Build Your Own DSLR

Make has a link to a french guy’s forum (google translated for you) posting on how he built his own DSLR from scratch. What this reminds me of is the Open-Source DSLR project that one University is working on. It may only be a matter of time before us tech guys are building our own. If this is the case, then the products may become endlessly customizable.

From BP: Trouble Focusing? Zoom in – Accessible Photography Tip

Softball Out of Focus

Out of Focus

Story by Timothy O’Brian of Blind Photographers on July 30th, 2009.

I have had some trouble focusing recently. Not with concentrating (not more than usual anyway), but with my camera. Being visually impaired, I have to rely on my camera’s autofocus. Using manual focus requires that I can see the viewfinder. I use the viewfinder to compose (mostly), but definitely not to focus. Unfortunately, autofocus does not always save the day.

Over the last month or so, I have shot a baseball and two softball games. I had more than a few instances where I thought I was focusing on a player in the infield (the pitcher, batter or a runner), but the camera instead focused way off in the distance, usually the outfield fence. This ruined an unnecessary number of shots that would have otherwise been submitted to the paper. The photo editor commented to me about this, letting me know that he needed me to sort out this issue.

Cliff Toss

I had tried the different focus setting on my D40X, closest subject, dynamic and point. I had no luck whatsoever in getting consistent focus out of the camera. An unlikely rescue happened however. A young DC filmmaker came down for a visit to understand better the how photographic workflow is affected by visual impairment for an upcoming short film about (you guess it!) a blind photographer (follow news of The Blind Photographer movie on Twitter). I showed Isaiah, the producer, the raw results of the baseball assignment and explained the issue. He suggested a solution that seems to be quite widely known (except to me). Borrowing from an article, Turn Off Autofocus – Do it Yourself! on Photography Bay, by fellow visually-impaired photographer Chris Gampat, “As I’ve learned when shooting actresses in short films while in college, it’s best to zoom in the tightest you can, focus on the exact point that you want the shot to be, zoom all the way out and then recompose your shot. This way all the detail that you could possibly want to make your shot work will be available to you.” I have tried this out with great results. I zoom in on the subject (or on something of equal distance) and half-press the shutter to engage the autofocus. Then, I either hit the autofocus lock or turn the lens to autofocus mode as I have not yet fully mastered the autofocus lock yet. Success (most of the time).

Originally seen here.

Tim O’Brian is a guest columnist on ThePhoblographer.
Legally blind, Tim writes about accessibility, photography and,
occasionally, both together. You can find out more about Tim on his blog or by
following him on twitter. He is also the founder of Blind Photographers.

Pentax announces the W90 and X90

Pentax has announced the release of two new cameras to their line. One of them being the W90 which is perfect for the adventure type person as it is essentially life proof includes the ability to withstand below freezing temperatures for winter photography. The other is the X90, their superzoom camera in a DSLR-esque body. More details after the jump.

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Leica to Have a North American Road Show

Today, Leica announced that they will host a North American Road Show in which they will visit 26 major North American cities. It will commence on March 18, 2010 in Miami, Florida and conclude on June 23, 2010 in Nashville, Tennessee. People interested in the Leica M and S system will perhaps want to pay the $149 to get in. Details and the press release after the jump.

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Beginner's Tips for Shooting a Wedding

With PMA in full swing as I am writing this, there are probably some of you looking for alternative things to read about. I shot a wedding this past weekend and of all the loads of tips that I’ve written in the past I’ve never written about weddings. So if you’re getting into shooting them and want some tips, keep reading.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Photojournalism

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Leica X2 Review other images (2 of 18)

Photojournalism is the process of documenting the happenings of life on camera through photography. These days, it tends to extend into videography but the main elements of the practice still hold their roots in still image capture. Photojournalism can still be a tough job as far as getting work and images that are different than other photojournalists but that is still a story that would hold an audience captive.

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RAW Photo Capabilities Come to Cellphones Via OmniVision

Just when cameras like the S90 and others were making a strive forward, OmniVision has announced today at Mobile World Congress the introduction of a 1/4 inch 5MP sensor that will shoot RAW photos and will be available for cell phones. The sensor is also complete with backside illumination. If that wasn’t enough, it can also shoot 1080p HD video at 30p and 720p at 60p. Let’s also keep in mind that this is a much smaller sensor.

