“At Home With The Furries” Photo Book Offers a Peek Into the Furry Fandom

Tom Broadbent needs your support to turn At Home With The Furries into a photo book.

For years, London-based photographer Tom Broadbent has been documenting the British furry fandom with a ongoing series of portraits in the comfort of their homes. Now, he plans to take the next step and turn the project into a book through a Kickstarter campaign. If you’re into uncommon documentary projects showcasing unique communities, you might want to show your support for this project.

“At Home With The Furries” began in 2008, when Tom met his first furry during a photo shoot for a magazine. Smirnoff, a six-food husky wolf, was just one of the members of the furry community that he met during a convention in London. Afterwards, Tom met with several other furries, who allowed him to take their portraits in their homes, gardens, and favorite hang out spots. His collection of curious portraits grew into a project that depicts the daily lives of these quirky individuals and their unique community.

At Home With The Furries is an unique insight into the furry fandom and approaches the subculture with a playful tone whilst treating it with respect and humility,” Tom writes about the project. “Being a furry is about more than a costume, it’s a way of life, an identity that you choose. You can be a furry without ever wanting or needing to put on a fursuit. This project represents a nice, soft, fluffy, sometime scaly or feathery route into this fascinating world.”

With enough material for a photo book, Tom has turned to Kickstarter to fund the next phase of the project. At Home With The Furries will consist of portraits of furries from all over Great Britain, complete with an introduction to all the characters featured. It will also be limited to 750 copies. Photography gallerist and curator Laura Noble will also grace the book with an essay. A text from Uncle Kage, the chairman of Anthrocon, one of the biggest furry conventions in the world, should also provide some interesting insider insights for those who are unfamiliar.

If this photo book is something that you’d like to have in your collection, head to the Kickstarter page for more info on the campaign and to back Tom’s project. You can also check out Tom Broadbent’s website to learn more about his ongoing project.