The State of Medium Format in 2021. Is It Better Than Full Frame?

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There have been times I’ve considered buying a medium format camera. Mostly, I’ve looked at the Fujifilm GFX series of cameras. But I’ve also really liked the old Leica S cameras with a CCD sensor. In 2021 though, the medium format camera world is very quiet. Phase One has some very high megapixel DSLRs that we hear nothing about. Hasselblad has some DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, but the latter misses the mark. Leica has a medium format camera system, but there isn’t much development for it. So the only viable possibilty is Fujifilm. What’s more, the company often says that it is their future.

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Jeroen Nieuwhuis and a Real Life Ice Man Challenge Limits of Endurance

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“I found myself honored to spend a day learning and absorbing the knowledge Wim gratefully shared with us,” says Dutch photographer Jeroen Nieuwhuis about his experiences with the Ice Man, Wim Hof. A multiple Guinness world record holder for his endurance feats, Wim’s long years of training have given him the ability to control his heart rate and blood circulation to withstand extreme temperatures. Jeroen and his team spent a day capturing Wim’s daily routine to showcase his endurance skills on camera.

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Follow These 20 Tips and Get More Out of Your Images in Capture One 20

If you have recently made a move from Lightroom to Capture One 20, these tips will bring you up to speed.

We’re huge fans of Capture One 20 here at the Phoblographer, in fact, all of the staff use it to edit their pictures thanks to just how much more we can get out of our RAW files. Now, if you have just made the switch to Capture One 20 as well, and you’re still trying to figure things out, you might be interested in this YouTube Video from Michael Comeau with OnPortraits. Join us after the break to see his top 20 Capture One 20 tips.

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Review: Capture One 20 (More Refined, and More Powerful Than Ever)

Small, yet highly impactful changes make Capture One 20 better than ever.

Capture One has been trying to chip away at the dominance of Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop in the photo editing space for a while. When Capture One 12 was released last year, huge strides were made over previous editions–and the software became more compelling than ever. The staff here at The Phoblographer switched to Capture One 12 because of the greatly enhanced results we were getting from it with our own images. Capture One is incredibly powerfully; there’s simply no denying that it can do more than Lightroom can, and can get more out of RAW and DNG files. But, Capture One 12 still wasn’t perfect. Phase One has been hard at work, and they listened to the feedback that poured in from users around the globe. Their efforts to create the ultimate photo editing software have culminated in Capture One 20. Has Phase One done enough to make Capture One 20 more accessible and easier to use?

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The 150 Megapixel Phase One XT Camera Travels Well for $56,900

The Phase One XT promises to take landscape photography to new heights.

Phase One is known for creating super high Megapixel Medium Format cameras that are designed to be used in studios. You can, of course, take the previous Phase One Medium Formant cameras into the great outdoors too, but the new 150 Megapixel Phase One XT is small enough to be carried by those who don’t lift weights regularly. You may not need to be strong to use the XT, but your wallet needs to be ready for some heavy lifting. The new Phase One XT is being billed as a travel-ready, digitally integrated field camera that will bring landscape photography to a whole new level. With a 150 Megapixel Full Frame (645) Medium Format sensor onboard, it’s hard to see how this won’t be the case.

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What Happens When Non-Photographers Use a Phase One Camera?

Phase One XF IQ4

The look of astonishment when a non-photographer realizes that the Phase One XF IQ4 takes better pics than an iPhone is priceless!

While perhaps not the best-known brand of camera in the photography world, most who are serious about the art form have heard of Phase One and their Medium Format cameras. For those on the other side of the fence who think photography is more about the camera on the back of their phone, Phase One is a complete unknown. Recently, some non-photographers were given a chance to have a play with the Phase One XF IQ4, a $52,000 151 Megapixel camera that is one of the best in the world. Join us after the break to see the video and reactions of the people who got to use it. Continue reading…

Capture One 12 Users Treated to a Free Editors Choice Style Pack

photography software guides

A free Editor’s Choice Style Pack for Capture One 12 users is a nice gesture from Phase One.

Capture One 12 has come along in leaps and bounds over the last few months, and the image processing software is a serious contender to Lightroom when it comes to its feature set. The latest version of the software which is 12.0.1 fixes a number of small issues that came with the update to version 12, and as a thank you to all users, Phase One have decided to gift all users with a free Editor’s Choice Style Pack. Join us after the break to find out how to get yours. Continue reading…

The New Capture One 12 Introduces UI Enhancements, Plugins, and More

Capture One 12 makes the already powerful RAW converter & image editor even more feature rich

Earlier today, Phase One announced the release of Capture One 12, a major version update to the company’s RAW conversion, image editing, and asset management software. With the release of version 12, Capture One’s user interface has been completely overhauled while maintaining the program’s high degree of customizability, including a brand new menu system as well as a keyboard shortcut manager. Additionally, Capture One 12 also introduces three new masking tools; Luma Range (Luminosity) Masking, Linear Gradient Masking, and Radial Gradient Masking. Another enhancement introduced with Capture One 12 is a new Capture One Plugins ecosystem, allowing third party developers to expand the functionalities of Capture One. Fujifilm support was first introduced with Capture One 11.3, and with Capture One 12, Fujifilm support is further enhanced with the introduction of Fujifilm Film Simulations support.

