Capture One Pro 12 Offers Students a Whopping 65% Discount

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Students, there has never been a better time say hello to Capture One Pro 12.

Now, this is some good news, and it’s just in time for the upcoming back to school season. If you’re a student who has been wanting to move over to Capture One Pro, you will love this. Starting today, August 8th, the guys and gals at Capture One have launched a new student initiative that will allow you to save 65% off the regular price of Capture One Pro 12. Join us after the break to find out more about this incredible student deal.

The new Capture One initiative is called See Beyond. Trust your vision. Trust your tools. The program aims to equip, engage, and inspire the next generation of photographers and help them thrive in the world. As a result, Capture One is now offering students a 65% discount on Capture One Pro 12. There will also be a social media campaign and Facebook student community page to help inspire creatives who become a part of the program.

See Beyond. Trust your vision. Trust your tools. puts photographers who have already had their a-ha moment with Capture One in the spotlight. The stories shared will aim to inspire emerging creatives to experiment, play, and grow. Students who decide to take Capture One up on their offer are encouraged to get involved by sharing the images they create on Instagram with the hashtag #trustyourvision. Students are, of course, invited to join the new Facebook community page too.

capture one pro 12 for students initiative

So how does the pricing break down for those eligible? If you’re a student, you can grab a one-year subscription to Capture One Pro 12 for just $63 per year in the US, 63 GBP in the UK, and 77 Euros in the rest of Europe. If you’ve never used Capture One Pro 12 and want to see just how powerful this photo editing software is, you can download a free 30-day trial. For even more information about the student initiative, head to the official website for the program.