Showing ultimate megapixel restraint, it will allow photographers and users that always have a phone in their pocket to take better pictures and have more flexibility in the editing process. Next to the new sensor in the photo above is a Micro Four Thirds sensor.

While technology like this is great news, let’s keep in mind that most of America also doesn’t know that much about photography so something like this may hopefully encourage them to do more with their photos. It will also boost citizen journalism. Hopefully photo editing apps will be able to keep up, like those on Android. Let’s also keep in mind that processors need to keep up as well. More is available on the press release and technical specs are after the jump.

Via Wired

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Tablets For Photographers: The Round Up

Throughout all of last week I have discussed The HP Slate, The JooJoo, The Dell Mini 5, Archos 9, and The Apple iPad as to find out which tablet would serve a photographer best. Now all these tablets have a usefulness to them, none of them is without any worth, however from a photographer’s point of view some of them do not stand up to what we need from a Tablet PC. Here are my final thoughts. Continue reading…

The Beginner's Guide to Photography Terminology

So you want to get into photography? Great! There are a couple of terms that everyone really needs to learn first before they get into this and beforehand. They are the most basic of terminology that is essential to photography. I will be using these terms throughout my pieces and this is a good reference guide for students that are taking a photography class as well.

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Micro Four Thirds Noktor Lens Rumored to Be From Senko

I reported earlier on the Noktor Micro Four Thirds lens that is blowing my mind, but now we’ve got rumored evidence that it may be from Senko. However, I found this image on a forum page and it also seems similar to the images found in my Google Translation made earlier in the previous posting. What it means is that this Noktor Lens may actually be from Senko. Senko is a company that makes CCTV products and so this lens may really be targeted towards people looking to do video work with Micro Four Thirds cameras. That will mean that the Panasonic GH-1 will be able to fully step up to the legendary status that their camcorders established.

Please keep in mind that this is a rumor and nothing has been confirmed yet.

50mm F0.95 Micro Four Thirds Lens is Coming from Noktor

According to via 43rumors, we should be expecting to see a new 50mm F0.95 lens for Micro Four Thirds. This will be the equivalent of a 100mm field of view. That means that the cameras will be able to shoot basically in the dark and shouldn’t have to suffer from the problems that plague the cameras at higher ISO settings. Noktor is a company that can be followed on Twitter, but when one goes to their website, there isn’t much. Either way, I’m excited to see what comes out. That means that cameras like the EP-2 and GF-1 will be able to shoot almost in the dark. Additionally, the GH1 will be able to shoot amazing video using native lenses.

Words cannot describe my excitement right now.

UPDATE: A commentor on PhotoRumor’s posting linked us to the possible origins of the lens. Here’s the Google Translation. Notice that the lens attached to the camera though says SchneiderKreuznach.

Tablets for Photographers: The Apple iPad

Finally we have come to the last tablet, and possibly the be all end all to this tablet war, the Apple iPad. The Apple iPad was deemed the savior to many media industries and was looked forward to by photographers as a way to edit, and view your photos on the go. So is it really just a better way of presenting your portfolio?

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Field Review (Last Day)- Leica D-LUX 4

After spending some quality time with the Leica D-LUX 4, it is now time to say good-bye to the camera that stood by me for the past week or so. During my last day of shooting, I used it in a party/bar type atmosphere as well as on the streets documenting real life. Additionally, my experience with the Hasselblad H4D-40 was documented with this camera. So without further hesitation, I now conclude the field review and elaborate on my final experiences.

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Hands On: Hasselblad H4D-40

Today, Fotocare in NYC allowed us to have some personal fondling time with the newly announced Hasselblad H4D-40. It’s quite the camera and in some ways even rivals the Phase One cameras that I’ve handled before. As a guy more familiar with Hasselblad and with the True Focus feature, I can tell you that I am truly stunned by the potential. With an 80mm lens, the camera is $19,955.

Edit: As time went on, this posting received many hits. Because of that, B&H offers the camera with the 35-90mm F4.5 lens, body only, and as a complete kit.

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