What Happens When Non-Photographers Use a Phase One Camera?

Phase One XF IQ4

The look of astonishment when a non-photographer realizes that the Phase One XF IQ4 takes better pics than an iPhone is priceless!

While perhaps not the best-known brand of camera in the photography world, most who are serious about the art form have heard of Phase One and their Medium Format cameras. For those on the other side of the fence who think photography is more about the camera on the back of their phone, Phase One is a complete unknown. Recently, some non-photographers were given a chance to have a play with the Phase One XF IQ4, a $52,000 151 Megapixel camera that is one of the best in the world. Join us after the break to see the video and reactions of the people who got to use it.

The video, posted by Gear Patrol a few days ago, gives us a quick look at the Phase One XF IQ4 and at non-photographers who were asked to use the camera. The test subjects were given a few objects to photograph while the XF IQ4 was tethered to a Mac running Capture One Pro 12You could tell that the testers knew the camera was quite extraordinary, but they had no idea that they were holding one of the most expensive cameras around.

Phase One camera being used

The non-photographers had a series of moments and realizations that were both funny and cringeworthy. They include being blown away with the amount of detail they could see, admitting that the camera is super fancy and that it’s better than their iPhone, to not even knowing what a Megapixel is. The real shocker to all of the users was the price. Once the testers found out, they were in pure shock.

Check out the video from Gear Patrol that we have embedded above and then dream those sweet dreams about being able to hold and use a camera like the $52,000 Phase One XF IQ4. What would you shoot with it if you got your hands on one? Let us know in the comment section below.

Editor’s Note: EIC Chris Gampat used to freelance for Gear Patrol. Gear Patrol’s EIC Eric Yang is a big techie and has a huge appreciation for cameras, but I wouldn’t call him a photography expert or even a photographer.

Brett Day

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