The HP ZBook Fury 17 Has Something Every Photographer Wants

The new HP ZBook Fury 17 should be taken seriously by photographers.

Most working photographers prefer desktops with larger screens. But you can’t always have that. And the HP ZBook Fury 17 seems to have most of what a photographer will need. It’s gargantuan, and there aren’t many camera bags that can even support a 17.3-inch laptop. You can customize the HP ZBook Fury 17 to be more potent than your iMac. It can boast up to 128GB of RAM, 2TB of Hard Drive space, and can use a 10th generation Intel i5, i7, i9, or Xeon processor. Depending on the display you choose, you can also cover 100% of the DCI-P3 spectrum. HP is also providing a choice between AMD Radeon or NVIDIA graphics. All these sound great, but the HP ZBook Fury 17 still has an even better feature for photographers.

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Windows PCs: 3 Great iMac and Macbook Alternatives for Photographers

There are a few Windows PCs on the market geared towards photographers and creatives that give the Macbook and iMac a run for their money.

For quite some time, Macbooks and iMacs have been favored by photographers and creatives due to their ease of use and excellent product support, but times are changing. Many PC manufacturers are now creating Windows PCs aimed directly at a market Apple has been cultivating for years. We have to say there are now some fantastic Windows laptops and desktops on the market that give iMacs and Macbooks a great run for their money. We have rounded up all of the Windows PCs we have reviewed so that you can see if the time has come for you to make the switch, or if you need to replace your older computer.

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Not Bad for a Content Creator: The Drobo 8D Review

The Drobo 8D is a pretty good option for the photographer or content creator who needs to have their photos, videos, and more always backed up.

My move to the Drobo 8D came after a number of LaCie drives had failed on me and caused a ton of headaches with our standard content production. Admittedly, I’ve never used something like the Drobo 8D before, though I’ve been aware of their benefits. For years, my LaCie drives had never failed on me. But then three failed within a period of half a year. Frustration finally made me move to a RAID. New photographers and content creators may not truly understand the need for one. Indeed, I was a photographer who said, “This would never happen to me.” In my defense, I’ve been a photographer who mostly worked from a laptop for the majority of my career; portable hard drives always made more sense. Most of the stuff I do goes online into the Phoblographer’s Media Library. But, there are times when I need to access other things, and the Drobo 8D has proven to be pretty great at keeping all my data secured and backed up when I’m home. Of course when I’m traveling, it’s not going with me.

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How Leaving Adobe Creative Cloud is Like Getting Rid of a Clingy Ex

Leaving Adobe Creative Cloud was a painful process; and not because I’ll miss it.

In 2013, I walked away from a proposed $10,000 Adobe ad spend with the Phoblographer. There was a previous spend of this much with the Phoblographer, which came to us as soon as the Creative Cloud service was announced. To be honest, it felt (in my opinion) like just a tactic used to satisfy all the photo websites so that nothing negative would be said about Creative Cloud. Indeed, Creative Cloud was pretty fantastic at the start. But after some time after Adobe had our money, Lightroom started to just not be practical anymore. So a few years ago, I moved the website’s staff from Lightroom to Capture One for editing photos. And most recently, I decided to cut ties with the Creative Cloud. But what I didn’t know is that it would leave my life kicking and screaming while causing some really awful headaches.

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These Are the Best Apple Computers for Photographers Right Now

Photographers complaining about how awful Apple’s products are probably haven’t thought about these Apple computers for photographers.

A lot of photographers aren’t ready to let go of Apple. Though the company has been maintaining an abusive relationship with professionals for many years, their computers and their systems simply work. There isn’t a whole lot to complain about; things don’t go wrong often. The same can be said for PCs, but they’ll need more work to get there. So, for the photographer looking at a new Apple computer of some sort, we dissected the options currently out there and here’s what we think the best Apple computers for photographers are.

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First Impressions Review: Adobe Lightroom Classic CC April 2018 Update (Mac, PC and iPad Test)

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC just got a big update involving the way Profiles work

Today, Adobe Lightroom Classic CC is receiving a pretty big update: the way camera profiles work is getting a revamp. They’re first and foremost moving to the top of the interface and Adobe has been working with a number of third party companies to create even more. Profiles are pretty big if you wanted your RAW image to look the way that the JPEG preview did. For Fujifilm users, being able to apply the Astia, Velvia or Acros film simulations are huge–and Profiles did those. For Sony, being able to add something like their Portrait or Clear simulation is also pretty big. And for Canon, there are options like Faithful, Landscape, etc. In addition to that, Adobe has added a number of their own options.

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iMac Pro Reviews Are Coming In; Should Photographers Be Considering It?

Apple’s iMac Pro has hit the reviews circuit, and so far all looks positive. But photographers should be looking elsewhere. 

Apple’s iMac line of desktops has long been a popular choice for creatives, and photographers in particular. So when Apple announced their iMac Pro many of you were happy to see a new pro-level iMac coming to the marketplace. Well, the reviews on Apple’s new all-in-one desktop solution are coming in, and while the reviews are positive to say the least, one thing is abundantly clear to us…

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Treat You and Your Photography to Some Apples

Apple held their product keynote today to announce the long-rumored and long-awaited iPad Mini, but the excitement didn’t stop there because they had a number of other updates to show to the world. Along with the iPad mini came the highly demanded 13-inch retina Macbook Pro, a fourth generation iPad, and a completely redesigned iMac lineup. Oh, the joy.


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