Jason Comerford: Wedding Photography With a Wide Angle Perspective


All images by Jason Comerford. Used with permission.

“Honestly, in my opinion, the most catching thing about the illustrative work is that it’s all wide angle, and you almost never seen a great deal of good wide angle portraiture.” wedding photographer Jason Comerford tells the Phoblographer in a pitch email. “Sigma’s 35 F1.4 Art is something I may need to get professional help with, it might be an addiction.”

Jason hails from Puyallup, WA. “My wife and I together shoot a great deal of weddings, but in general, we find ourselves shooting a lot of portraiture, both for professional use and for personal use.” he says. Together though they shoot two different extremes: The beautiful, tear-jerking, knee-slapping candid moments that weddings are so rife with, and scenic, illustrative images.

As you’ll see, Jason is a paramount example of a photographer having passion in their work.

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Wedding Photographer James Day on Shooting with the Fujifilm X-T1


All images by James Day. Used with permission.

James Day is a Sydney-based international wedding photographer who in many ways lives the dream. He is a photographer with a staff, which means he doesn’t have to be a one-man-show that does marketing, business negotiation, and more. Because of that, he gets to spend as much time as he can behind the camera. With 15 years of industry experience under his belt yet being just 30 years of age, James also runs photography workshops for people who are keen to learn more about wedding photography and the business side of things.

What’s unique about James is that he is part of the growing number of photographers reaching for mirrorless cameras for professional work. Of course, he also uses a Nikon DSLR and more than anything he proves that it’s not the camera that matters–it’s the photographer using it.

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Aaron Spagnolo: Photographing Armenian Weddings in America


All photos by Aaron Spagnolo. Used with permission. This is part of a collaborative series that we’re doing with the sub-reddit R/WeddingPhotography

“Their weddings are simple and respectful of their people’s traditions, also looking at their history quite possibly the first form of Christian wedding,” says photographer Aaron Spagnolo when talking about Armenian weddings. He’s familiar with their customs and has photographed many of them.

As a kid, Aaron had mild dyslexia and was more geared towards the visual side of storytelling instead of the written side. Because of this, he feels that it comes to him more naturally.

Aaron is a full-time photographer, and he doesn’t only shoot weddings. He’s photographed rock stars like System of a Down’s Serj Tankian and Aerosmith, world leaders and politicians, Emmy winning companies and directors. His work even put him on the staff at M.I.T. as a photographer and designer. But these days, Aaron focuses on telling the stories of people saying “I do.”

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A Wedding Photographer Photographs Families Documentary Style


All images by Katie Jane Goulah. Used with permission.

“You can’t be a fly on the wall or capture great photos from afar, you kind of have to jump into the middle of the action in a way that you wouldn’t necessarily with wedding work,” said photographer Katie Jane Goulah about her most recent project–Family Documentary photography. In fact, she continues on to state that family documentary work is much different from weddings.

Katie and her family (and the cats, you can’t forget her cats) live in New York’s Upper West Side and her work has continued to evolve since becoming a full time shooter in 2008. She’s kept up with the trends in the market here as weddings have given way to elopements and engagement sessions. I’ve known her personally for years and have always been in awe of her work. But when she started to market her Family Documentary photography business, my curiosity was piqued.

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Betty Liu Takes a Rustic Approach to Food Photography

phoblographer-images | le jus d'orange-5

All photographs are copyright and used with permission by Betty Liu.

When Betty Liu isn’t off photographing a wedding, you can probably find her in kitchen where she puts together her mother’s recipes that are a celebration of Shanghai cuisine. Betty photographs her creations and writes about them on her blog. Food photography is a hobby and a passion project, and her rustic aesthetic makes her culinary tableaus both soothing and inviting. We spoke with Betty recently about her approach to photographing food.

You can also find her on Facebook and on Instagram @bliu07.

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Two Wedding Photographers Spend 45 Mins Giving Tips

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 9.38.45 AM

Photographers Lanny and Erika Mann from Two Mann studios recently sat down with ShotKit to talk about their jobs as wedding photographers. Warning: they’re very blunt and very real about it. Wedding photographers are often exhausted the next day after shooting a wedding and they call it a wedding hangover where they ache and pain all over. They also state that most of their work is done photojournalism style, and so they don’t necessarily have creative inspiration going into it, but instead get inspired as they go along. What that basically means is that they need to adapt, let alone stay coordinated.

The duo spends 45 minutes talking about wedding photography and it’s worth listening to today or over the weekend.

