Unhappy Backers Report Multiple Issues in the Yashica digiFilm Y35

Backers have started to receive their Yashica digiFilm units, but they’re not happy about it.

If you’re one of the backers who helped bring the Yashica digiFilm Y35 to life, you’re most likely very unhappy about it. Either you still haven’t received your unit or you’ve just discovered that it’s actually a crappy camera with lots of issues. The Kickstarter campaign’s comments section is exploding with all the angry feedback from backers, and the skeptics are most likely relieved that they had no part in this fiasco.

The backers are disappointed over a variety of issues in the Yashica digiFilm 35 — from the cheap plastic build with some “fake buttons molded in plastic just for the look”, to the stiff shutter button that “feels very wrong to press” like it could break, to the winder already jamming a few times while testing, and some parts already coming off. Some have even reported non-functioning units, wrong USB cables included, and the camera having trouble with reading and writing on the SD card. Most are also unhappy with the image quality, especially with the black and white photos that aren’t black and white at all, but instead have a green color cast. Some also feel cheated to find out that the digiFilm cartridges only produce the effect of the ISO they come in (like a grainy effect for ISO 1600) but not shoot in the actual ISO setting indicated.

A good number of backers are yet to receive their units, so we can expect more of these angry comments to come in.

The Yashica digiFilm Y35 has been plagued with issues from day one of the Kickstarter campaign, being a major let down to Yashica fans hoping to get a cool comeback camera from the iconic Japanese brand. Turns out that it actually wasn’t even from the Yashica we’ve all known and loved, but from a Hong Kong-based group that merely picked up the brand name. The initial specs weren’t really exciting either. Next came the production (and now delivery) delays that supposedly made way for “significant enhancements and upgrades.

There seems to be no plans yet on Yashica’s end to address these issues. For now, we keep our eyes peeled for updates and comments on the Yashica digiFilm Y35 Kickstarter page.