Tomaselli sadly passed away on January 23rd. I’m not sure how or why she passed, but I do know she was far too young to leave this world. I also know she was an excellent street photographer: someone who I had featured on The Phoblographer before. We never met, and only exchanged a handful of messages, so I can’t comment on the person. But I can comment on the street photographer: the fine, talented one that she was.

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Innovatronix’s CPFLASH 550W Flash For Smartphones Will Cost $199

The portable 550ws CPFLASH 550W is perfect for mobile photographers who need a lot of light in a small package.

Flashes and strobes for mobile photographers are coming at us thick and fast these days. As smartphone cameras continue to offer greater flexibility, the need for off-camera flash solutions is increasing too, and now, another OCF (off-camera flash) option will soon be available. The Innovatronix CPFLASH 550W promises to be a feature-packed light for both photographers and videographers, and it has a price tag of just $199. Find out all of the details after the break.

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The PiXLIGHT Speedlight Works With Any Camera, iOS and Android Too

If you have been looking for a Speedlight that can work with your smartphone and your regular camera, take a closer look at the PiXLIGHT.

There are has been a fair amount of innovation in the Speedlight and strobe markets recently, especially around lights that can be used with our trusty smartphones. PiXLIGHT has been working hard to bring their vision of a rechargeable, works with any camera or phone, off-camera flash to life as well, and so far, their Kickstarter campaign has far exceeded their expectations. Join us after the break for all the details.

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How to Shoot High Speed Sync Flash on Film for Outdoor Portraits

Been wanting to try shooting with flash for outdoor portraits on film? George Muncey of Negative Feedback shares his quick tips.

Flash photography has long been an integral part of portrait photography, whether in the studio or on location outdoors, and whether you’re shooting film or digital. George Muncey of Negative Feedback has been getting some good results with it, as he showed in his latest video. If you’ve never tried it before, his examples shot with an Elinchrom Kit will get you inspired to experiment with flash for your outdoor portraits on film.

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Cheap Photo: Hurry or You’ll Miss Out on the Best Camera Deals of 2019

camera deals

These camera deals and huge discounts on lenses, lighting, and more will be gone soon.

If you’re on the hunt for excellent camera deals, or maybe need to pick up a light on the cheap, read on. The Canon EOS R with a Godox V1 round head flash is just $1,799, the Canon 5D4 with the same flash is only $2,499, and the EOS RP is only $999. The Nikon D850 with Godox V1 is $2,796.95, and the new Nikon Z50 with two lenses is just $1,196.95. Sony’s A7 II is $898, the A7R II with a lens is $1,498, and the A7 III with a huge accessory kit is $1,798. The Godox/Flashpoint V1 can also still be yours for $159 (multiple platforms), and the Fotopro iSpeedy F64 tripod with ball head has a discount of over $179, which makes it just $99.99. Come and see all of the camera deals and more after the break.

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Quick Tips for Getting Started with Flash Photography

Want to get into flash photography but don’t know how? Here’s a video tutorial with some quick tips, particularly for shooting with a Profoto A1X.

Working with flash can open your photography to many creative options, as you’ve probably seen from most studio setups and even some outdoor photography projects. If you’re thinking of finally adding a flash to your tools of the trade, this tutorial has everything you need to know to get started. As a bonus, this will especially be of great use if you’re eyeing the Profoto A1X flash.

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Cheap Photo: UV Filters, Polarizers From $1.99, Godox V1 $159, and More

Grab these cheap photography accessories while you can and put them in the stockings of the photographers you love this holiday season.

Did you buy yourself or someone in your family a new camera over Thanksgiving weekend? If so, you might want to check out these photography accessories that have huge discounts. The Godox V1 (for all major camera brands) is still only $159, the eVOLV 200 is just $229, and the XPLOR 600 Pro TTL can be yours for only $669! There are MeFoto UV filters for only $1.99, and polarizers too. Need a new bag for your new camera? The ONA X Tutes Bowery can be yours for just $99, and the Tenba DNA 15 is a steal at $174.95. There’s a Vanguard monopod for only $39.95, and a 32GB Lexar UHS-II memory card for just $11.99. Check out all the deals on these photography accessories and more after the break.

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Cheap Photo: Godox V1 $159, eVOLV 200 $229, Camera Deals Galore

There are some incredible holiday savings right now which means great camera deals and deep discounts on a ton of gear.

There are still some incredible camera deals, and deep, deep discounts on lighting, tutorials, and presets. Did you know that you can still pick up the incredible Flashpoint Zoom Li-On X/Godox V1 for just $159 for all major camera brands? The eVOLV 200 with the barn door kit is also still just $229! There are also spectacular camera deals like the Canon M50 for only $599, and the brand new Canon M6 II with EVF and a lens for only $999! The original Canon M6 is just $399, the Fujifilm X-Pro 2 with a lens is now just $1,599, and the Full Frame Nikon D610 with a huge accessory bundle is at the crazy low price of $896.95! Join us after the break to see all the incredible camera deals and more.

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