A Photography Project Has Captured Iconic NASA Items Like Never Before

photography project

This Kickstarter photography project will delight fans of space and NASA.

Space and space exploration are big topics at the best of times, but with the recent passing of the 50th anniversary of mankind taking our first steps on the moon, the love affair the general public has with all things space has reached new heights. We recently came across a new photography project on Kickstarter that should delight photographers and fans of space travel in general. This unique photography book will help you see NASA’s past and present dreams of the future in detail like you’ve never seen before. Join us after the break to learn more about this stellar photography project.

Photographer Benedict Redgrove’s new photobook, NASA – Past and Present Dreams of The Future, is a project that has been nine years in the making. The Kickstarter campaign has already seen quite a bit of success with backers already pledging $80,380 (at the time of writing) of the $196,332 goal.

Spread showing Space Shuttle Atlantis from the forthcoming book “NASA – Past and present dreams of the future” by © Benedict Redgrove

The photography project saw Benedict Redgrove gain unprecedented access to NASA’s spacecraft, labs, and scientific facilities. He spent five years building a relationship with NASA, and then spent four years capturing some of the most iconic NASA objects in detail that hasn’t been seen before. The images were shot using digital backs on technical cameras. Some of the photos are composites that have been made from more than 60 exposures to capture stunning detail. The images were then retouched to remove them from their backgrounds so that they could be viewed without distraction.

The book measures 11.6-inches by 14.7-inches and will feature over 350 pages and over 200 gorgeous images. The book is printed on 200gsm GF Smith Heaven 42 paper and has a heavy bound cover that has a tastefully debossed title. In all, the book weighs around 10lbs.

photography project

Spread showing the Destiny Module of the ISS, from the forthcoming book “NASA – Past and present dreams of the future” by © Benedict Redgrove

There are, of course, many different ways you can get in on this photography project. Early backers who pledge $150 will get a signed copy of the book that will also have your name printed in the book as a backer. If you miss out on that, the same price will get you the signed copy of the book, but your name will not be present.

Take things up a few notches, and you can get a signed copy of the book and two 11 x 14 Giclee prints that have also been signed for $625. Head to the Kickstarter page for this campaign to see more images from the book, and for more insights into the project from Benedict Redgrove. The campaign closes on August 19th, 2019.

Brett Day

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