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This Infographic Explains The Basics of Wedding Photography



Photographer Peter Edwards from Australia put together this nifty introductory infographic for those looking to just get into wedding photography. While it’s designed to be targeted at brides, it gives you insight into what you should be thinking about as a photographer. It explains the many different types of styles, the essential shots, and even lists a couple of poses for you to do.

For even more, you may want to check out our massive roundup of Wedding Photography tutorials and posts.

Zach Ashcraft’s Guide to Great Bridal Prep Photos

julius motal the phoblographer guide bridal 01

This post first appeared on Zach Ashcraft’s blog, and is being syndicated by The Phoblographer. All photographs are copyrighted Zach Ashcraft, and are being used with permisison.

Bridal Prep is one of my favorite parts of the wedding day to capture. You can see and feel the excitement in the bridal party and families as they start to arrive at the venue. There are also a wealth of details and candid moments to capture, and usually a fantastic or easily controllable lighting environment.

There are a few things that I always like to accomplish and look for during Bridal Prep.

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Photographing a Wedding? Here’s Where You Should be Positioned

KO_Mar15_Wedding_8KeyShotPositions (1)

Infographic by Kelby One


Photographers shooting weddings for a while typically know where they have to be positioned and sometimes get the opportunity to scout a location out beforehand. But before you even step into the venue, you should have somewhat of an idea. The folks over at KelbyOne created an infographic explaining where you should positioned. Each number corresponds to an area for the ceremony and has tips included.

For more though, you should check out our essential shot list for a wedding and our massive roundup of tips, interviews and tutorials for wedding photography.

Tom Fowler Wants to Photograph Your Face

julius motal the phoblographer tom fowler portraits color

All images by Tom Fowler. Used with permission.

Tom Fowler has made a living as a full-time wedding photographer, and while he does the job well, he’s been looking for a change. He found that his creative vision was out of step with his wedding gigs. That is to say, he couldn’t make the types of images he wanted to make during a wedding, so he started experimenting with portraiture. Here, he shares his story, his craft and his approach.

You can check out more of Tom’s work on Instagram, his portrait site and his wedding site. Continue reading…

Paul Robert Berman: A Focus on Candid Wedding Portraiture


All photos by Paul Robert Berman. Used with permission.

Paul Robert Berman is a wedding photographer who is based in South Shore of Massachusetts. He focuses on the modern vintage look and by telling stories through narratives. That’s why we’re so enthralled by his Candid Wedding Portraiture. He seems to have not necessarily a fly on the wall technique, but more of an ever present spirit admiring from a relatively close distance.

Paul’s secret: he tells us that you just need to let it happen and adapt your techniques as a photographer.

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Tips for Better Photojournalistic Photos at a Wedding

Mary and Tommy Sutor's Wedding Batch 2 (127 of 149)ISO 64001-30 sec at f - 2.8

Some of the best photos that you’ll create while shooting a wedding are the candids. These are the ones that will make someone’s jaw drop or make the happy couple cry.

The folks over at SLR Lounge created a video about shooting better candids in a photojournalistic style. One of the biggest tips: move around. Moving around and not staying in one spot gives you lots of different angles to work with and different compositions. Pye explains it a bit more both in their article and in the video below.

Want more wedding tips? We’re currently running feature interviews with a specially curated list of wedding photographers who have a lot more tips to offer:

Evan Rich: on being a fly on the wall at a wedding, which is basically why Pye is trying to teach though with a different perspective.

Gillespie: a Fine Art approach to weddings.

Calvin Hobson: A military vet turned wedding photographer who persevered through the initial hardships like no other.

Joshua Kane: The business behind being a wedding photographer, and how little he actually shoots.

Eric McFarland: Posing large groups at weddings

Pat Brownewell: Shooting weddings with film and how much work goes into a single photo.

Angie Candella: Posing a bride

Dylan and Sara: Wedding photography marketing mavens.

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Ed Pulella: A Walkthrough of an Engagement Photographer’s Niche


All images by Ed Pulella. Used with permission.

Photographer Ed Pulella is a Wedding and Engagement Photographer–he was raised in Italy and moved to California. “I’ve always had more interests and hobbies than I could handle, but photography is one of the few that I stuck with and kept working on over the years.” he tells us.

Ed’s story of how he became an engagement photographer is one of the most brilliant that we’ve heard and shows incredible business savvy–one of the best skills that a wedding photographer could have. But he also cares tremendously about his subjects and the work that he puts out.

