Does Everyone Really Need to Whip Their Phones Out During a Wedding?

A wedding will never be complete without a photographer or his team to immortalize the event — plus some dozens of smartphones clicking away alongside them. Maybe that has to change.

Back in the days before smartphone cameras, it was the sole responsibility of a wedding photographer (or his team) to make sure that there are great photos of the big day, from start to finish. But today, there could be as many cameras out as there are guests in a wedding — and those are just smartphones. But, is all that really necessary?

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The Best Gear for Successful Wedding Photography in 2019

This gear will make wedding photography that much easier for you, and your clients will love the results.

Wedding photography is one of the most demanding, most challenging genres of photography around. Photographers usually find themselves in dimly lit churches, cathedrals, and gathering places, and they usually have a list of demands from their clients as long as Mt. Everest is tall. There are things we can do to make it easier on ourselves, but perhaps the best thing we can do is use cameras, lenses, and accessories that can not only cope with the rigors of wedding photography, but that can also make it easier. Continue reading…

Is the Samyang AF 85mm f1.4 a Threat to Sony’s 85mm Prime Lenses?

Samyang have been producing some amazing prime lenses lately, but how does it stack up to the Sony G Master?

Samyang (or Rokinon as they are known in the USA) have really come along way in the past few years, and they have been producing some fine prime lenses. Everything about the lenses have improved, from color rendition, to build quality, and image quality to new and improved autofocus capabilities. The new AF 85mm f1.4 for Sony E Mount cameras promises to be a hit, but how does it stack up to the pace setting (and admittedly much more expensive) 85 mm G Master. Join us after the break to find out. Continue reading…

These Two Pro Photographers Share Their Tips on Posing Couples

All images by Vanessa Joy and Tracie Maglosky, used with permission.

One of the common challenges many portrait photographers will face at some point during their careers is how to best pose their subjects to capture them in their best light during a photoshoot. When photographing couples, things get more difficult because now you’ve got to worry about not one, but two subjects. We recently had the opportunity to speak with New Jersey-based wedding photographer Vanessa Joy as well as Cincinnati-based wedding and portrait photographer Tracie Maglosky, and these seasoned veterans generously shared some valuable insight into photographing and posing couples. Vanessa is perhaps best known for her wedding photography education work on top of being one of Profoto’s Legend of Light, and Tracie is one of Olympus’s Visionaries and a Profoto Legend of Light as well.

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Why 1/320th Flash Sync on Panasonic S1 and Panasonic S1R is So Great

The Panasonic S1 and Panasonic S1R have 1/320th flash sync speeds; and there are huge reasons why this is awesome.

One of the biggest things that I’m personally so excited about with the new Panasonic S1 and Panasonic S1R is the innovation brought to a full frame camera with shutter speeds and flash sync. Panasonic redesigned the entire shutter mechanism and gave it this ability–which is a first for mirrorless full frame cameras. Portrait and event photographers along with photojournalists and wedding photographers will greatly value this new boost to what they were already doing. While much of the photography world tries to put an emphasis on natural light and excessive Lightroom/Photoshop production, I feel like this helps put power back into the hands of true photographers and not editors.

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Cassie Roschs’ Heart Warming Wedding Photography Will Make You Smile

All images by Cassie Rosch. Used with permission.

When that big day arrives, the soon to be married couple need to be confident they’ve got a photographer that can perfectly document their intimate moment–Cassie Rosch is one of those photographers. Her heart-warming and breathtaking photography has made her high in demand. From Guatemala to Italy; from mountains to lakesides, Cassie is an extremely well-traveled wedding photographer. This comes as no surprise, as her work goes far beyond the candid snapshot. Cassie has the ability to show empathy, love, connectivity and that all-important emotional bond in her images.

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Nikon D750 to Sony A7 III: Is the Grass Greener After 10 Months?

Many photographers are ditching the DSLR to move in with Mirrorless cameras, but does it always work out?

