Treat You and Your Photography to Some Apples

Apple held their product keynote today to announce the long-rumored and long-awaited iPad Mini, but the excitement didn’t stop there because they had a number of other updates to show to the world. Along with the iPad mini came the highly demanded 13-inch retina Macbook Pro, a fourth generation iPad, and a completely redesigned iMac lineup. Oh, the joy.


iPad Mini

Beginning with the iPad mini and the new fourth-generation iPad, a number of options and possibilities come to mind. With the abundance in photography apps available in the App Store, editing and all the post work that you wish you could have done right after a shoot is satisfied. Granted, it could never compare to the professional level editing your main work horse at home could produce, but it was still usable. Take Snapseed or even Adobe’s Photoshop Express for example, they are effective and can handle a majority of quick fixes without much of a problem. With the introduction of the iPad mini, you can do what you’ve been doing with the old iPad, but with even more portability.

However, at this time, Apple has yet to release a SD card reader that is compatible with the latest Lightning connectors that you will find on the newly updated iPad and iPad mini.

13 Inch MacBook Pro Retina

The 13-inch Macbook Pro has been the go-to laptop for many photographers and with the gorgeous update to Retina, we can only expect it to be more so than ever. While there has been no changes to the internal specs such as processor or graphics, we can expect similar post-processing power as the older model. The only downside that I can think of would be storage space, but that is easily solved with a portable external hard drive.


The redesigned iMacs are a sight to see; they measure in at 5mm on the edges. That’s thinner than the iPad mini. Aside from the engineering feat, I’d like to point out the display, which is after all, the most important aspect for any photographer’s setup. By playing around with some chemicals which I won’t bore you with, Apple was able to decrease glare and reflections on the huge screens by 75%. Now you can actually work without having to see yourself in the reflection. None of that would really matter if the screen couldn’t reproduce accurate colors, which is why Apple claims each and every display is carefully calibrated for vibrant and true color reproduction.

What many people have been asking for is the ability for both the speed of a solid state drive and the storage capacity of traditional hard drives in their computing experience. Apple has done just that and answered your prayers. By introducing Fusion Drive, you can now have both the benefits of a SSD and a HDD in your iMac, similar to that of a hybrid hard drive, but on steroids.

Today has been an exciting day for a lot of people looking to upgrade their hardware with Apple leading the way and introducing even faster and innovative products to improve your photography. Prepare your credit cards, folks, it’s about to be an expensive trip.

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