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Calvin Hobson: Wedding Photography After the Military

unnamed (6)

All images by Calvin Hobson. Read more at the Phoblographer.

Photographer Calvin Hobson has a very unique story as a photographer. He’s a former armed service member, and always had the creative bug in him. Calvin had the opportunity to travel a lot with the US Air Force, and since leaving he has transitioned into shooting weddings. Like many wedding photographers, he had faced many of the problems of an oversaturated market. But he found ways to overcome them not only through his work, but his people skills.

As many photographers will tell you, people skills are one of the best things that you can have a professional.

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Posing Large Groups at Weddings

unnamed (5)

All images by Eric McFarland. Used with permission.

Photographer Eric McFarland is part of a photography duo with his wife, and has had the honor of receiving R/WeddingPhotography’s Best Wedding Photo of 2014. Eric reached out to us, and what we noticed in his portfolio is his ability to pose large groups very well. If you think that portrait posing is tough, try posing lots of people at once. Attention spans are short, people are tired, don’t listen to orders, and it can be a tough life for a wedding photographer.

So how does Eric do it? We talked with him about the professionalism behind each photo when it comes to posing large groups.

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The Basics of Posing a Bride for a Wedding Shoot


All images by Angie Candella. Used with permission

Angie Candella is a wedding photographer based in Pittsburgh and who has gained lots of recognition for her work. She’s been shooting professionally since 2008 and bring a unique and modern touch to her weddings. The trend in wedding photography for the past couple of years has moved away from the super traditional and more towards the alternative and nouveau. What Angie has that helps her so much with this is her background in fashion photography. “I go through every photo and make sure that the bride looks flawless, and that the photos look like it came out of a magazine.” says Angie.

We talked to Angie about the specifics of posing a bride–and given her fashion background, Angie has quite a different approach to it.

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Photographers Dylan and Sara on The Marketing of Wedding Photography


All images by Dylan and Sara. Used with permission

Photography duo Dylan and Sara are part of the most recent trend of wedding photographers embracing the DIY alternative art style to weddings rather than the more traditional approach that many have come to know for years. They are wedding photographers based in Portland, Oregon and are most widely known for their double exposures and landscape portraits. On top of this, they were recently named “Rising Stars of Wedding Photography” by Rangefinder Magazine.

Besides having the right creative vision, having the means and know-how to market it is another key skill to becoming a professional photographer. Luckily, Sara was a marketing major in college. But the duo has worked on a brand that is holistic and very much has a mind of its own.

We talked to Sara Byrne not only about their images but also about how they became successful.

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Jerry Ghionis on Overcoming Obstacles and Mistakes in Wedding Photography

julius motal the phoblographer jerry ghionis how to wow 05

Jerry Ghionis is a renowned wedding photographer–and the Australian native splits his time between Melbourne and Beverly Hills. Besides being one of WPPI’s most-awarded photographers, his gigs have taken him all over the world. What follows is an interview with Ghionis on his photography and his approach to the craft.

Editor’s Note: He’s currently traveling across the U.S. on his “How to Wow” tour. For more information, go here.

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Bliss Katherine’s Film, Fashion, and Painted Photographs

_MG_2799paint copy

All photographs taken by Bliss Katherine Braoudakis. Used with permission. 

Bliss Katherine’s success story is as inspiring as her beautiful creations, and it’s enough to share to the world and encourage aspiring young photographers struggling to make it through this highly competitive world. Already a fashion, music, and wedding photographer who travels the world for photoshoots at the age of 23, not many – young or old – are as accomplished as Bliss; but while many people would consider this young shutterbug-slash-wanderer lucky, luck has less to do with her success as incredible talent and persistence to chase the dream.

The Phoblographer got a chance to chat with Bliss about her early start, her art, and living the dream. Read her enlightening interview and see some of her breathtaking work after the jump.


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Photographer Sergei Yurin on Using Mirrorless Cameras for Weddings


All images by Sergei Yurin. Used with permission.

Sergei Yurin is a photographer based in Russia that shoots weddings–and does an absolutely spectacular job. More than anything, he has proven that gear doesn’t totally matter as long as your creative vision is there, but he has recently been making waves in the mirrorless community due to the fact that he dumped his Canon DSLR and lenses for Olympus’s Micro Four Thirds OMD cameras.

And in his eyes, there are so many more advantages besides just the fact that he’s carrying less.

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