Hardly a day passes when you don’t hear about a photographer moving on from traditional DSLR’s to newer, shinier Mirrorless cameras. While the move to the new technology always sounds like the right thing to do, is the grass always greener on the other side of the photography fence? After the break check in with a wedding photographer and hear what he has to say about his experiences with life after DSLR’s. Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: Photography Software and Tutorial Deal! Grab the Ultimate Bridal Compositing Bundle for Just $47!

Make your wedding and bridal pictures stand out from the crowd with this excellent photography software deal!

If you’re a wedding photographer you’re not going to want to miss out on this exceptional deal. Right now you can get the Ultimate Bridal Compositing bundle for just $47 which will save you over $80 on this amazing piece of photography software and tutorial.

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It’s Been Eight Years and This Wedding Photography Meme Is Still So True!

Wedding photographers are still trying to justify this to their clients at times…

It’s very sad, but photographers who shoot weddings are still trying to justify their prices to folks. It’s not unusual to hear, “Oh, we have a budget.” or, “We really can’t afford to pay a whole lot.” And on top of that, it’s also sad that many people aren’t able to understand the difference between what their phone does, and what a proper camera in the hands of an experienced professional with a creative vision can do. Unfortunately, it’s too easy for folks to say, “I can do that.” until they realize that they can’t. Plus, they actually like Uncle Bob.

And that’s why it’s so amazing that this almost 10 year old meme about wedding photography is still true.

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Cheap Photo: The 5Day Deal Is Here for Just $89, Saving You Over $2,500!

If you want to learn from the masters of photography, this bundle of photography tutorials is for you, and you won’t have to break the bank to buy it.

Ever wondered how Serge Ramelli can fly through Lightroom with ease? Have Andrew S. Gibsons’ black and white photos amazed you? If you would like to learn how to get the most out of Lightroom, create stunning black and white images, and learn from 19 other photography masters, the Complete Photography Bundle and the amazing photography tutorials it contains is for you.

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Flash Review: Profoto A1 (Canon Version Using Sony Air TTL Trigger)

The Profoto A1 is what many photographers have wanted for a while. But is it the perfect tool?

When the Profoto A1 was announced, I was very curious. Granted, I love lights that are as small as speedlites, but also thoroughly enjoy the power a full blown monolight provides. I was reminded of that even more so on a recent Sony Press trip. In many ways, and for the wedding photography crowd, the Profoto A1 could be the absolute most perfect light ever made. It offers a lot of color consistency, has a fast recycle time, works best with fast lenses, is small, and can integrate with whatever supported camera system you have when used wirelessly. It isn’t bad for location shoots either. Then, you consider just how fantastic the battery life is and how critical that is to wedding photographers, and you realize you have a perfect product for a working pro.

But at the same time, you’ll need to justify the price. And if you’re a location portrait shooter, you’ll really need to remember to bring your fast lenses with you. In many cases I saw, F2.8 zooms just won’t cut it.

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Jamie Saechao: Striving for Elegance in Wedding Photography

All images by text by Jamie Saechao. Used with permission.

I fell in love with photography while working at a job I absolutely hated! Sometimes you have to find what you don’t love to do in order to discover what your true calling is. I needed a creative outlet and photography allowed me to express myself, connect with others, and feel alive again. I especially loved connecting with other women, celebrating their beauty, and building confidence through portraiture.

I strive to create images that are elegant, timeless, and romantic. I feel most accomplished when I’ve created a portrait that makes someone stop and look a second time… although to be honest I think those images come to you, in the midst of creating. It’s something you have to wait patiently for.

I have also found great joy in documenting nature on film…there is a certain joy in capturing the beauty and simplicity of combining the two!

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Martin Beddall: Tips From a Wedding Photojournalist

Hats at the ready as we are half way through our favourite time of year – wedding season! Beautiful dresses, flowers and memories that will last a life time – it’s one of the most special and important days, and having a great photographer there to capture these moments is priceless.

Martin Beddall has been working in the photography industry over 25 years. His background is in national newspapers and magazines having worked for The Times for over ten years and capturing some extremely special and unique moments along the way. It’s this passion to record important moments that led Martin to wedding photography. Here, Martin tells us how he uses his photojournalistic eye to capture the emotional, happy and often chaotic moments of wedding day through his award-winning reportage photography.

