More Wedding Photos Get Ruined by a Selfish Smartphone Photographer

How many times do we have to say ‘don’t take wedding photos if you’re not the photographer?’

Look we get it, you have a camera in your pocket all the time thanks to smartphones, and we understand that your desire to take pictures of every single moment of your life can be hard overcome, but it’s time to learn some restraint. Yet another wedding photographer has taken to the web to discuss just how damaging it can be for you, the guest, to take out your cell phone to snap pics of the bride and groom. Join us after the break to see how a selfish act ruined this couple’s wedding photos.

A recent thread over on Reddit that was started by Texas-based wedding photographer, Hannah Mbalenhle Stanley of Hannah Way Photography has gone viral after the photographer shared images of a wedding guest getting up out of her seat to capture pictures of the bride and her father as they walked down the aisle. It’s just another sad example of how smartphones have made everyone feel like they are entitled to do whatever they want, whenever they want, regardless of the grief, troubles, and pains their actions may cause others.

Wedding photos

Wedding photographers have a stressful enough life as it is without having to deal with dimwits like this. As you can see, the image would have been beautiful, and there is no doubt that the bride would have been delighted with this capture from the photographer she likely paid thousands of dollars for.

Due to the selfish actions of one individual, this fleeting, yet hugely significant moment in this bride’s life was not captured in the way it should have been, and that’s a huge shame. The post on Reddit address the girl with the iPhone and quite rightly states that she not only ruined her shot, but she took the moment away from the bride and groom;  Hannah also asks the girl what she is going to do with the shot. ‘Are you going to print it?’ ‘Save it?’ ‘Look at it every day?’ Of course she’s not, but you can bet that the bride and groom would have.

wedding photos

We’ve said it before, and we will say it again; if you’re a guest at a wedding, a party, an event, or anything where there is a paid, professional photographer, please, for the love of Pete, leave your blasted phones in your pocket and enjoy the ceremony as the guest you were meant to be. Enjoy the occasion, be present, be in the moment, and respect the people who have been paid to do a job for the event organizers. Don’t be that guy or gal who whips out their phone just because, and don’t become the next subject of a rant from a photographer that could go viral.

Images from Hannah Way Photography provided via Reddit

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