Profoto Releases Start to New Wedding Lighting Instructional Video Series

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 9.16.34 AM

If you’re looking to learn more about how to light in various situations at a wedding, Profoto released the beginning of an on-going video series with photography duo Justin and Mary teaching photographers all about lighting in various situations. Though only two videos are up right now, the schedule is promising two videos a month from the team. What you see in the second video (because the first is a short introduction) is them talking about capturing the iconic Bride portrait–where the photographer works on getting a beautiful image of the bride alone.

Unless you’ve been shooting for years with manual strobes, you’ll also probably realize that this is a small creative marketing campaign for the new B1 500TTL lights that the company put out in the latter part of last year (which we got to play with.) TTL lighting is at the heart of the wedding photography industry–and speedlights have dominated the scene because of their small size and metering capabilities. But Profoto is trying to make a dent in that with a full TTL monolight.

You can check out the first video after the jump. But also be sure to take a look at our wedding photography checklist to ensure that you’ve got the shots that you need.

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Shooting a Wedding with the Fujifilm XT1


I had the honour of shooting my wedding yesterday with a pre production Fujifilm X-T1. It was a very special day for me, not only was it my 200th wedding, it was also my first wedding without a Canon in my hand.

I had the XT-1 since its launch on Wednesday and decided to leave my Canon Mk3 and Mk 2 at home yesterday when I went to my wedding. Instead, I used the Fujifilm X-T1 as my main camera and a Fujifilm X-E2 as my second camera. I am definitely sure that this is the first wedding in South Africa shot with a X-T1, the camera was only launched three days ago and there is only two in the country. It will be interesting to know if somebody else has photographed a wedding with the XT-1 since its launch.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on JC Crafford’s blog. It is being published here with permission.

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Photo Stealers Exposes Photo Thief with a Habit of Turning NSFW Photos of Young Girls Into Wholesome Portraits

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 8.09.23 AM

Photo theft is becoming more and more prevalent these days it seems. I guess there are still some photographers who are simply desperate enough for a career jumpstart to cheat and delude themselves into believing that what people don’t know won’t hurt them, completely ignoring the fact that the truth has this incredibly vicious way of revealing itself, always.

In most cases, however, those thieves only end up hurting themselves, subjecting themselves to a lifetime of public humiliation that’s only made worse because of the Internet. And the photographic community can be quite severe and unforgiving to those who use other photographers’ work to impress and get new clients.

In William Rogers’, aka Challenging Photography, case, his public humiliation was even doubled (and here I thought that wasn’t possible), thanks to the whistle-blowing efforts of Tumblr blog Photo Stealers. Not only has the popular blog exposed Cambridgeshire-based Rogers, who claims on his website that he started as a wedding photographer in the 70s, and his affinity for stealing other people’s wedding photography portfolio; it has also inadvertently uncovered the guy’s penchant for NSFW photos, which one can only assume he constantly looks at if he was inspired to crop and turn some of them into senior portraits.

That’s right, the site is stating that this guy actually spends time looking through NSFW sites featuring young girls in the nude, finds the more innocent photos, and crops them so that they look classy and wholesome. Creepy much?

Photo Stealers makes this claim for 90% of the photos in Rogers’ website. William Rogers’ has since shutdown his website and Facebook page. For more information about his activities, check out the blog post here.

Via Photo Stealers

Couple Finally Gets their Wedding Photo Shoot, 61 Years Later

UpAnniversary-66All images shot by and used with permission from Cambria Grace.

When Soldier Donald Lutz met waitress Dorothy in Randolph, MA while he was on a break from the Army, he knew then that she was the girl we wanted to spend the rest of his life with. And so he did.

On July 20, 1952, the two happily walked down the aisle in front of their friends and family.

There was just one problem. Their wedding photographer, who was supposed to document their special day, never showed up to the wedding. As a result, they only have a single picture to remember that memorable day. But while they weren’t happy about that, they moved on and lived a happy life together. As Dorothy told the Boston Globe, “I was more excited about being married to the one that I loved very much. That was the main thing.”

Sixty-one years later, with their wedding fiasco a distant memory, Nina and Gramps, as loved ones affectionately call them, have not once taken their rings off their fingers. They are still loyal to each other and still the best of friends.

Knowing that they never had a proper wedding photo shoot, however, their grandson and his wife, Lauren Wells of Lauren Wells Events came up with the perfect holiday present. They were going to give them one.

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Review: Chris Martin 2013 Summer Preset Pack for Adobe Lightroom

Felix Esser The Phoblographer Chris Martin 2013 Summer Preset Pack Review Screenshot

A little under a year ago, we reviewed Chris Martin’s Vintage Film Fades preset pack for Lightroom, and we loved the washed-out look of faded film they give to a digital image. For the summer of 2013, Chris updated his preset pack, and added a High Contrast as well as a Light Fade preset to the existing Faded Film preset. Additionally, the Summer 2013 Preset Pack contains variants of each preset that either convert the image to black & white, or give it a colored tint. Accordingly, the usability and the creative spectrum of the presets have improved greatly over the original preset pack. In this review, we take a closer look at Chris Martin’s 2013 Summer Preset Pack for Adobe Lightroom.