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Photographer Kevin Mullins Talks About His Documentary Style Approach to Weddings

Images in this article and video are by Kevin Mullins. Used with permission.

If you were to check out the work of photographer Kevin Mullins, you’d immediately fall in love with his classic documentary style approach to wedding photography. He tells the Phoblographer that he draws influence from photographers like Jeff Ascough and others. At the Fujifilm Festival in NYC this year, we got a chance to talk with Kevin about this approach.

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This Fiery Wedding Photo is a Single Exposure Done With Two Strobes

First of all the result with this Fiery Wedding Photo: The Hot Rod on Fire Shooting inspired me to this one. But there was a huge difference, this photograph was done with only one exposure. We got it done after a lot of preparation – a nearly three-meter-long diy fire torch, two strobes and a 4.4 seconds exposure created this image. Planning took this time much longer, Because we had to build a small pond with a platform for the reflection. Additionally, I had to cut down some branches from a tree to get enough space.

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Dave Harrell: On Starting Out in Portrait Photography

All images and words by Dave Harrell. Used with permission.

My name is Dave Harrell. I am a portrait photographer just beginning to make a regional name for myself. I shoot in Northern Michigan and, while focusing on portraits, I am now also booking weddings (I have 5 this year).

I learned photography in the early 90s while serving in the US Air Force. I was stationed in Washington DC and fell in love with the museums, art, and architecture. I purchased a Minolta 7000i and several prime lenses and enrolled in photography classes offered on base. By 1993 I was transferred to Oxford, UK and my landscape/architecture photography love ignited.

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Amy O’Boyle: Weddings and Portraiture on Film Cameras

All images by Amy O’Boyle. Used with permission.

Photographer Amy O’Boyle is perhaps one of the more unique photographers to have submitted for a feature in our upcoming Analog zine. Amy is a photographer who shoots weddings and portraits for a living and occasionally does fashion. She uses both medium format and 35mm format to create the photos that she does. But on top of that, she’s a fantastic photographer.

Below is her submission.

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Three Kits: Canon Wedding Photography

It’s a new year and that means it is also downtime for many wedding photographers in this part of the world. A lot of you are Canon shooters and may be thinking about upgrading or reinvesting some of the past season’s income on some new gear. Today, just as we did with Fujifilm and Sony, we will take a look at a few kits that we feel are perfect for the various types of Canon wedding photographer.

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I Used to Say, “I’ll Never Do Weddings.” Then I Shot One.

All images and guest blog post from Nathan Hostetter. Be sure to also check out his instagram.

The phone call was great; the groom and I had a lot in common and he sounded really excited to have me photograph the wedding. I made sure he understood I had never shot a wedding before and that,  based on the budget, I would not be bringing a second shooter. The groom (also named Nathan) told me they weren’t looking for traditional wedding photos. He explained this would be a small wedding, no wedding party, and no expectation of a shot list.

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Darren Williams: Creating Wedding Portraiture Strobist Style

All images by Darren Williams. Used with permission.

Darren Williams is a photojournalistic wedding photographer who integrates creative portraiture and strobism into his work. His creative vision can be described as almost painterly–for when you look at the work it seems magical in so many different ways. He’s based in North Wales though shoots throughout the UK and Europe.

And for Darren, getting the creative vision he wants it really all about the process.


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John Lee: Running a Wedding Photography Business


All images by John Lee. Used with permission.

“As most full time photography studio owners without a large staff will tell you, shooting is only probably 25% of what you do.” says photographer John Lee about his business. John has been a veteran for many years. He’s a portrait and wedding photographer based in Iowa that’s weathered lots of the changes that have come in the industry over the years.


John grew up in a time when parents told their kids to never try to make their love of art into a living–because it wouldn’t be fun anymore. But he didn’t listen, and he’s still in love with photography.

What’s unique about John’s work is that he finds a way to blend the prim and proper traditional style with the modern aesthetics of the use of wide angles and a more normal perspective to tell a story. And that surely reflects in his work.

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