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Shooting Landscapes: Exploiting the Benefits of Medium Format

Guest Blog post written by Matt Lief Anderson. All images by Matt Lief Anderson.

A lot of things need to come together for me to snap the shutter. The light needs to be right and the composition needs to be perfect. A lot of times this can mean a lot of waiting, moving closer to the subject, or a lens change before I feel like taking the photo. When I feel like the time is right, I take the shot. Sometimes the photo comes out the way I envisioned, but most of the time it doesn’t. That’s when more adjustments come into play and it’s that type of problem solving that makes photography so difficult. You can take hundreds of photos before you feel like you have the right shot. It’s a slow but rewarding process.

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Phase One Expands Fujifilm GFX Support to Capture One

You’re finally going to be able to use the Fujifilm GFX series of cameras with Capture One.

Phase One announced a strategic software agreement with Fujifilm today, expanding existing Capture One software support to more Fujifilm cameras with the release of Capture One 11.3. This new release of Capture One offers significantly expanded Fujifilm camera support, including full Fujifilm RAW file support, as well as introduces basic tethered support for select cameras. In a move that will surely please many Fujifilm shooters, Capture One will be integrating Fujifilm Film Simulations into future releases of the software, as well as providing enhanced tethered support for select professional Fujifilm cameras.

All the major press release details are after the jump.

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The Phase One IQ4 Offers a 151 Megapixel Option with Backside Illumination

The Phase One IQ4 camera system uses Capture One’s image editing engine to process RAW files onboard.

Phase One introduced a brand new Phase One XF IQ4 camera system this morning, built upon their new and expandable Infinity Platform. Three full frame (645) medium format camera systems are included as part of this launch; the 151MP Phase One IQ4 150MP, the 101MP Phase One IQ4, 100MP Trichromatic, and the 151MP Phase One IQ4 150MP Achromatic. The Phase One IQ4 150MP and IQ4 150MP Achromatic cameras are the first full frame medium format cameras in the world to come equipped with 151MP backside illuminated (BSI) sensors, featuring ultra-efficient pixel design to deliver unprecedented image quality and detail. Continue reading…

How Modern Day Documentary Photographers Use Medium Format Cameras

Digital medium format photography has experienced quite a change in the past few years.

How many of you photographers out there have studied the work of some of the greats and were in awe of the medium format look? If you’re reading this article, I’m positive that a number of you have. When it comes to documentary photography though, smaller formats have always dominated the scene. Why? Well, it’s easier to capture more critical moments with smaller formats due to how the laws of physics and depth of field work. But that doesn’t mean medium format fails to work. Lots of fantastic projects were done on medium format, and I’m positive that in the hands of the right photographers, digital medium format can do the same.

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The New Capture One 11.1 Has a Resource Hub with All the Tutorials You Need

Hot on the heels of Adobe’s latest Creative Cloud updates, Phase One brings us Capture One 11.1

It is the way of the world these days: a new camera is released and it can take weeks, sometimes months, before the popular RAW processors are updated in order to support them. It’s one of the biggest drawbacks to being an early adopter, but thankfully the wait isn’t generally long. If you happen to have purchased a [amazon_textlink asin=’B07B43WPVK’ text=’Sony A7 III’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’bd52ca93-42ba-11e8-b05e-75767a700aea’] or [amazon_textlink asin=’B079PTRNKK’ text=’Fujifilm X-H1′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’c67a8ab4-42ba-11e8-b076-bf17b7e3042e’] in the last months then you know this pain, but if you are a Capture One 11 user then your wait is over.

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Capture One 11.01 Brings Fujifilm X-E3 Support and Lots of Bug Fixes

If you process with Capture One then there is a new update on the table for you, and we recommend updating right away.

Phase One has just updated their RAW processing software Capture One to version 11.01 which adds support for the [amazon_textlink asin=’B0759GZFMG’ text=’Fujifilm X-E3′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’16375e8b-fc75-11e7-b438-4348033ba2bc’] as well as support for eight new lenses from Olympus and Leica. Beyond that, the update was focused on fixing a lot of the bugs users had experienced since updating to the major update release of version 11.0. Continue reading…

Review: Luminar 2018 (Is it Really an Adobe Lightroom Killer for Photographers?)