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The Phoblographer’s Wedding Photography Equipment Guide For 2013


Photo by Ryan Brenizer. Used with permission

It’s a brand new year, and that also means that you’re probably prepping for a whole new wedding season. To boot, since the days are getting longer you’re probably also wanting to work with natural light more often and taking further advantage of the golden hour. But if you’re starting to think about some upgrades, maybe you should consider some of the latest and greatest that many companies have been putting out as of late.

This is our Wedding Guide for 2013.

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What Type of Wedding Photographer Are You? Take a Look in This Fun Infographic

hair-styles V1.0

Take a look at this fun infographic from Simply Bridal. It helps you to figure out what type of wedding photographer you are. Even if you don’t want to pigeon hole yourself, it will remind you of the different ideas you can do.

We’ve got more than this if you’re into shooting these ceremonies though. Take a look at our list of modern upgrades, our recommended gear for this season, and your essential shot list.

DxO ViewPoint Makes People in Wide Angle Wedding Shots Look Less Like the Coneheads

DxO, the makers of such fabulous products as the lens correction tool Optics Pro and the film simulation software FilmPack, now brings a new product that is aimed at restoring the natural beauty in faces that were unnaturally (or rather: unintentionally) distorted by a wide angle lens. As is the nature of a wide angle lens, objects that situated at the edge of the frame appear distorted. With DxO’s new ViewPoint software, this — as well as a number of other issues of lens distortion and perspective — can be easily corrected. Continue reading…

Useful Photography Tip #14: Shooting the Bouquet Toss During a Wedding

girls celebrate after a bouquet catch
girls celebrate after a bouquet catch


Weddings are generally slow moving events: a slow walk up the aisle, some forewarning before the kiss, a slow walk back down the aisle, slow first dance, etc.. But you always have one event that moves quickly – the bouquet and garter toss. Capturing this event is another major mile stone in telling the story of the day.

If you want to capture the moment when the bouquet gets tossed and caught, here are a couple of quick tips.

Want More Useful Photography Tips? Take a look at our list here.

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Knowing Natural Light: Photographing Weddings

Bride and Veil
Bride and Veil

Bride and Veil

Natural light photographers have become wildly popular in the past several years. Many photographers actually market themselves purely as natural light photographers. There’s a good reason for this: natural light can create some of the most beautiful images that you’ve ever seen. Using natural light whenever possible is a no-brainer to give your images that beautiful, natural, dreamy quality that is synonymous with Weddings. However, there is more to it than just not using lights. People who have mastered natural light photography did more than just not use lights while shooting. You must really learn and understand how light behaves, reacts, and interacts with your subjects.

Click on through to view some tips to start you off down the right path for shooting weddings using natural light.

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SnapKnot is Sending One Lucky Shooter to WPPI

Online Wedding Photography Hub, SnapKnot, is giving a way a free registration to WPPI’s Las Vegas trade show. The show, on February 21-23, 2011, is a chance to explore the latest wedding and portrait photography products and techniques. The random drawing doesn’t include travel or accommodations, but will include a year’s membership to WPPI for those who don’t have one.

The trade show exhibitor list includes camera companies Nikon and Canon, a number of print, proof, and binding companies, marketing solutions like The Knot, and equipment vendors like B&H. Also on the list are a number of lighting, medium format, and digital processing companies.

To enter, photographers must register with SnapKnot and leave a witty posting on the contest page. Good luck!

Which One? Canon 5D Mk II or Canon 7D for Wedding Photography

The Ring Shot

We believe that the Canon 7Dand Canon 5D Mk IIcomplement each other very well, but questions have arisen as to which one is better to get all the shots on your wedding photography checklist. Go onto the most popular photography forums and you’ll see this question appear at least three times a month in one way or another. We’re aware that in some ways this is like comparing apples to oranges, but it is a subject that is well worth exploring. David Ziser concluded that he’d rather go for the 7D; but is that right for you? We’ve noticed readers typing this into the search bar of the site—so since the 1D Mk IV is out of range for many of you, here’s your answer.

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Samples of The Orbis At a Wedding

A full review of the Orbis is coming, but I recently shot a wedding using it. How did it fare? Very well actually. It’s amazing how subjects tend to react when seeing a ring flash vs the standard flashes that they’re so used to seeing professionals carry. Here are some samples.

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The Ultimate Wedding Photography Checklist

I just got an email with an image detailing with what to me, is one of the most complete and organized wedding image checklists I’ve ever seen. Take a look for yourself and learn from it. If you want to get more into weddings, our buddies over at can help to promote you, but you can also check out our intro. Another tips that I can add is this: don’t use a Rebel for wedding photography. As you can see that wedding photographer got completely steamrolled. Instead, check out our equipment list. I typically bring all this to a wedding.

Big thanks to John for the email.

SnapKnot: A New Resource for Wedding Photographers

As a wedding photographer, I was recently friended on Flickr by SnapKnot, a new website designed for photographers to better market themselves and for Brides to (very) easily search for the type of photographer that they want based upon a large number of criteria. Impressed with the site, I decided to interview Reid and Michael, the founders of If you’re a wedding photographer or looking to get into it, hit the jump. For a quick demo, take a look at my own SnapKnot page.

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