Luminar 2018 is a great photo editor but needs to mature

Luminar 2018 is the latest offering from MacPhun, now Skylum, for photographers who want a better editing solution for their images. Luminar, which has been around for a while, is the company’s flagship product in many ways and is not only available for the Mac, but also for Windows computers. While much of their marketing is targeted to consumers and hobbyists I can see how Luminar, with maturity, will be able to take on a lot of what Adobe is trying to do and how they’re trying to shift things. On a recent press trip, a number of photographers and photography-based journalists were introduced to Capture One; and a lot of them liked it vs Lightroom.

On a personal level, I don’t see myself switching yet, partially because of the way that Capture One makes photographers approach images. But if you’re coming from Lightroom and Photoshop dominating your workflow, then I can totally see how you’d want to switch to working with Luminar, once it matures a bit.

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Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz’s SplashScreen is an Ode to Cinematic Starlets Using Milk Splashes (NSFW)

Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz’s SplashScreen is the latest project he’s been working on this year.

Chances are, if you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you’re most likely familiar with Jaroslav Weiczorkiewicz’s work. First he made the interwebs with Milky Pinups, then we found his Liquid Bamboo forest work, then Splash Heroes and then Fallen Angels. But now he’s finished a brand new series he’s calling SplashScreen. SplashScreen is an ode to cinematic starlets and he used milk, lighting and backgrounds to do it all. Jaroslav has done these traditionally using very precise milk throwing and very fast flash durations to capture the impact. Then it’s been a bit of Photoshop blending to create absolutely fantastic art. We had some time to speak to Jaroslav before SplashScreen’s release and he told us about the inspiration and how it was all done.

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Hands on: Phase One IQ3 Trichromatic Sensor Digital Back

We got to get Hands on with the Phase One IQ3 Trichromatic Sensor Digital Back

At the recent Photo Plus East, we got to talk to Doug Peterson from Digital Transitions about the new Phase One IQ3 Trichromatic sensor. Most photographers probably won’t understand what’s so different about it, but if you’re a stickler for color in the same way that I am, then you’ll understand why I’m so incredibly smitten with the idea. Lots of photographers will talk about high ISO and dynamic range–but all of that is easily fixable with today’s software. When you get into color and the fine gradation elements, you start to look at things in a much different way.

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Albert Watson on His Career and Iconic Photographs

Screenshot image taken from the video by Phase One

Those who are probably not familiar with the name Albert Watson must have still seen seen many of his iconic images. The British photographer has taken timeless portraits of many celebrities, and has worked with some of the biggest global brands for their advertising campaigns. From the start of his career, his images have graced the covers and pages of the world’s top magazines, such as Rolling Stone, Time, GQ, Mademoiselle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue.

Today, Albert Watson is credited for hundreds of well-known photographs of the famous and the influential, from movie stars, supermodels, and rock stars, to Steve Jobs, former US President Bill Clinton, and Queen Elizabeth. In this insightful video by Phase One, we get to learn something about his colorful career, as well as the story behind some of his beautiful photographs from the master himself.

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Andrei Duman: Travel Photography and Forming Connections With Your Subjects

All images by Andrei Duman. Used with permission.

Photographer Andrei Duman has been shooting photos since he was very young. He started out with travel and was always fascinated by the fact that one could go from place to place within a few hours. Along the way, he studied the works of different photographers and the ways they went about getting their photos. Perhaps this has helped influence the way Andrei approaches his subjects and the way he gets his images. For Andrei, it's always been about human connection and ensuring it's there even before he picks up the camera to his eye.

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“Plumes” Took A Lot of Experimentation And Careful Setup to Get “Almost Perfect”

All images by Andrei Duman. Used with permission.

“I think it is very important for a photographer to continue to be interested and curious about photography.” explains Andrei Duman about his project, Plumes. “For me, that means that although I may be known more as a travel/landscape/aerial photographer, I am still wanting to push myself and try something new. Stepping outside what you consider to be your comfort zone forces you to be uncomfortable which is when you have the greatest opportunity to learn.” Plumes is a bit of an experimentation that Andrei wanted to do in the studio. And believe it or not, the project ended up helping Andrei with his travel photography.

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The New Phase One 100MP Trichromatic Digital Back Has a Low ISO of 35

We are all photographers here; we all know too well how cameras just see things differently than we do with our eyes. Some of that is lens choice, sure, but some of it goes back to just how the sensor captures the light information it is exposed to. Phase One has just announced their new 100MP Trichromatic Digital Back, the brainchild of their collaboration with Sony, and the interesting thing about this sensor is that they are claiming it has been designed to capture color as it is perceived by the human eye. Continue reading…